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Hi from Sally Stubbs

I will help you to successfully and permanently  Resolve your psychological and emotional problems.

To safely heal and resolve emotional 'wounds'.

Over 35 years of rigourous study & experience!


     This is Me

            My passion is to help you help yourself

          Rapha Therapy products are excellent quality, developed and refined 

                             I have devoted over 35 years to Curing!

   Rapha Hypnosis Therapy will permanently free you from your problem state.

   I believe in you and in your ability to cure your own problem with my help

    That is exactly what my CD & MP3 courses will achieve for you!


My career in therapy spans over 35 years: guiding & assisting many people world wide to permanently resolve and cure their psychological & emotional problems.

                             I can help you to be thinner:

                                  I can help you sleep much better:

                                             I can help you be more confident:

                                                     I can help you cure your phobia:

       Through Rapha Hypnosis Therapy Audio Treatments, I enable You                          to Empower Yourself.

As a registered Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist with advanced training I have developed the Rapha Hypnosis Audio Treatments.

         Rapha Hypnosis is curative therapy: curing your problem permanently!

Studying under some of the greatest teachers in my profession,  Dr Ernest Rossi who was Dr Milton Erickson’s amanuensis and tutored by Dr S. Gilligan and David Grove.

Registered as a Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (Snr. Accred.*)  a lifetime fellow and diploma member of The Academy of Curative Hypnotherapists: of which I was a founder member. (FACH, DACH)

Also registered with the UK government recognised Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


many years ago I set up my private hypnotherapy & psychotherapy practice, my work is my passion with continuing education in my specialised field.

As a consultant to the Cumbria Juvenile Justice Team, assisting teenagers to stop offending, the team members, with whom I worked closely, claimed they had never met a 'bad' child, only children who were 'lost'.

 I have been specifically writing and compiling my Therapeutic Courses: in the style of and based on the amazing and successful work of Dr Milton Erickson.

  Erickson is globally considered to be the 'Grand Father' of Hypnotherapeutic work, and I have been fortunate to study under his amanuensis, Dr Ernest Rossi.


    My Goal

              To Assist You to Empower Yourself!

 Rapha Hypnosis - Cures that Endure!

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