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Archive for November, 2011

Ditch your Demons – The Unconscious Mind

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Using hypnotherapy to ditch your demons

A very warm welcome, and thanks for reading……..

Have we really given serious thought as to exactly ‘where’ our ‘demons’ come from? And then, our next question needs to be ‘what’ exactly are our demons?

These two questions, I warn you, are my special Soap Box, so I make no apologies for being controversial! Controversial is great in my book, because when we think differently from the usual, we get unusual results!

Let’s just consider the second question, just briefly first, (and in more detail later): What are our ‘demons’?
Our ‘demons’ are the thoughts, beliefs and feelings we have that ‘freeze’ us, that stop us ‘dead in our tracks’ that create destruction in the quality of and the celebration of our life.
Thoughts, beliefs and feelings such as fear, nervousness, panic, anger, fury, self doubt, lack of self worth…… exhaustion…… Our list can go on and on……..

So, where do these debilitating, destructive thoughts, beliefs and feelings come from? Well, before we consider the answer to this question, let’s, first of all, ditch our blame culture! Let’s stop blaming our parents, siblings, education, bad relationships, the government, the weather……….
Just go along with me here, and take our first step on a vitally important journey to ‘ditch’ the demons by owning them! By owning them we can then resolve them. They, the demons, come from our own unconscious. If you think about this for a few minutes, it makes sense. You see we do not consciously want to live in dread, thinking and feeling nervous, scared, fearful, tired of it all, hopeless.
Basically we all consciously want to feel and think and be up-beat, optimistic, happy!

OK, our demons reside in our unconscious mind and my speciality, my absolute passion, for the past thirty years has been to devote myself to learning the language, and the ability, to communicate elegantly and successfully with our unconscious mind.
And that basically is what hypnotherapy does – communicates in the language of the unconscious.

Some hypnotherapists today still generally believe that we can say, state, suggest, demand: ‘Demons leave!’ as if speaking to an uninvited, unwelcome visitor in our home! I know this unfortunately isn’t true.
If this type of communication worked to ditch our demons, our best friend or our hairdresser could do this for us, and I’d be out of a job! You know, I wouldn’t mind at all being out of a job, because that would mean we could all of us celebrate our life with a sense of optimism, hope for our future and happiness.
Behind every face we see there are worlds within worlds within worlds of the unconscious mind, and within those worlds reside our demons. We can ‘ditch’ them all when we learn to communicate with them, which may sound to you totally counter intuitive! Let me tell you more about my own special method of hypnosis, which truly does work, next time.

Thanks for listening.

Thinking of you fondly – Sally.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Friendship, and the closeness and support that it gives to us, and also provides us with the freedom of giving closeness and support, is vitally important to our human psychological wellbeing and emotional Happiness.
We humans are inherently ‘pack animals’, we have needed community with others since our early ancestors were around on the earth to be able to literally, survive.
We humans are not naturally hermits, though we honour those of us who need their isolation. We actually only need, physically and psychologically a ‘remoteness’ for twenty minutes three or four times a day.
As our minds and brains have grown and developed over the past thousands of years we need the kind of support that we receive from friendship. Friends give us the space and opportunity to feel safe to be our selves, to laugh, to dance to be quirky, to have a good old moan and to give us new and unthought of angles and solutions to problems and every day worries.
All of these experiences and sharing with friends uplifts our mood and ‘Enhances Our Happiness’.

What happens physically?
When we are stuck in a problem state we are using up our Serotonin, and therein lies our problem, we need that Serotonin to find solutions to problems and to feel up!
Once we feel uplifted, once we stop worrying and ruminating round and round over a problem, our brain is able to produce more reserves of Serotonin.
There we have it in a nutshell – all that antidepressant medications do is replicate Serotonin – and absolutely our friends can give us that boost without the prescription.
Go on, call a friend today, get out and about and lift your mood!