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Why do we fight with our nearest and dearest? Our co-workers?

All relationships have ups and downs - Sometimes we just need a little help:

 - Relationships need nurturing: They don't keep going on their own!

Rapha Hypnosis audio system from Sally Stubbs helps you to build  Harmonious Relationships and keep them that way.

Can be used in your Continued Professional Development Plan.

Rapha Hypnosis: 'Cures that Endure'

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I Can Help Improve Your Relationship?

  • Stop demanding - Start listening. Learn how to live and let live:
  • Have the confidence to be yourself
  • Stop bickering
  • Ditch the angst
  • Make your relationship worthwhile again
  • Use in your Continued Professional Development program


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Useful information regarding this sound-byte sample

Please read the following before you listen to this clip:
You will enjoy listening to the sample but it won’t make complete sense to your conscious mind. It’s not meant to!
My audio treatments are directed at communicating elegantly with the wisdom, strengths, resources and vast healing potential of your unconscious mind.
Because, simply speaking, the problem that you want to resolve is unconsciously driven, because your conscious mind clearly does not want the problem!
The language of the unconscious has very different resonances to our conscious language. The paradox is, although your problem is unconsciously driven, it is your unconscious mind that can access the resolutions for you ...

Resolve Relationship Problems

This hypnotherapy audio treatment has been produced by leading expert clinical hypnotherapist and registered psychotherapist Sally Stubbs using curative Rapha Hypnosis techniques.
Written and produced specifically to help those who are struggling to enjoy harmonious relationships.
Who are you finding difficulty relating to?
Your partner, your parents, siblings, colleagues?
Your relationship with others (and with yourself) is as unique as you are, as unique as your finger prints.
Relationships are what make our life meaningful and complex, joyful and conflicting.
Even those of us who prefer a life of being alone will be relating internally with ourselves. 
Good relationship occurs when our inner world overlaps in agreement with the inner world of another.
Bad relationship occurs when our inner world is in disagreement with another’s inner world.
Relationship is communication – what we communicate and how we communicate.
We construct our inner worlds in words, images and feelings. Sometimes in smell or taste or we might construct our inner world using our inner senses.
What do I mean by this statement? Consider these simple examples of communication:
“I see what you’re saying.” It is likely that this person is forming internal images, about what you are saying.
“I hear what you’re saying.” This person is internally hearing the words.
“What you’re saying feels good to me.” This person is having an inner feeling that is confirming the external words.
But words constitute only around 7% of our communications. We communicate with every part of our behaviour, the muscles of our faces, our breathing, our eyes, the whole of our bodies communicate messages to others.
Our inner senses create our inner and then our outer reality from our beliefs and our values. Many of our beliefs and values have become ‘wired’ into our mind and brain from our childhood conditioning – and many of our – now unconscious beliefs and values no longer serve us.
On your journey with my course I am assisting you to lean many simple and appropriate strategies to enable you to discover just how you are constructing your inner world, how you can then choose to make inner changes if appropriate and how you can respectfully discover how others are constructing their own inner worlds.
I give you strategies to enable you to make inner changes, to honour and respect your own inner reality and to honour and respect the inner reality of others. I give you strategies to enable you to get to know your inner conditioned voices and to then work with your inner voices instead of those habituated voices working against you.
A simple example: - an inner conditioned voice says: “I am a mouse.” The brain hears this statement and manifests ‘mouse like’ behaviour.
This can manifest in inner conflict when a different inner voice is saying: “I am not a mouse, I won’t let people treat me like a mouse.”
The mouse like behaviour of this person can cause great lack of communion with another especially if the other person’s inner voice is saying: “I am a lion.”
The truth?
Of course this person is not a mouse, the skill is in learning how to first discover and then change, through choice, the inner voices.
Choice for anyone is the key to good, positive inner communication with ones self and outer communication with others.
The product consists of a boxed set of 15 tracks on five CDs or the option of exactly the same content as MP3 files which can be downloaded immediately from this site.
Relationship is communication; what we communicate and how we communicate.

The MP3 format can be downloaded from here Now

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Rapha Hypnosis; Cures that Endure

Complete the course and we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied


Check out this video where Sally Stubbs explains Rapha Hypnosis to resolve relationship commitment

Sally has developed this Rapha Hypnosis audio treatment to allow you to have Harmonious Relationships using exactly the same techniques.

Phoebe from Nottinghamshire “My marriage of 27 years had been falling apart for a few years. Then a friend showed me Liz Jones article in the Daily Mail and thankfully I found your hypnosis course. I love my husband but couldn’t see a way through the problems. I wouldn’t have believed it, I was in such a dark place, but thanks to you my marriage is now saved.”


Rapha Hypnosis Cures!
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