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CURE INSOMNIA - MP3 Download option

CURE INSOMNIA - MP3 Download option





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Sally Stubbs has been a registered psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist for over 30 years. Her work is globally sought after.

She has developed this Rapha™ Audio Therapy System to easily reconnect your mind and brain to natural sleep rhythms.

  • Not a track to get you to sleep, there are 15 audio tracks effortlessly retraining you to sleep well and cure your insomnia.
  • It breaks the cycle of worrying which causes the tossing and turning and interrupted sleep
  • Lack of sleep affects your ability to think and use your brain constructively, affecting work and pleasure.
  • What you will achieve is a good night's sleep every night to uplift your mood and enhance your energy for work & pleasure

Complete the course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

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Brain from Oldham: “I had no idea why suddenly I started to sleep badly. For years I tossed and turned. I turned into a grumpy old git at age 47! My wife & kids hated me. Thanks to you & your course I sleep really, really well. Life is great, I’ve got energy & my wife loves me again!”

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