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Archive for May, 2012


Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This is an impromptu letter, completely a ‘flow of consciousness’ so please forgive any frayed edges……. Thank you.
And, it’s a one off, well for now it’s a one off!!! One thing that I am proud of being is Flexible!
So, I could well do this again……..
Anyway –
I frequently get asked questions like: “I’ve had no traumas in my life, but I feel ‘stuck’ with negative things that are hampering my life. What can I do?”
I also get asked questions along the lines of: “I have had trauma, and I don’t want to remember, I want to put it all behind me and get on with life, but I feel ‘stuck’ What can I do?”
SO, –
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 11th, 12th and 13th of June, from 9am to 9pm I’m setting aside these three days to answer your questions, by phone.
We’ll have to be organised, so please email me your question, which will give me an idea of how much phone time we’ll need, and please give me a couple of options of dates/times that suit you, and I’ll get back to you.
My private email address is: .
You may not feel that your question for me is confidential, but in case you do, to reassure you my private email address is entirely confidential.
The deal is our unconscious is driving our problem state. And our unconscious ……’ won’t get fooled….’ by diagnosis, direct suggestion, advice, tap, tapping our body (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques)……. and so on.
Our unconscious needs the exact Correct attention, and part of that attention is Respect.
Yeah, Respect.
Paradoxical isn’t it!
We have a problem, because our unconscious took on the ‘pain’, bewilderment, anger, fear and so on – in an attempt to protect us – from a worse onslaught……
As I’ve said, Mike came up with the great phrase, after I’d been ‘banging’ on to him for months last year about all this (Mike is an off shore deep diving engineer, with a very patient ear for me!!)
Mike said one night last year: “You can’t Bullsh*t the unconscious. And you, (Sally) are not interested in Fast Food Therapy as there is no nourishment in that….”
Last week a lovely lady came to see me, she has been suffering a ‘nothing place’ life pretty much all of her life. And the respect I have for her is truly immeasurable in the strength and courage she has found through huge effort to make a success of her life.
She told me on the phone she would rather see me 1:1 than Work with one of my audio courses.
Very soon into our first session of Work she told me she felt anxious.
Here are the questions to develop this kind of information which will, I am sure, really interest you greatly:
Q “And when you feel anxious whereabouts do you feel anxious?
A “It’s here…” touching her chest
Q “And when it’s here (notice IT that we have discussed before) whereabouts could it be when its ‘here’?”
A “It’s inside here”
Q “And when it’s inside ‘here’ could it have a shape or a size – colours or colours – when it’s inside here?”
As we developed the information, she looked straight at me and said the most accurate and wondrous thing, she said:
“And it won’t go away with a sticking plaster – it has a ‘life’ force…..”
I did one of my Whoooopeeee arm waving things – she ‘got it’, nope, that’s not accurate, she ‘knows it’.
The next day I got this wonderful, exquisitely articulated email from her:
“….a quick note to say thank you for a very interesting day! My
personal experience with therapies (& I have tried a few!) has never
left me as ‘upbeat’ as I felt today 🙂 I feel like I ‘own’ myself
rather than ‘dumping’ myself on another – a very good feeling. Thank you.”

I have of course asked permission to share this email with you, as it is so beautifully said – exactly that – to own your self….
Do email me and let’s have some valuable phone time together.
Find out more about my Work and my values first if you need to, you’ll be a welcome visitor– which we are still working on to perfect though it is gorgeous – many thanks to Gary Hogg… he’ll ‘nit pick’ it to perfection and his designs are superb.
Thinking of you Warmly


Monday, May 28th, 2012

But I am not the only one…… So are you, you too are a dreamer!
You are a dreamer, whatever that might be for you. I reckon we will always have dreams to fulfil.
Our dream could be of the great career, to be accomplished in an art – painter, writer, dancer, musician; to be a top athlete…..
Or to be successful in business, have loads of money and so on…….
The ‘bottom line’ foundation dream of all our dreams is to be happy and peaceful within our self.
I believe that we will always be working towards more of that dream. I know lots of really successful celebrities, and top successful business owners who, sadly, are not
Pretty much all of us will always have a dream, for others as well as for our self, so it’s a top worthy subject for us to discuss.
John Lennon’s dream was that:
Imagine all the people living life in peace…..
Great dream. Some dreams take time John……
I have a couple of top dreams.
One that I have focused on now for more than 30 years, as you may know, to Cure all emotional and psychological suffering….. Together we can do it
Where we have inner suffering we lack ‘stable’ inner peace.
We are strong, we do have courage and we do accomplish so much like the top job, we work diligently for our family, at our art, our sport….. We achieve and yet mostly we are still suffering.
Top Dream: Cure, once and for all, end of, emotional and psychological suffering.

But let us go back now to honing our Goal: (Goals are Dreams with ‘legs on’ says Marc Allen founder of New World Libraries)
The first question goes to you, meaning the question is sourced in the present:
“And what would you like to have happen?”
This is question in an unusual language and so will elicit a non usual response.
The “you” in the question can go to the ‘you’ in the present. And it can go to the original ‘owner’ of the unwanted problem. The original ‘owner’ could be, let’s say, age 6.
The answer can be what you, or the younger ‘you’ does not have, for example “I want to feel at peace with myself……”
Or, what you, or the younger ‘you’ does have, for example: “I want to stop feeling anxious and frightened.”
These simple examples of answers to the question: “And what do you want to have happen?” will incorporate the symptom, such as:
• I want to feel at peace with myself
• To relate in harmony with myself
• In my relationship.
• About food and what I eat
• To be able to sleep well
• In situations where I feel stressed
• In experiences where my stomach get all nervous
• Where I am always frightened (spiders, people, crowds…. And so on)
• When I’d normally get into a rage of anger
• At those times and events when I never have self confidence.
What I want for you – and one day that – ‘all the people – to be living life in peace’ ……within their ‘own skin’ – and with each other. Top Dream hey!
This was, and is a purpose and a reason of mine for working my ‘butt off’ for 30 years on my 40 day courses!
All of that Work in my courses ensures that you do not ‘go through’ your difficulties in any of your history. However, all my courses, for every symptom, honours and respects the difficulties within you that you have suffered – In exactly the right way for you. A vital step on your journey to cure the symptom…….
And then – my courses ‘pull back’ time to your pristine self. Reactivating the knowledge of being ‘at peace with your self…’ and brings your pristine knowledge into the present and for your future.
My heart continues to grow massively with all the great feedback I receive about all the successes of my courses…….
Please do go and have a look at them here, and there is other treatment information available on our development site
Oh, and whilst your there, do me, and yourself a favour and have a joyful minute and a half listening to our lovely niece singing on my ‘Cure Insomnia’ treatment.

My courses are communicating cleanly, safely and elegantly with the inner strengths and resources of your wise unconscious mind.
Here’s an offer for you! Your money back guaranteed if you do not gain massive successes from my course of your choice…..
5 CDs, 15 tracks to treat and cure your problem, not to listen to endlessly to manage your problem!
Thinking of you warmly


Friday, May 25th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

You know I believe ‘pussy footing around’ really is not that ‘sexy’!
Would you agree….?
Flirting – being coy – yeah all of that can be quite ‘sexy’ …for a while!
And for ‘big’ things in our life – for sure we need to ‘sit on the fence’ a while and gather information, ‘flirt with ideas’, before we can ‘get off the fence’ and ‘say’ our NO! or our YES! with, if not always absolute certainty at least with an acceptance of ‘risk’, ‘risk’ that will not injure our self or others……………
I have a 5 year old client, she clearly says: “There are straight Yes’s and straight No’s, and there are curvy Yes’s and curvy No’s. You must always be straight, curvy can be very messy, and sometimes you need to wait to know you have a straight Yes or a straight No.”
I have learnt masses from this 5 year old…….
I listened on the BBC radio 4 website to a recent programme called: The Trouble with Moody Teenagers. Brilliant of the BBC to make a production on this subject.
Lucy talked about being suicidal after her Dad died.
John talked about hiding himself away after being bullied.
Neither of these kids could ask for help, until eventually they were ‘exploding’.
Other kids talked about being suicidal, not coping, hiding in their rooms, being on an emotional roller coaster. Their suffering was described as: “Children being in mental smog…”
Statistics say that: Every school class has one student needing urgent help.
This isn’t about teenage angst, and mood swings driven by hormonal changes. This is about suffering.
Great, we’re ‘getting off the fence’ as regards suffering! Real horrific suffering……
The pain, like Lucy’s and John’s, can come from our own personal trauma.
The pain, for others, can also be the distress and anguish of our ‘collective unconscious’
Dr. John Sarno calls it ‘The Epidemic of Mind Body Disorders.’
This is a story about Debbie, not her real name.

I’m off the ‘fence’ and ‘shooting from the hip here’!
Debbie is 28 years old; she was diagnosed ten years ago with depression and prescribed anti depressants.
Three of her friends have been clients of mine, and all three have been urging Debbie to come and see me, which she did last week.
I have total respect for Debbie, in that she had to make a journey of over two hours driving to get to Keswick. Getting out of bed in the morning is an absolute ‘nightmare’ because her body, she said ‘weighs a ton’. She does not want to wake up.
Debbie’s pretty face and eyes are like a solid, frozen ‘mask’
Debbie had already told me on the phone that she had completely lost her “me”, and she constantly feels totally numb.
In my ‘world’ Debbie’s problem is not depression. Her problem is clearly that she lost her “me”, which is more than likely the cause of her feeling constantly totally numb.
Because of the mammoth effort she made to get to Keswick I said I wanted to ‘shoot from the hip’ Debbie nodded her head in agreement.
So I asked what happened about ten years ago.
“My Mum died” said Debbie, telling that she was very, very close to her Mum.
Still ‘shooting from the hip’ (I would normally go around the edges of a problem state, and never ask for a memory) I asked: “What is your last memory of your Mum?”
Debbie: “I am sitting beside my Mum, she is lying in the bed and she is dying.”
Believe me, I personally totally understand such great, great loss. And it is absolutely necessary for us to grieve for the sake of our heart and mind.
But the loss of “me” and chronic numbness is not a part of grief.
Debbie is in a “T Minus One” This is the moment that Debbie ‘Froze’ in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the next moment – of her Dear Mum’s death.
This is the moment that Debbie lost her “me” and went into feeling numb.
Simplistically Debbie’s “me” is still, as her memory tells us, sitting by her dying Mum’s bed………
Our Work together for me and Debbie, would be to very carefully assist her “me” to ‘leave’ that chair where her “me” is still sitting………
And she could have done this with one of my audio courses/treatments. But she now needs a bit of me as she believes that her numbness has, over the years, become too dense for her self to make the effort.
I believe that Debbie’s story will make sense to you.
I believe her story will somehow help you.
So, here’s my ‘shoot from the hip’ thought: Wouldn’t it be perfect if our well meaning well intentioned doctors would say, instead of: “You’re depressed, here is your medication.”
“You are in “T Minus One” I’ll phone a therapist for you who Works this way…..”
Ten years of such suffering for Debbie, and others, it’s heart wrenching………..
Come visit us on our gorgeous new site, you’ll be most warmly welcome




Monday, May 21st, 2012

Carl JungMy last letter was all about – The air is humming… Humming birds rolling on the air…. The air giving lift and flight to the butterfly’s wings. I’m wondering did that entire letter sound to you like ‘Trumpet Blowing’. Cool, because it was!! I am going to discuss with you ‘the walls of Jericho’ – as a truly valuable metaphor, so please forgive me if you are an archeologist or a biblical scholar.

So briefly, historically, the Hebrew people were making their way to their homeland, and Jericho the walled city presented a huge obstacle. The ‘walls’ of doubt, despair and fear had to go!
As a metaphor the walls of Jericho are our doubts, despairs and fears that are preventing us from coming ‘home’ and being ‘at home’ with our self. Preventing us from being happy, safe, in harmonious relationship with our self, secure in ‘our own skin’
‘Home’ with our self where we were intended to be.
Carl Jung’s work called this state; Individuation.

I’m paraphrasing a Jungian here as an overview of Individuation:
‘Besides achieving physical and mental health, people who have advanced towards individuation, become harmonious, mature, responsible, they promote freedom and justice …….’
I like this one that I’m about to tell you.
A couple of years ago a client mentioned Individuation, he was frowning and looked very puzzled, then suddenly a ‘light bulb’ went on, he said to me:
“Oh, that means my Intended Being.”
My hair and skin stood happily ‘on end’ at the awesome beauty and clarity of these words. Being who we are Intended to be, is to be ‘be at Home’ free to be in harmony with our self.
So the people were journeying home to the Promised Land, their psychological ‘Home’ and the walls of doubts, despair and fears were stopping them.
For ‘seven days and seven nights’ they walked round and round the walls, searching for the solution and resolution.
For some of my clients ‘seven days and seven nights’ has felt like a life time.
‘Who would have though it’ – they blew a trumpet and the walls fell down!
And that’s certainly thinking differently!
That is a top Ingredient of all my Work, to assist thinking really differently.
Absolutely everyone who has Worked with me 1:1 or with my audio courses, tells me, ‘I never would have thought of it like that before…’
That’s it you see, as we think the same old same old ways, even the ways of ‘eye of a newt and powdered chicken bones’! We get the same old same old results.
Maybe I’m ‘mixing my metaphors’!!! But Steve Richards blew a Trumpet for me!
Stephen is no ‘light weight’ he is seriously successful. He is also exceedingly generous; I’ve called him a Knight Shining Light. You can find Stephen on
Relentlessly Positive says this of Stephen:
‘I’ve now read three books on the subject, and of the three, Stephen Richards’ is the best by far.’
My walls around ‘Jericho’ were not of doubts, fear or despair! But were a row of my ‘soap boxes’ of frustration from which I call out: “We can cure psychological emotional and psychosomatic suffering, and keep the cure – and come ‘home’ to be our self….’
Here for you, I have lots of ‘cakes to eat’ and nourish you, our brand new gorgeous site – built and designed by ‘Grand as owt’ Gary Hogg –
Enjoy! Any comments you may have to improve will be gratefully received by us.
Many Thanks


Friday, May 18th, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Well, today, what I want is to really, really, truly inspire you.
I’m wondering if:
You will allow me to inspire you……
First, I’m giving myself a few moments to allow my own ‘flow of consciousness’ to pour from me with just the exact right words for you…..
My Dad, Paddy Monaghan, writes poetry and poetic prose. He once described what I’m probably about to do for you as:
“My words are simply pouring from me…… maybe in a jumbly way… like happy scattered children on a ramble……..”
So, as I’m preparing for my happy scattered children on a ramble words for you, I gaze out of the window to see an abundance of red squirrels in the ‘café’ that Mike built for them by the river.
Hazelnuts and black sunflower heart seeds are this morning breakfast speciality.
‘Red Squirrel Café’ had become a bit full… so would you believe it a couple of the red squirrels are sitting on our wooden garden chairs, eating! How cool is that……
Can you see the nut in their teeny hands, the fluff of gold red tail rests on their heads?
I mean, I read a great Tweet early this morning, (before the rush for hazelnut & sun flower seed delight), from a woman ‘somewhere’ in America. She said in her Tweet: I’m watching the humming birds rolling on the air…..
Now, I could see the humming birds rolling on the air, and my smile spread from here to there…….
Here goes!
For a number of days I’ve been silently singing this song: “The air is hummin’ and something Great is coming …for meeeeeee………. Could it be – yes it could……it’s gonna be GREAT…….” (Oh yeah, and I have been singing it out loud sometimes!!)
So last week we got an ‘out of the clear blue air’ an email from the Great Stephen Richards. (We had never heard of him…)
He told us he’d put on the site an author profile for me, for the one reason that he said he wants the world to know about Sally Stubbs.
That generosity is awesome! And really, I recommend you go check out Stephen. I have never seen work as good and great and mighty as his……….
I’ve got this entire ‘air is humming…’ going on for me, and then there is the lady from America with her humming birds rolling on the air Tweet….. Then this message from Stephen to me…..
“Like the gentle swaying of a butterfly’s wings against the unseen air gives it the lift it needs to fly, we are connected to that energy that makes such a happening possible.”
Here I am ‘Flying….’ with all of this. What happens Next!
I read this morning this comment from Stephen on, and I soar and I am humbled at the same time:
how Sally has devoted“I have the utmost respect for the way Sally Stubbs, an extraordinary psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, has given herself so passionately to a life of working to help others. Perhaps some have given a few years to the cause of serving their therapeutic profession, but when you consider  more than 30 years to her calling then it is astounding that she still has such an appetite in continuing her work and at the same time having a consistent success rate.
When I think of Sally, the phrase “Many are called few are chosen” springs to mind. Sally has, indeed, made a huge difference to the lives of those she has helped. A relentless passion for helping people shines through in the way she has total self-belief in her abilities.
I wholeheartedly support Sally’s work through her organization and would recommend that you spread the word.” Stephen Richards.
This is my plan:
I plan in my life time to see an end to all psychological emotional and of course psychosomatic suffering – in my life time……
Some may call me naïve! In which case I respect all opinion but those ‘some’ are entirely wrong. We can…………………
Thinking of you Warmly
PS: We have no commercial links with or with Stephen Richards


Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

The Great David Grove

Hi Everyone,
You know fun does place our psychological – emotional problems in a perilous state! We can forget our problem for an hour or a day or even a week of fun…….
But, our problems, like the cracks that have been papered over, are still there.
Like the cracks, our problem reappears.

I did my resolution Work with the great David Grove in the mid 1980’s. Yes, I do consider myself to be very, very lucky.
Or was it luck?
Actually I believe it was because I was ‘dogged’, rather than lucky! I made that Effort.
I’d already worked, entirely unsuccessfully, with four other therapists before I ‘found’ David……

“We must be the ever vigilant guardian of our inner space.” Do you know who said this?
I can’t remember and it’s an absolutely brilliant quote because it’s absolutely true…..
This is what we’ve been considering together as you have been ‘listening’ for any objecting thoughts/beliefs to your reasons and purposes for you achieving your Goal.
The objections do not ‘go away’ through our attempts at ‘positive thinking’ positive affirmations, deep breathing exercises, behavioural changes… oh, and Tap, Tap Tapping our body as we sing summat like Happy Birthday……… None of these strategies achieve cure.
So, we can begin to cure some of our objecting negative thoughts and beliefs with the fun of Pattern Interruption once we have established that the objection has come from somewhere external to our self………
Here’s one of mine to give you an example.
During my Work with David I was at home one day and I dropped a mug.
I felt in my stomach a life long familiar anxiety.
But, this time I stopped everything that I was doing, which was mopping up split coffee and shards of a broken mug!
Vigilant to my inner space, I ‘heard’ in my thoughts: For Goodness Sake Sally!
An injunction which had been repeated to me by my Mum when I was a kid.
She’d add to the “For Goodness Sake Sally” ….. ” Stop being so Clumsy.”
I developed a belief that I was generally a Clumsy person. I lived with it!!
You see, my Mum didn’t have enough money in her limited weekly house keeping for me to drop, spill, or break any thing. She’d get anxious and cross, and I’d get anxious.
Anyway that day that I broke the mug I did a Pattern Interruption.
I danced around the kitchen singing in my loudest voice, a top performance  “For Goodness Sake – Do the Hippy, Hippy Shake – Sally………” On and on I sang and danced………..
A couple of weeks later, I broke something else, a glass I think – and I did my second and also final, farewell performance of “For Goodness Sake – Do the Hippy, Hippy Shake – Sally………” The injunction from my Mum vanished for good! No more anxiety. No more believing I’m a clumsy person!!
Since then, if, I break or spill or knock something over, it’s simply an accident!!
Once you discover any of your objections to successfully achieving your Goal are sourced ‘out side’ of you, like mine, which came from my Mum’s anxiety, you can have such fun Interrupting the Pattern.
How you need to do it is with loads of energy. Yeah, really loads of energy. Whatever you can think of dance, sing, run around, star jumps, pillow fight,  – get into it.
You can do it by deliberately and consciously bringing up the objecting thoughts or beliefs. And a great, great strategy is, if your objection has a feeling with it in your body, like for me, I felt anxiety in my stomach, let the feeling come up, don’t let the feeling escape.

If your objections to successfully achieving your Goal are coming from an experience of hurt or ‘pain’ then come and find out about my audio courses/treatments to resolve, free and really cure………. Or come and visit anyway, my audio courses/treatments really are top of the tree……….
Thinking of you warmly


Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Hi Everyone
Over a year ago Mike came up with this great simples example, which so explained what I’d been banging on about into his oh so ‘patient with me’ ear.
Differentiation was the thing.
You see we were off to Work at the Vitality Show at Earls Court, London, expecting 35,000 visitors! Blimey, that’s a lot of people in one barn of a room.
I presented a Workshop, and then a presentation in a theatre.
I felt like a proverbial ‘fish out of water’, which is really funny as the theatre was like a ‘gold fish bowl’
A very peculiar set up, the theatre had no walls, and so was totally open to the 30,000 people, who, not interested in differentiation were all milling around the potions and body creams and self help book stalls!
As a ‘fish out of water ‘you’d think I’d have a hard time. Not so. I loved it.
I love a challenge!
So “T Minus One” experiences and our learnt negative beliefs about ourselves and the world of others around us can all get condensed in the unconscious mind, or undifferentiated.
The “T Minus One” experiences such as the emotional pain and hurt and fears, and also the negative beliefs that do not validate ourselves, and do not celebrate our life and sometimes invalidate others (for example the ‘crazy belief’: All men are cruel! When the truth here is of course: Some of us humans can be cruel) all this needs to be differentiated out.
Before the Vitality Show I reckon I’d ‘bent’ Mike’s ear for hours about this.
Then he comes up with this pearler:
The pain, hurt, fears and negative self beliefs are like several balls of coloured wool, all tangled and knotted. All the colours have merged so you’re hardly able to recognise what’s what!
I ask: Do we have the ‘balls’ to untangle the wool? Yes of course we do! I did! So anyone can!
And so many people have with me 1:1 and with my audio courses/treatments.
Many of these people had problems which had been diagnosed as incurable, and they cured their problem.
Many of these people themselves believed their problem was intractable, too knotted to ever be untangled. Many like Laura who had lost her voice and had lost her hair, have cured their problems.
And the untangling process is comfortable; simplistically the process is comfortable because it does not actually go through “T”
It is far far better to untangle the balls of wool, than to live our lives with a knotted up mind………
First of all state your Goal. Example: “I want to stop running away from a close relationship”
First change your Goal to the positive polarity, for example: “I want to be comfortable and to have a really close relationship.”
Write in your notebook every day for a few days, adding to your Goal. (The potential of your imagination for your Goal is massive, way beyond anything that you’ve ever thought about)
For example: “In my relationship, I want to be understood, therefore I want to be really open about myself………”
Next day; “And I want to feel safe in my relationship to have loads of playfulness…”
Next day: “I want to be free in my relationship to be full on passionate…..”
As you carry on with your Goal (and this is no one else’s business but yours, so keep it private for now!) you will likely start to hear your objecting thoughts, like:
“Being passionate cannot be safe for me…”
These objecting thoughts are like ‘gold’, savour them, write them down, and ponder on them; wondering: where could these objections have come from?
Whatever Goal you have, you did not have these objections when you were an infant. They came from somewhere……..Keep making notes.
Why on earth would I be saying that any objections that you consciously begin to notice and then give attention to are like ‘gold’?
Because the objections you discover are your tangled negative beliefs, and unless they are given your thoughtful attention and then made different these negative beliefs will always get in the way of you fully and successfully achieving your Goal.
You know a zillion times easier way for you to differentiate, untangle and change what you need, to achieve your Goal, is to journey with me on one of my Audio courses/ treatments. You will be most welcome to check them out on our web site.
I do receive outstanding feedback about the success of my courses.
I personally love them.
Do visit me and have a look.
Thinking of you warmly


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Hi Everyone,
Is there a place for placebos in our human society? Yes, of course there is!
The truly acclaimed wonderful Dr Ernest Rossi, one of my amazing teachers, who is both a neuroscientist and a top hypnotherapist, wrote about the story of The Likeable Mr. Wright.
An awesome story of the marvel of and the value of the placebo effect. Any of you who know this story please forgive me for paraphrasing from memory, rather than transcribing the entire story for you.
The Likeable Mr. Wright had serious cancer and had been given only hours, maybe two days, to live.
Mr. Wright had heard that the new drug Krebeozen was available in the hospital where he was, and that Krebeozen was highly effective for his type of tumours, but was only available for patients with a life expectancy of several months.
Mr. Wright pleaded and pleaded with his doctors, to be treated with this new wonder drug, and finally he won!
48 hours later, Mr. Wright was up and serving breakfasts to his fellow patients.
Of his tumours it was stated: ‘They vanished as like snowballs melting on a stove’
Mr. Wright went home.
Around about 18 months later it came out in the news that Krebeozen, had been found to be inert, having no healing properties.
Mr. Wright’s tumours reappeared over night, and back he went into hospital.
This is not the end of the story by any means!
His doctors got together, and after detailed discussions, they told Mr. Wright that they had now got a brand new drug, Krebeozen 2, which had been thoroughly tested. As no such drug existed, his doctors congruently gave Mr. Wright injections of saline, salt water.
Mr. Wright’s tumours vanished, and as Krebeozen 2 did not exist, he would never hear reports about it in the news!
The Likeable Mr. Wright continued his life…….

In our discussions through my letters to you, and I will be totally delighted to hear from you with any thoughts that you have, we are focusing our attention on psychological and emotional problems and suffering.
And my Goal is cure, as you know, not masking, managing or controlling – my focus is on cures that will endure!
So the diets and the pharmaceutical companies ‘mind altering’ products are placebos.
When we Work and cure our own problems through our ‘clean’ appropriate communication with our unconscious mind – we empower our self.
We are not controlled by the placebo effect. We become stronger, we release inner resources, and we have an inner sense of stability, harmony and balance.
So for you, with whatever psychological and emotional problem that you may be suffering, wanting to resolve and cure, finally – finito – we need that ‘roll your sleeves up’ Effort.

First if we just recap on Goal setting.
Why, you may (or may not!!) be wondering, do I say for you to state your goal, and the details of your Goal in the positive?
Most of us kind of know this one, but it really is worth reminding our self.
Well it is this, and it really is important. For example, we so often state our Goal as:
“I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Your brain is right now thinking about chocolate, your brain can’t help it, your brain has heard chocolate, eat chocolate, and off you go to the shop! Bewailing, why am I eating this chocolate!
Have a go! Apply it to anything you like. Example: “I don’t want to be angry!” your brain has heard “I want to be angry!” The ‘don’t’ word has vanished.
We say to our children: “Don’t touch that!”
Invariably our child touches ‘that’ and we feel pretty miffed at apparently being ignored! And our child, not only feels that they are now in trouble, they can also be pretty bewildered, they do know that the adults tone of voice is warning them off touching ‘that’ and yet their brain cannot always ignore the instinctive ‘touch that’
So how about not only checking your written Goal for any lurking negatives, but also use a Top Strategy gift from me to you, to regularly check throughout the day your habituated thoughts that can still be carrying on with the same old, same old: “I want to stop eating chocolate. I won’t eat any more chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate any more!”
Change it! Change in your thoughts throughout the day to whatever really resonates with you, like: “Today I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….”
And one more absolute Top Strategy from me to you, as you are dropping off to sleep at night, state your Goal, silently and congruently and with lots energy to yourself: “Tomorrow, I will thoroughly enjoy lots of fruit, fresh vibrant salad, succulent fresh fish….yummy. Good night”

warmest thoughts & wishes

Eat Grasshopper Therapy!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

You want to lose weight, eat grasshoppers!
You want to cure a problem – insomnia, anger, stress, nervousness, fearfulness…….cure anything else, eat grasshoppers!
This just bobbed up into my conscious mind – and where ‘on earth’ did that come from!!
We could say stuff like:
Lord knows…..
It just came from (that place called) nowhere!!
Where did it actually come from, like anything else, it came from my unconscious mind of course.
However, I’ve sat here looking out across the river, admired a couple of bounding around bouncy red squirrels, wondering: What is that about, the, you want to lose weight eat grasshoppers, you want to cure any problem eat grasshoppers?
I’ve had such a laugh thinking: eat grasshoppers, stir in eye of a newt, add powdered chicken bones, bang a drum and cure your problems!!
But, humour aside, the answers coming from my unconscious to my question: What is that all about, are awesome, they are blowing me away.
Such simple answers, and that’s the beauty of it, the pure simplicity.
I’ve got an idea here, to ask you to let me know what you think that is about?
That would be great to hear your thoughts…..
At first I thought, whoa, my unconscious is playing around, a bit of a light hearted prank! Fair enough…….
Not so!
Sorry, to be harping on, as my Mum would say to me, but I think this is really awesomely ‘sexy’ – so strap in, ready?
Simples: It’s a belief! It’s a belief!
We buy into masses and masses of ludicrous beliefs – like: diets cure our problematical relationship with food, no they don’t – our unconscious mind does that not diets.
Like – (oops here it is – ‘a Sally Soap Box Moment’)….. the pharmaceutical companies products will cure our insomnia, fears, panic, numbness, anxieties……. It’s bunkum!
I guess I won’t be popular with the pharmaceutical companies then!
Do I care?
Yes actually I do, I care that so, so many of us are totally well meaning but we bought into The Emperor’s new Clothes! And that is truly sad.

Along with around 1,000 other people last summer Mike & I watched: The Acclaimed Therapist’, (TAT), of stage & TV screen, doing, on stage, an EFT demonstration to cure a young woman of a phobia!
Tap, Tap, Tap he went – asking her to sing loudly Happy Birthday at the same time as he tapped, tapped, tapped her gorgeous body (quite saucy really!!)
Are you cured now, he repeatedly asked.
Are You Cured Now? TAT was getting het up, Tapping increased in vigour!
“No!” she said, her pleading voice telling him several times about her “T minus one” (which she didn’t actually realise she was ‘stuck in time)’ But she was not buying into this EFT belief system, despite TAT’s world renown fame.
Finally he told her to go on to his website and buy his I Will Cure Your Phobia CDs.
(TAT., TAT…..what makes you believe you’re so powerful that YOU can cure people? No you can’t, people cure themselves with the right, clean strategies… You Muppet!)
TAT is charismatic, well meaning I believe – but wake up TAT really!!
Wake up.

I nearly ran onto that stage like the little kid in the legend and said; You’re not wearing any clothes!! I reckon politeness held me back – I regret the lost opportunity….
Any way, 998 people loudly applauded TAT’s performance. We all then meandered off for coffee – and as Mike & I were hanging out with the 998 people they were all whispering: He ain’t wearing any clothes.
Mike and I said: Bu***r – lost opportunity there.
Beliefs do not cure us. Beliefs (like these) can & do mask or hold back the problem. The problem is still there, ‘humming’ away deep in the unconscious mind looking for another ‘way out’.
This is not an ‘armchair’ theory; this is 30 years of keen observation and rigourous study.
I’ll add to this ‘beliefs do not cure us’ another time
Changing our negative beliefs which block us from the truth that we can be cured opens the door for us to then access within our unconscious what our unconscious needs or needs to have happen, needs to know or understand needs to resolve and heal to then move time and finally be free of the problem……
And you know, talking with you, I’ve realised that it was not politeness that kept me off that stage!
You see, if 998 people believed TAT was wearing Grand New Clothes, it would have got really messy for me……
Today I would just do it!

Sally Stubbs
e mail:


Lets Make & Keep The Changes

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


I once heard a therapist, Tony Robbins, have you heard of him, talking about motivation. I liked what he had to say a lot. But, not totally!

He did say: ‘Never treat a client for free, as payment is part of the motivation!’

What I did like was Robbins saying that if we put in good effort we get bad, mediocre results.

If we put in outstanding effort we get great results. Effort gets born out of our energy, and energy comes from our ‘nailed down’ reasons and purpose to make the change.

We know all this stuff in terms of  a sports coach. The coach does not sit behind their newspaper with a cuppa and a ciggie saying languidly: “yeah, if you want, do another rep……”

The coach is out there with us jumping around ‘barking’ commands. The coach knows their reasons inside out, the coach wants a winner. What else does the coach know?  They want the satisfaction of having a winner, they want the accolades, they want people to be proud of their achievements (there wouldn’t be a winner without the greatness of the coach) they want their family to be proud of them, they want promotion, they want………. Loads more reasons………… Their reasons could be entirely altruistic, maybe they do not want to be in the ‘lime light’, their reasons could well be that their athlete/team have suffered as the ‘underdog’ and the coach wants their athletes to prove that the world was wrong! Proving ‘the world wrong’ is a mighty reason to achieve

. But, when we suffer an emotional or psychological problem, we pretty much have to be our own coach. No matter how encouraging our friends, colleagues, family may be, we’ve got to find our own energy from within.

That’s where I come in; I am an outstandingly good coach. I assist you to discover and feel and utilise your energy inside of you to be motivated to achieve.

My audio courses spend 10 minutes, or so, a day for 10 days, really getting into the details of reasons to make the changes from a problem state to a lasting goal state. You can make a start, whatever problem you choose to resolve, you can make a start on getting your energy ‘up’ to achieve the results you want. Write down your reasons to achieve your goal. Your reason could well be wholly or partly private. It’s always good to keep your writing private to begin with at least.

A great tip is to ask: What are my reasons to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Not: Why do I want to achieve ‘this’ my goal? Why questions tend to go around in circles when we are considering psychological and emotional problems.

Here’s a simple example: I want to sleep well What are my reasons to sleep well? (Go for your reasons, rather than ‘My wife/husband/parents will be happier …’)

• I want more energy.

• I want to have nice looking skin, instead of looking grey and drawn.

• I want to go out and socialise instead of being too exhausted…. I’m losing my friends……. I want to keep my friends……

• I want to stop being grumpy at work…..

• I want to stop being annoyed with my partner………..and so on……….

Next take each reason and ask: What’s my purpose in wanting more energy? A: Oh for goodness sake….. I will feel better!!! (Fair enough I want to feel better) What’s my purpose in wanting nice looking skin? A: Well, I feel more confident and buoyant with nice looking skin. This strategy may seem kindergarten stuff to you. It isn’t! Keep going with it, you’ll be surprised; some very different, deeper important reasons will emerge for you, and really get you ready to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and do something…….

Goal setting and gaining the deep insights into your reasons and purposes for achieving are vital first steps. Part of the next step is achieving the full on belief that you will achieve.

So much of our obstacles to achieving resolutions and permanent cure to problems are these deep unconscious beliefs that block our way to successful cure.

Thinking of you warmly.