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Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Change How You Think - Change How You Feel

To Fulfil Your Potential  IS  Our Mission   

         Our therapeutic Courses will effortlessly and permanently resolve your mind-emotional problem.

Just pop on your headphones and off you go!

      Are you stressed, overweight, have fears, an insomniac?... see all our available courses -

      Empowering your mind to fulfil your potential.

                                                            There's nothing like it on the market!

30 years experience in private therapy practice:  including 3 years of global on-line sales with countless testimonials from successful customers.


Quote: "Sally's soothing voice is a delight to listen to: positive changes happen effortlessly."

Client Ann-Marie sent this lovely email: 

 Forty days ago I started a" fabulous journey" with you to unravel a deeply entrenched problem with insomnia.  I developed tinnitus 2 years ago and had not been sleeping properly since then.  I had sought treatment with a hypnotherapist here where I live and had listened to various other recordings but all were designed to be listened to just before going to bed.  Although I don't rely on this awareness as much as I should, I do realize the potential of the unconscious mind.  It was my feeling that I should address this problem through hypnosis during the day and not at bedtime. This lead me to 'youtube' where I listened to your sample track to deal with insomnia.  I slept soundly that very night.

 I have enjoyed the process you've taken me through and have had a great result.  So good in fact that I have been using some of the techniques I've learned and applying them to the problem with tinnitus (which I think is definitely related to living in a situation of long term stress inappropriately).  

  All the best to you Sally and thank you so much:

If you are uncertain as to which will be the right course for you I will be delighted to offer you a Free Consultation.

 Please contact me: in strictest confidence - - with some background information about your specific requirement.

We can then arrange a FREE phone or Skype call during which I will advise you as to what you need to achieve truly successful results.


Sally Stubbs



"I found Sally to be a life raft when I was floundering... Endlessly wise, patient and kind, she never lets her patients feel anything other than safe. I felt I could tell her anything, and for the first time that someone was on my side, and that I mattered."

Liz Jones, Journalist, The Daily Mail