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Archive for June, 2012


Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


Sometimes I really enjoy having a good laugh by re running a sketch or two, of Bill Hicks in my minds eye.
Bill was a comedian who you’ll either love or find him shocking. I’m in the first group!!
Anyway there’s this sketch of Bill’s where Bill is being God, and God has just realised that when He created Earth he forgot that He’d left behind Marijuana!
God, played by Bill, scratching in head, stroking his beard, is looking down on Earth at the Marijuana declaring, at His ‘mistake’: “Oh My Me!!!!….” Love it!!!! (The sketch you understand….)
Well, as I was happily re running this particular sketch in my mind, I had this awesome thought!:
Everyone, who I can think of, who has come to me to Work 1: 1 – will have been searching for their ‘lost’ ‘Me’ (Please excuse my semantics. Thanks)
I won’t make a whole list of hundred and hundreds of the amazing people who have brought their problems and symptoms to me, and who have actually honoured me in allowing me to assist them to Resolve their problem.
But, we can just consider a few of the people, who I have mentioned in the past weeks. Laura who lost her voice and lost her hair – was actually searching for her ‘lost Me’ – Stella, Bernice – the same – all had ‘lost’ their sense of their ‘Intended Me’
If you have any questions about this, or actually about anything else, please do email me.
This is my private email address and is therefore confidential. If I ever want to share anything that is said to me I will always ask permission first. And, most importantly, if the answer is: ‘“No” I do not want to share’ – then any ones’ “No” is totally honoured…..
Choosing to Work with me on one of my Audio Treatment Courses – you will discover that you are safely and comfortably searching to find an aspect of your Me, ‘who’ got ‘lost’ and ‘stuck’ along the way of your life’s journey.
Examples would be:
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who used to be able to naturally say “No” to certain foods and amounts of food……
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who could confidently do most anything….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to be certain and strong no matter the situation…….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to sleep safely and comfortably…….
And so on……….
My Audio Treatment Courses assist the ‘finding’ and the ‘freeing’ of the ‘lost’ Me – who can do pretty much anything that you choose.
I think to stay off my ‘soap box’ here!! About a very well know UK Hypnotherapist who recently emailed us with a video of EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy – Tapping.
A young man phobic of travelling: Tapping happened, the young man said he felt better – but his words were not congruent with the look in his eyes.
Aspects of our ‘lost’ Me is Emotional and Psychological, our mind needs to know we have ‘found’ and ‘freed’ our ‘lost’ Me…… Tapping will never, ever achieve this long term……. But, I won’t go there today!
Today I said I would talk with you more about “Why?” questions, which I am about to do.
First, I just want to tell you about a young man, he emailed me a few days ago and asked me a Great question.
He asked me if one had to know what the “T Minus One” issue was in life to be able to Work successfully with my Audio Treatment Courses.
The answer is emphatically: – No you don’t!
It is a bit like this, as a metaphor:
Let’s imagine a kid has got lost. We go searching for the lost kid and we find them, hiding under the bed, or hiding in the garden. We would probably want to ask: “What happened? What happened that you made you go hiding and got you lost?”
But with my Audio Treatment Courses we do not have to ask this “What happened?” question. We find the kid and we rejoice and we say something like Thank Goodness……you are ‘found’ and you are safe to come home…….
We do not need to know what happened…..
And basically the “Why?” questions are attempting to go to the: What happened? We don’t always know what happened; we certainly don’t have to know the answer to cure a problem.
The finding and freeing of the aspect of our ‘lost’ Me is the huge part of Cure.
The next part of the Cure is that our conscious self learns from – is educated by – the ‘lost’ aspect of our Me to say “No!” – To be confident no matter what –To know the ability to be certain and strong…… and so on………
We can talk loads more about the “Why?” questions another time…….
More details about my therapy techniques here
Thinking of you warmly


Monday, June 25th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

80% of Stella’s body was covered with achingly angry psoriasis. Stella shyly took off her rigidly tailored grey blouse and grey trousers – she said she needed me to see……
The psoriasis had steadily worsened over the past 10 years since her husband had a stroke from which medically it was thought he may not walk again or regain full speech.
When Stella first came to Work with me she told me that she felt almost utterly helpless.
In answer to my first question: And what do you want to achieve? Stella did not say she wanted healthy skin, she said that wanted to stop feeling almost utterly helpless, and she wanted to feel strong.
I asked: And when you don’t feel strong and you feel almost utterly helpless, how do you know you don’t feel strong?
Stella answered that she felt utterly helpless like a heavy feeling in the whole of her chest.
Question: And when you feel it in the whole of your chest, and it’s heavy, what else is there about it in the whole of your chest when it’s heavy?
Stella’s story developed from this feeling.
The whole of her chest felt like it was dark.
I continued with clean language questions to develop the experience of heavy and dark in the whole of her chest. She said heavy and dark was shaped like a cube, like a cage, made of solid black bars of iron.
To my next question; and what else could there be about a solid dark cage made of black bars of iron Stella answered: “There is a bee trapped in the cage… The bee is floundering. I am trapped in the cage. I can see a glimpse of some lovely hills in the distance…….”
The younger part of Stella ‘trapped’ in a ‘cage’ was aged thirteen.
The summer of her thirteenth year Stella and her mother had gone to a local tennis match, a favourite sport of theirs to watch together. Her mother had been a semi invalid for as long as Stella could remember, she made her way about in an electrically operated wheel chair.
Stella, with her mother beside her in the wheelchair, had been thoroughly absorbed in the close run tennis match; she cheered along with the small crowd and gasped as the scores were rivetingly close, when suddenly her mother slumped sideways.
There was a massive flurry of activity as an ambulance was called for, but tragically Stella’s mother had died.
A neighbour took Stella home, and very soon her father arrived to find Stella crying.
He told his young daughter that she must stop crying, and that everything was going to be OK.
The death of her mother was tragic, but the split, the trauma for Stella occurred when her father had told her to stop crying and that everything was going to be OK.*
At this moment of realisation in our Work together, Stella wanted to pause and consider. She said that ever since she had been thirteen, any difficulty she’d had, from exam nerves at school to even being scared of travelling, to her having seen a therapist a number of years ago for her lack of self confidence had been blamed, by herself and others, on her mother’s death.
Stella paused; she had a ‘light bulb’ moment, an Epiphanic experience. Although of course her mother’s death was tragic, Stella was prepared for it. Her father’s restricting injunction had trapped her, stuck in that moment in time of everything is going to be OK. So nothing ever reached a place, a state of: Everything is OK,.
OK was always going to be in the future, Stella had been helpless, never able to know and feel OK.
OK could never be in the present.

* (This was a totally understandable response from a bereaved husband and a concerned parent)
Interpretations of events can persuade both client and therapist away from the true focus of traumatic experiences.
To illustrate how important it is to keep on asking the clean language questions.
Stella needed to know that the bee was there, I will go into this reason in a moment; Stella also needed to know that she could: “….see a glimpse of some lovely hills in the distance.”
In terms of the: “…lovely hills in the distance…” basically, when we are in a place where we can bring about a ‘movement’ towards something different, and out of the ‘stuck’ state we need to know where we are going to.
Or we may not move, as we can fear that ‘freedom’ from the prison we’ve been in could be even worse than the ‘prison’ we’ve got to know and have learnt to adapt to its confines.
And where we are going to, must always be the client’s solution, not the therapists.
Stella arrived early for our third session; she wasn’t quite as neat and elegant as when we first met!
I asked her: “How are you doing?”
She answered she was: “Doing better. Stronger”
I asked: “And, how do you know you’re doing better and stronger?”
Stella replied that she felt some freedom.
Q: “And what kind of freedom is that freedom, that’s some freedom?”
Stella answered: “The doors to the cage have opened, it’s brighter and lighter and I want to move……”
This is an important moment of intervention, the question needs to be:
And when it’s brighter and lighter and you want to move, can you move?”
Stella answered: “No, something needs to happen first.”
Q: “And when something needs to happen first, what kind of something could that something be?”
Stella took some time, and then answered: “The bee needs to show me the way.”
The bee could and did show her the way to move. And the way was to the hills.
The journey and the movement to the hills took another hour or so, time to address and compound all elements needed to form new knowledge and information and to know it is OK to be OK now.
Stella’s skin cleared completely within a few weeks and two years later there has been no recurrence.
Her clothes now have movement and vibrancy! Way to go Stella!
I am so happy to say that her husband did recover his use of language and his ability to walk.

If you need help please do not hesitate to contact me through my private email: or

Much more information about my CD & MP3 audio treatments are on

Thinking of you warmly,



Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Stella, an elegant, neatly dressed, quiet, gentle woman, in her early fifties came to Work with me to resolve her symptom of Psoriasis. She had endured this skin condition on and off since she was a teenager. However, for the past ten years, since her husband had suffered a severe stroke, from which medically it had been thought he would not recover either his ability to walk or his use of language, Stella’s psoriasis had been continuous, with rare remissions, and had worsened over the years.
At our first session of hypnotherapy Work Stella, hesitantly took off her formal grey blouse and grey tailored trousers, she shyly said she wanted me to see the extent to which her body: back, legs, chest and arms, was covered, around 80%, with red, flaky sore skin.
My heart is always totally with anyone who I am privileged to Work with, and assist to a place of full aliveness, and positive health, but my heart went out to Stella at the sight of her pain showing itself on her body. Although in her every day life the psoriasis was hidden, (there was none on her face, neck or hands,) Stella told me that she felt increasingly embarrassed, frustrated and helpless.
Whenever I Work with anyone, whatever difficulty the person presents is referred to as a symptom.
I consider that the symptom has the solution; the symptom is a sign-post to the problem.
In my hypnotherapy Work, we communicate in the language of the unconscious, we create a safe space to enable the symptom to tell ‘it’s’ story in the way it wants and needs to lead to the right resolutions for my client.
My hypnotherapy Work can therefore seem contradictory to how we have learnt to think, in that we predominantly put effort into getting rid of symptoms.
My Work is respectful of the symptom, enabling the symptom to tell its story which will then provide the information for change, solutions, resolution, inner healing and cure.

More about psoriasis:
Medically the exact causes of psoriasis are not known. It is considered to be a disruption of the auto immune system. Sudden stressful events or continuous daily stress can trigger psoriasis flares.
Stella had been prescribed topical steroid (cream), which damp down immune cell activity through immunosuppressive properties. She wasn’t getting any results and as she did not like the idea of steroids she stopped using the cream.
In a normally functioning immune system white blood cells will produce antibodies to combat foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. But with psoriasis, white blood cells called T cells become overactive. These T cells ‘attack’ the skin which sets off a series of events that make the skin cells multiply so fast that they stack up on the surface of the skin.
I always have in the back of mind that symptoms which manifest physically are trying to tell us something about the problem. I never impose this on my client, but keep it as a consideration. So, for example symptoms such as psoriasis and hay fever, because the immune system has been compromised, are maybe letting us know that the person suffering with these has experienced some kind of emotional, psychological or spiritual ‘attack’.

The hypnotherapy language that I use is called Clean Language, which is a series of ‘clean’ questions. Clean Language is the work of my late, great teacher and mentor David Grove and his wife and partner Cei Davies.
It is known as ‘Clean Language’ because it never imports information into a person’s unconscious ‘landscape’, such as analysis or interpretation, assumptions or presuppositions, suggestions or advice, from the therapist.
A brief recap on Clean Language:
• Is the means by which epistemological metaphors are developed. A metaphor is a container of information and epistemology is how an individual uniquely knows, internally, their own unique experience.
• Client one: Q: And, when you’re depressed how do you know you’re depressed? A: I feel heavy in my heart.
• Client two: Q: And when you’re depressed how do you know you’re depressed? A: It’s like I’m in a very dark place…….
• The: heavy in the heart, (Client One) and: The very dark place (Client Two) will contain the unique to the individual, information, to lead to solutions, resolutions and healing.
• It accesses primary processing language such as metaphors, symbols, sounds such as sighing, groaning and movements such as trembling.
• It is the language of the intelligence of the original meaning of an experience.
I promise you it will be so valuable for you to ask yourself this question: How do you know? This question will move you on to ‘light bulb’ information, whereas our usual “Why?” question does not move us on with the answers we get.

Also next time I’d like to tell you the rest of Stella’s Story.
If you’re not amazed I will ‘eat my hat’ which I have not had to do – yet!
You see, if we all consider that Stella cured her psoriasis,  then we can cure our weight, our sleeplessness, our stress, our relationship difficulty, our nervousness………

You’ll be most welcome to have a check on how is progressing and please do let us have your feed back.
Thinking of you warmly

My personal and private e mail:


Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Do you perhaps remember me talking about the lady with the kind heart, Bernice, from the Sowf* of England, (*as we Norferners affectionately say!!) who is aged 68. She Worked intensely with me one to one for a week.
After our last Session she leant towards me and said: “You are the most intelligent person I’ve ever met…” I was pleased and said: “Thank you” But she was intent on getting her message thru’ to me so she smiled, like I was a kid who wasn’t really listening to her and said: “I mean you are thee most intelligent person I’ve ever met!” And her words then fully ‘entered’ me.
This is a whole subject for us for another time:
Where do the ‘emotional’ words that people say to us go to?
As always I have a million thanks to Bernice, and anyone who I Work with face to face or on my audio courses, because I learn and learn and learn from you all.
Ain’t that Grand, to learn more and more that is important and new and different and ‘healing’ and successful, every day?
What did Bernice teach me? She reinforced this: My Work cures problems. Does my Work need reinforcement? Constantly it does, so that I can and will continue to improve it, as did David Grove. As does Dr Rossi and many others……..
Here’s a little of Bernice’s story.
She had an awful childhood, and then she suffered horrific emotional violence during her marriage, there was hardly any of her self left when she came to me.
All her life she had been told what to do, made to be what others wanted from her and wanted her to be.
Since she had finally found outstanding strength, 15 years ago, to end her marriage and walk away, Bernice had seen lots of different therapists to try and get resolutions to her inner pain. She had even travelled to other countries in search of a therapist to assist her to her resolutions. I am, as always, awed by the strength of Bernice to make such effort.
But, every therapist she saw, told her what she should do, and what she ought to do. The Muppets!
Surely even those amongst us who are traditional therapists, the therapists who believe in diagnosis, who believe in suggestions, and giving analysis, and giving advice, who believe that problems are resolved by telling people what they should and shouldn’t do – would at least have heard Bernice’s cry: “I’m sick that for, my entire life, I’ve been told what I should and shouldn’t do!”
Oh yeah, a vital point to add to this ‘flow’ from me, Bernice had told the many therapists that she was really angry with the ex-husband for his cruelty, and the therapists, all of them, had told her she should not be angry, she should forgive!
An aspect of the amazing skill of my Work is; my Work never tells someone what to do, there are no shoulds or shouldn’ts, nor does my Work give advice or suggestion. This may well sound weird to you! Like I do nothing! When in fact I’m working my ‘butt off’ with and for everyone I Work with.
Bernice told me that her reasons and her purpose to cure her pain (she did a lot of swearing for a gentle woman): “My life is about three quarters the way through, and it’s been Sh*t. I want the last quarter of my life to be Fun; I want another 20 years of life, more if I can, to have my own power and to accept my self, and be free to be me.”
The ‘core’ of Bernice’s pain was her anger. Her anger did not actually ‘belong’ to a young married woman who was the ‘victim’ of psychological and emotional abuse from her husband. Her anger had it’s antecedents in an emotionally painful experience when she was 18 months old, and again when she was age 11.
Are you wondering if an 18 month old child can experience the ‘pain’ of anger?
Yes, they can!
And the ‘pain’ invariably gets repressed by the unconscious mind, because the unconscious mind does not know what to do with these kinds of overwhelming emotions; ‘repression’ is an unconscious protective mechanism.
For Bernice, and for many of us, (including my self) the pain of repressed anger needs to be honoured, needs to be understood and needs the exact right, elegant strategy to ‘move it on’ and transform it.
I feel more details on this, another time when I write to you, will be useful?
I also feel that what I’ve been saying today, you ‘get it’
My Work respects it, honours it and assists that fury to transform.
Today, the kid in me is going to be ‘colouring in’ on our new site. And also Mike, Judith and I will be adding some nourishing ‘cakes’ for you…..
When we have the next revision I’ll let you know.
Until then you can see more information on my audio treatments on
Thinking of you warmly

My personal and private e mail:


Monday, June 18th, 2012

What’s the news?

Sally Stubbs

Looks Like a dream that will come true…… Now – this is news worthy!! Whoo Hoo…….
Check this out for a headline :
The Daily News
Saturday June 16th 2012
Riddle of Happiness Revealed
Move on. Be well. Go for it!
Mind Power Therapist Sally Stubbs has come up with the answers to the age old problem of finding happiness for her clients.
Some may say Sally is a dreamer, but when you look deeper into the methods she uses it looks like a dream come true.
Sally’s dream of curing psychological, emotional and psychosomatic suffering is now a step closer following ……….
(From a suggestion by Stephen Richards)

Wouldn’t that be an article worth reading? Preferable to more about the economic crisis in Greece!!

There is this little kid in me, every day ‘she’ is simply awed – life is utterly awesome to ‘her’…..
This does not mean that ‘she’ does not care about all the suffering.
‘She’ does oh yes ‘she’ does care. She cares because pretty much up until she did ‘her’ Work with the very dear to my heart, late David Grove she was ‘stuck’ in ‘her’ inner world spaces of terror. Yeah terror.
Now, ‘she’ is free, ‘she’ guides me to explore inner and outer space in peace and with awe………. And fun and smiley faced……….
It is this ‘kid’ in me, full of Crazy Passionate that wanted this ‘news paper article’ in this letter to you.
‘She’ teaches me this: There is no point in me suffering in my attempts to end emotional and psychological suffering………….
That’s it really; ‘she’ has a simple take on it all.
I do know compassion. And I do cry with and for others – a lot.
This may sound like a contradiction!!! It isn’t……..
My dream for you, and for all of us is that we can all ‘be in tune’ with the pristine ‘spirit of the child’ within us.
I’ve just had a grand thought! I think I’m going to let ‘her’ have freedom on our new website – ‘she’ can do some ‘colouring in’…….
I’m pretty sure that no one will object!
I wonder if Google will be interested in ‘her’ colours!
And until she has finished colouring it in and I have finshed developing the text, why not check out my videos on You Tube?
I have quite a few others posted if you’re interested while you’re there.
Thinking of you warmly………
and with infinite thanks to the Great Stephen Richards………
P.S. and if and when the ‘kid’ in you feels angry, please, please honour those feelings….. You can do this by, instead of getting angry with yourself for feeling angry – slow down – and say to your self: “That’s right. That is the simple truth – ‘you’ did feel that way……”. All that anger comes from a young bewildered ‘kid’ who is hurting….. More on this one soon………..
Thinking of you warmly



Friday, June 15th, 2012



An interesting take on the weather!

I just read this Quote on Twitter: “Everyone can navigate in fine weather”.
It makes you think doesn’t it!
I replied to this Tweet. I bet you’re not surprised!!!
Writing what I wanted to say with a maximum of 140 characters was a heck of a challenge!
I replied: “The problem with the weather is that we get stuck with our inner ‘storms’ in our unconscious mind”.
This Tweet “Everyone can navigate in fine weather” was a great opportunity for me, as I continuously use the metaphor of ‘the weather’ in my Work.
And the problems that I see everywhere, from social media to the press, are that there are so many similar statements to this mild Tweet. Everywhere, so manypeople totally neglect to consider, discuss and enquire into the driving force in all our lives: The unconscious mind…..
Our unconscious mind is so often driving inner ‘stormy weather’ that navigating our lives can be difficult, or can sometimes feel downright dangerous.
How it works, how it ‘drives’ our inner pain and turmoil, how our unconscious paradoxically has the solutions, resolutions and resources to cure our suffering once and for all.
I talk with you about how to communicate with our unconscious.
How cure of our problem states is not a ten minute ‘fast food’ therapy.(FFT) Nor is it years and years of learning control and management and learning why we have these sufferings.
Forty days of effort, the right kind of effort, the exact right kind of communication with our unconscious, once a day for around half an hour for forty days, for most of our problems will bring about an enduring cure using my Rapha Hypnosis techniques.
As I’m writing this, I am reminded of a friend who I met in the late 1980’s
He had his dream career, his dream home in London,cars, money, travel, really good friends, and a hugely glamorous social life.
And yet he was very, very lonely; he longed for a close lasting relationship with a woman.
But relationships never worked for him.
When I met him he had been in therapy pretty much once a week for fifteen years! (I Groan with exasperation…)
He told me that the therapy had enabled him to know why he had depression and uncontrollable outbursts of anger (that seemed to come from that place called nowhere…) since he’d been a teenager.
But: He still had depression and uncontrollable outbursts of anger.
That is a huge BUT isn’t it! Poor bloke, I hear these all too often, makes me feel utterly sad.
I suggested he change his therapist, not easy after nearly fifteen years, and go and Work with a colleague of mine in London, Julie, we studied together with the great David Grove in Missouri.
My friend did go to do some Work with Julie. Three months later he was cured. A month after that he met Nancy.
He and Nancy have been happily married for over 20 years.
I cannot count the number of folks who over the past 30 years have said to me: “This is ridiculous that I have a problem….. the sleeplessness, anxiety, fears, nervousness, stress…… edgy relationships…. Feeling angry….. can’t stop eating….. inner turmoil…no self esteem……. When my life is fine.
I have a lovely home, my job is OK, I’m pretty successful….. my dog is gorgeous…….”
In other words:
The outer weather is fine. Sunny from time to time. The odd showers and winds. It could be better ‘weather’, but I can’t really complain!
The inner weather: Blows up turmoil and becomes stormy….. “When I’m around my boss, around food……. Have to present at a meeting……… so many things make me want to ‘run away and hide myself’”
The ‘outer’ triggers that stir up the inner ‘storms’
My metaphor ‘stands up’ when we now consider, bringing calm and CURE to the inner ‘storms’.
We can Work with our unconscious in a correct, right, safe, comfortable way, time moves on and ‘the storms’ are over.
We safely enable the inner ‘storms’ to complete them selves… to no longer be ‘stuck’ in time as a continuous whirling around in circles turmoil….. to no longer experience disturbance and distress in our inner emotional and psychological ‘land scapes’
So, do come visit me and find out more or vist just type in Sally Stubbs and examples of my work will appear.

I am available to contact on my website, please do I would love to hear from you.

Thinking of you warmly…..



Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

“I’ve got a joke for you about procrastination. I’ll tell you later!”
About 20 years ago, a friend, Wendy, who taught the Alexander technique bounced into my practice reception and boisterously announced:
“I’m going to stop getting around to stopping procrastinating!”
There were three or four of us in reception and we all howled with laughter. Mind you we’d always thought of Wendy as a ‘roll your sleeves up’ and get on with it girl! Not so confessed Wendy: “I’m always putting things off, not getting around to the things that need attention….”
And – on the one hand we have goals to achieve, and what will come first on that critical path to achieving an important goal? What comes first is to resolve the problem of the ‘egg’. We can ask our unconscious, as we sleep at night, to provide an important and truly comfortable dream about what the ‘egg’ problem needs in the right way for the ‘egg’ to be freed of its problem.
On the other hand – only our unconscious knows – what holds back on that – other hand.
One ‘hand’ cannot handle the ‘egg’s’ needs alone. It takes both ‘hands’ Working together.
OK, I’ll just précis that!
On the one ‘hand’ we want to resolve a problem, let’s just call that Unhappy in our own skin. On the other ‘hand’, something within us is holding back…..
As you know I discovered that it is our unconscious that knows what the problem is and paradoxically our unconscious knows how to resolve it, in the right way. The key is how we communicate with our unconscious and with our unconscious worlds……
Here is a ‘Top Technique’ for you
So you can sit there, where you are right now, and you are breathing.
And as you are breathing you can consider that it will be nice to become a little more comfortable in your skin – sooner or later – in the coming moments.
And as you sit there for a few more moments, you can take your time to be gentle with your self – I can ask this of you can I not?
Hold both your hands out in front of you a little way. Let your elbows and forearms be free, rather than supported by your body or your chair.
Ask yourself: Which hand, all by itself will represent my goal?
(name your goal – using positive words – if possible. Simple example: I want to be the right weight for me, and have a good enjoyable relationship with food. Rather than the negative which is something like: I want to stop being overweight)
Continue to also ask yourself: And on the other hand which hand will represent what is holding me back?
This may take you a little time to practice. Perhaps you could ask a good friend to ask these two questions for you.
Then, be fascinated by your hands. Feel them…. Wonder at how they, your hands, do handle life – your life – handling life many times with lots of courage.
It is the one hand that has been holding back that needs your attention. Notice what comes up in your thoughts ideas and feelings once you discover which hand is the one that is holding back. Expect the unusual. Expect to gain insights that will be surprising and different.
It’s worth it I promise you, practicing this – gaining new and different insights. The one hand that is holding back – will let you know all by itself – it will move, or lift or feel heavy….. a myriad of different things to let you know………
Note them, think them through, make the change!
This way of Working is pure Dr Ernest Rossi – you’ll be amazed at your results.Dr Ernest Rossie

Thinking of your warmly,




Monday, June 11th, 2012

The Great Stephen Richards posted this comment on  Whoo Hoo!!
I like it.
“I came like a bolt from out of the blue into Sally’s professional life! One of my followers invited me to read Sally’s newsletter, which I would normally shun such an invitation but for some reason felt compelled to read it. What I read and then further researched about Sally Stubbs was food to my psyche! At last I had found someone with an equal measure of gusto to giving from their Higher Self as I had! Sally gives without taking. Thirty years of delivery of her therapy to so many in need. WOW! I mean, that shook me to the core! I have enormous respect for Sally’s work, and if you follow what she offers then you too will feel the same as I do. Oh, and as for Sally calling me “Great”, well I leave that for you to decide.”
I have decided. Steve is Great!
How have I come to this conclusion?
During a few emails with him in the past couple of weeks his absolute focused effort to continue to ‘step up’ his work to help others shines through….. and all the time he is humble… a true, pure yet ‘solid’ way……. I use the word ‘solid’ because humbleness can be thought of, can be seen as dithery and withdrawn. Not with Steve
Let me tell you a wondrous story of another Great person – this is just one of loads and loads of ‘breath-taking’ stories…..And Steve reminds me of him.
I’m talking about the Great Dr Ernest Rossi.
Rossi was teaching one day, by ‘demonstration’, which means someone came and sat next to him and presented their problem in front of all us students. That particular teaching seminar must be about 15 years ago.
Apfzal sat next to Rossi. He was probably in his early sixties or late fifties; I’m not too good on people’s age. I’m not that interested! He was fairly frail of body, a gentle person, and clearly robust of spirit.
Apfzal from Pakistan was, he told us a doctor of medicine.
Rossi and Apfzal went to Work – with Apfzal’s problem of feelings of anxiety and being withdrawn. Memories of his childhood of he and his family being terrified, fleeing refugees in 1947* came pouring out from Apfzal.
Tears poured from Rossi as he listened with every part of his being.
As the Session completed, Rossi put his arm carefully around Apfzal’s shoulders and said: “Apfzal, My Friend, you are My Hero.” I can see it and hear it now, and I am awed and happy to be tearful.
That’s why, for me Rossi is Great! His rigourous education and reams of published text books is one thing. But it was Rossi’s humbleness in those moments that make him Truly Great in my ‘book’ – And I know I can speak of Rossi and of Stephen Richards in the same ‘breath’
*In 1947, colonial Britain divided the subcontinent into two new states: a mostly Hindu India, and a mostly Muslim Pakistan. Partition caused between 200.000 and 360,000 deaths, while 10 to 12 million people became refugees in the largest population transfer in our era.
So, I’ve had a scour of the dictionaries for ‘nuts & bolts’. And this is what I got:
“Essential aspects of something as in: They have lofty goals but don’t specify the nuts & bolts of how to achieve them.”
How cool is that!
How cool is it that I find a good title for my letters to you, usually, like this one, just as I’m waking up, therefore pure unconscious ideas.
I thought this letter was about Stephen Richard’s ‘bolt from the blue’ comment on This was a really good ‘bolt’
But you know sometimes if our ‘nuts’ are not in place, we miss the good bolts, as so often we are withdrawing into safety to avoid, understandably, the bad bolts, so we tend to miss the good bolts…….
Right, what is the something that I can help you to do, and get the result that you want? Together I want to help you get your ‘nuts and bolts’ secured.
What do you want to achieve for your self, what is your dream?
You can get crazy passionate about what you want to achieve for your self.
Sleep it, ‘eat it’, ‘drink it’, breathe it….
I believe in you and your dreams.
I have put my time and effort forward so you don’t have to struggle anymore.
We are far more effective together than we are alone.
Come visit me – and another ‘home’ for you to come visit is We are still working on this one, but be assured there are plenty of nourishing ‘cakes’ for you to taste.
Thinking of you Warmly