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Archive for November, 2012


Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Great Uncle Bulgaria

Hypnotherapy Cures that Endure

My Special Uncle, we as kids, OK, I admit it, and as adults still call him Great Uncle Bulgaria.

Like the Top Womble Leader he was up for the Times Crossword, that’s about the only likeness really, oh that and his rotund belly, as our Great Uncle Bulgaria was and is all human-traited. (Cool new word hey!)
When our Great Uncle Bulgaria was a single young man, at around mid-day on Saturdays, we’d go round to his house leap onto his snoring body, where it was all tangled up in blankets, thinking it hilarious to chuck all manner of things on top of him, from cold wet flannels, to, necessary deodorant, to anything we thought highly funny really.
Blimey, he’d chase us all around the house, bellowing in some strange beery fumed wide spread horrible voice that he would bl***y ‘kill us’. Of course he would, any young bloke with a hangover would, being tortured like that!
Oddly enough it never ended in tears!!!
So, my Special Uncle has cancer which has metastasised, gone to a secondary site, in his body. Serious…. And of course I am really, really sad.
But, I think, maybe I could have stopped this horrific illness happening.
I’ve been wondering if you’ve been wondering; “What on earth is Sally talking about?”
First I just want to say that I really do understand the suffering, I was beside my Mum, and with my Mum, ten years ago. Her death was so, so painful for her, her death certificate said: Liver Cancer.
I know grief…….
I tried to help her to get well. I thought at the time that she & I were too close. In fact, ten years ago, I did not know enough.
That is why every single day I learn and I learn.
We have Giants amongst us, upon whose shoulders we can stand, and thanks to them, we can see further…….. And everyone who I work with, 1:1 or with my audio Work, are also the Giants from whom I learn and learn.
You see, how our psyche, our unconscious mind affects our soma, our body, has been a focus for me since I was age 18, when I had an Epiphanic Moment, (a phrase from our dear David Grove, which mostly I’ve heard referred to as ‘Light bulb moment’ – But, I happen to love David’s words, and maybe others have coined the phrase too…)
So, here is my point: All illness has a psychological ‘drive’ within it. By bringing healing and resolution to the problem within our unconscious mind, we are bringing vast healing for our bodies suffering.
I believe as a human community the more we become Conscious the less our bodies will need the medications.
Do we want to go this way? I certainly do!
This is no ‘arm chair theory’ from me. If you are interested try Professor Kathryn Rossi and Dr Ernest Rossi, Professor Lipton, Dr Sarno, Dr J Harper, Burt Goldman – for starters. We have a whole host of Giant’s offering us their shoulders to stand on………
As for my Great Uncle Bulgaria, a Manchester lad, who became very successful in his medical career, and very posh, he had Dyspnoea.
About 7 years ago, I went to see him and my Auntie in their very grand and lovely new house. They proudly showed me around, and in my Uncles bedroom was a load of kit to help him to keep breathing through the night.
He said; “I sometimes stop breathing through the night (Dyspnoea) – I bet you can’t help with that, can you?” (The challenging ole bu***r!!)
I said I probably could! We sat in his beautiful garden with a glass of (fine) wine, we talked and I explained.
His life time of compounded arguments about my Work soon melted like snowballs on a fire!
You see I had noticed as he talked about his breathing a “T Minus One”, a time in his life when he got ‘stuck’, an emotionally frightening time, when he was unconsciously stopping his breathing…….. holding his breath.
He said: “I might come and see you…”
I said: “I will wait to hear from you….”
He never did………………………….
Let us together Work towards, perhaps first of all, putting an end to psychological and emotional suffering.

Thank you for joining me….. Thank you for caring. 

Why not visit my wonderful new site

Great Uncle Bulgaria

Thinking of you Warmly


Monday, November 19th, 2012

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

What’s on my mind? I’ve given this a lot of thought the past few days, so I’m just going to say it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and responses.
I read this Tweet from National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts:
“Mental Illnesses are brain disorders, legitimate medical illnesses, just like heart disease & diabetes.”
Reading lots of their Tweets, clearly NAMIM are really working hard.
I did reply to this Tweet saying: This could be an ‘egg – chicken’ situation, and would they be interested in Dr John Sarno’s life time research?
In that the ‘egg’ is the emotional suffering coming first, which then causes the brain to respond, particularly with altered serotonin chemistry which is not a disorder; it is an emotionally induced chemical reaction, resulting in the symptom.
My experience for 30 years has been that as we Resolve and Cure the emotional suffering and pain, the brain does realign itself.
Dr John Sarno has a distinguished career as a ground breaking medical pioneer, going beyond pain, both physical and emotional, to address the entire spectrum of mind and mind-body suffering.
The interaction between the generally reasonable, rational, ethical conscious mind and the ‘stuck’ feelings of emotional suffering, pain, sadness, shame, anger of the unconscious are the basis for mind and many mind-body (psycho-somatic) problems.
‘We can study the anatomy and physiology and chemistry of the brain forever and a day, but it will teach us nothing about mind and mind-body problems, nor will it teach us about emotional pain and suffering’ states Dr John Sarno.
Dr Sarno goes on to say that: ‘This is because the deviations from the normal, in the brain, that are featured in studies, are not the cause of the problems but rather are the result of the emotional suffering that stimulated the deviation in the first place. It is emotions that drive the chemistry in the brain, not the other way round.’
So, we have been asking you: What is your goal, what is your dream? What is something that I can help you to do to get your successful results?
Lots of people say to me: “I don’t know which one of your audio courses/treatments to do? I don’t know if need more self esteem to have a good relationship…… or to stop having nervousness in my stomach to then be able to have real choice of how and what and when I eat nice food to be the right weight……or to sleep well so as to stop feeling so angry…….and so on…….. (basically what’s the ‘egg’ problem)”
You can see the audio treatments I have produced here – Rapha Hypnosis – Cures that Endure
Well, bottom line is this, which I understand was first said by Immanuel Kant the great respected mathematician and philosopher: ‘The symptom is the Solution, it is searching for the problem.’
(The symptom is the ‘chicken’ it is searching for the ‘egg’ problem)

Here’s a really Top Strategy for you, a gift from me to you, and it will take only seconds of thought from you.
As you’re about to drop off to sleep at night, ask silently and congruently of your wise unconscious:
“I want my unconscious to give me a focused and comfortable dream to let me know what my ‘egg’ problem is.”
(I can promise you, even if your problem is a disturbed sleep pattern, you will be dreaming during the night)
Have a note book by your bed. Take notes, no matter how ‘crazy’ your dream may seem. Soon you’ll get the real sense of it.
It may take a few nights for you to ‘get it’ as we are no longer a culture that is involved with dream work. is my private email address. Anything at all you say to me will be totally confidential.
Thinking of you warmly
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Monday, November 5th, 2012

Great Feedback from Ms Louise-Weasel

And a very good day to you.
Thank you so much for taking the time to ‘listen’ to me.

I’m still ‘mind blown’ by my last letter to you! The one I named ‘From the Mouths of Children’.
I’ve had loads of interesting 1:1 feedback, emails and a really supportive email from Canada! I find all that so exciting, and thank you ‘Canada’.
I am really thrilled that Louise-Weasel (her choice of name) is happy for me to share her wonderful thoughts with you in this email. Thank you Ms Weasel:
What an intriguing and amazing little girl I would love to have been a fly on the wall for THAT conversation. How does she know these things? Is she an old soul in a young body? A wise old ME that has learnt through pain and therefore able to express herself with such clarity or an unblemished ME that hasn’t been hurt or excessively challenged and can therefore speak naively of such wondrous things?? I LOVE the rock analogy, I have always thought of my ME in terms of spots within my body not something that exists through my entire body but I now think that of course MEs exist throughout us with hot spots or troubling spots more obvious in certain places. Maybe our MEs are our life energy? Different layers and shapes and density of ME reflecting our well being in the environment within which we exist. Our bodies are the vehicles which transport our MEs. Finger prints are mostly static whereas MEs are able to change like a sort of energy depending on the circumstances. Anyways I feel rather shy about sharing my ramblings with you whom I view as THE ‘ORACLE’ on all such matters!
I’ll quickly respond to one of Ms Weasels points and say that this little girl has been seriously; seriously challenged in her life – and – her ‘me’ has remained totally unblemished.
Erickson’s: “Trust your unconscious, it’s a delightful way of living, a very delightful way of accomplishing things.”
 Whilst making coffee the other day Mike said: …. “It’s like this, go to the mug cupboard, get the coffee beans, grind the beans, walk to the fridge, get the milk, pour it……… sit down…… And all the time not one conscious thought is given to coffee making and the complexity of walking, use of muscles…. All the time I’m making coffee I’m having a conversation with you… The whole coffee making thing happens all by itself – unconsciously”.
Let’s really think about it! We can trust our unconscious!
So how does this work, the ‘trust our unconscious’ when we have a problem?
The problem must surely be being driven by our unconscious right? It’s an easy equation – we do not consciously want this problem therefore our problem must be being ‘driven’ from the unconscious!
This is exactly right. Which leads most of to believe our bl**dy unconscious is a ‘monster’. Incorrect belief!
Ok – let’s consider the semantics – instead of naming our problem a problem – lets name it – a symptom. (Whatever it may be – example: nervousness, lack of confidence, difficult relationship with food and all that these examples deeply contain for us such as concealed anger, feelings of shame or guilt, fears……….)
The symptom is being flagged up that ‘contained’ within the unconscious a problem – which our trusty unconscious wants us to resolve.
The symptom is not the problem!
So a symptom might be:
‘I get all nervous and panicky in front of lots of people. I cannot give a speech or perform in public’.
The problem might be:
‘When I was younger I was told I was horribly noisy and stupid and if I didn’t be quiet I’d be in big trouble’.
The individual’s unconscious knows how to deconstruct and resolve this problem, not the Therapist!
This problem originates as an imposed Restrainer – imposed upon this young person from well meaning adults. Added to this problem state is also a Protector Restrainer – ensuring this person will never speak up by producing a nervous panicky experience – as long as this person remains quiet – they will be safe from big trouble!
The trusty unconscious is also driving this nervous and panicky because in the un -differentiated information of the imposed Restrainer and the protector Restrainer is the unconscious drive to find the hiding or ‘lost’ ‘me’ – or part of ‘me’.
So, I’m wondering if: You will find time to make your own Restrainer lists and your drawings – which will assist you to Work with your trusty unconscious and find a hiding or ‘lost’ part of your ‘me’.
Have a listen to this 80’s classic on You Tube?
It starts: “Mirror in the bathroom please don’t freak the door is locked just you and me”….
• Lock your bathroom door – and say something really nice to your ‘me’!
Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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