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Archive for February, 2013


Thursday, February 28th, 2013
budding crocus!

budding crocus!

Hello : a beautiful gorgoeus sunny day here in the Lakes:
Life is abounding with Great Opportunities for us all. Which, as we’ve discussed, is really hard if not at times impossible for our mind to even contemplate ‘seeing and hearing’, let alone acting upon, when we are ‘suffering’ a mind – emotional problem.
A client said something really awesome to me; it stopped me in my stride! Which, actually clients always do stop me in ‘my stride’ every day – because I learn so much that is new and valuable from them.
What do I learn?
Well, I learn about Consciousness. I learn about: ‘To boldly go where no man has been before’ (quote from Star Trek – for those non Trekky’’s amongst us!)
I am ‘bold’ enough to reframe this quote, with all respect to Gene Rodenberry who developed Star Trek in 1964, that we are to boldly ‘go’ and explore ‘inner space’, explore the as yet unexplored boundless, freeing Consciousness.
I absolutely know that as we explore & expand our Consciousness we Free ourselves from mind & emotional problems & suffering which ‘stagnate’ us & ‘control’ us.
We Free our self into peace, inner stability, inner resourcefulness, inner & outer harmony & well being.
Anyway, I was talking with you about my client who was working on a problem he had (of course he was – no one comes to me to Work because they are full on happy!)
His problem was about the painful hurt he was suffering in a close and important relationship.
I asked him: “What do you want to achieve?”
He replied; “I want to have meekness.”
I never ever make suppositions about any of my Work either in my recorded CD/Mp3 courses, or my 1:1 Work. But I was struck surprised by his word ‘meekness’. I asked him what he meant by meekness? He said that: “Meekness is the ability to see clearly and to not mind….. “
In other words – to be in a place and space in our mind to no longer be responding from ‘pain’ and hurt, and therefore to not respond inappropriately by either ‘withdrawing into a bleak hiding mood’ or getting into a ‘fury’ – or turning to food – feeling frightened, nervous – stressing, tossing and turning all night……….that endless circle of not knowing whether to blame them (or blame something, the weather, the government, the price of fuel…..) or take the blame our self.
Considering ‘meekness’ as a response is not me or my client being naïve! It is about seeing clearly – not minding – and having time to respond appropriately. By appropriately that means from a ‘clean’ clear place that is in the present free of hurt or ‘pain’ from our past.
So, I think his take on ‘meekness’ is truly awesome.

How can we begin to do this? And meekness may of course not be your preferred response. How can we respond to the ‘stinky’ stuff from a ‘clean’ resourceful place.

Here’s a Tip Top Tip from me – for you to work with:
Pause for a few moments, even though you’re hurting, and ask: “Does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience?”
You’ll know if it belongs to a younger life experience because you’ll have had the feelings & thoughts before, the feelings & thoughts won’t be brand new, there will be a familiar ‘knotting’ of ‘pain’ in your stomach, chest, heart, throat….A churning…. an emptiness…… a pounding….. a tightening…….. a pressure…… a heaviness……. a numbing & a withdrawing………..
Once you realise this is familiar ‘pain’ the strategy is to acknowledge it by saying convincingly to yourself:
“That’s Right! That really did hurt me …when I was aged about…….(You’ll know about how old you were…) So, in ‘honouring’ your past ‘pain’ you help your self not to hide and withdraw into a mood or get angry with them, or angry with whatever is going on for you in the present – and you also help to ease, and even begin to resolve, a past ‘pain’ with which you got ‘stuck’
And – what you will be doing with my Tip top Tip – is: ‘To boldly go where no man has been before’ – You will journey boldly & also totally safely – you will I promise, gain some Amazing results for your self.
How do I know that my Tip Top Tip is safe for you to ‘Enterprisingly’ journey in your Consciousness? I know because for over 30 years I’ve studied, diligently the Clean Language of the Unconsciousness mind. And the question: “Does this hurt of mine belong to this moment or some earlier life experience?” is exactly that: Clean. It does not give (import), advice, suppositions, suggestion or analysis.
ENJOY your boldness & ENJOY your amazing results

You’ll be a very welcome visitor to where there’s loads of great information & also at
My Story “It’s A Breeze Let the New Blow In” will absolutely help you to ‘boldly go’ Have a listen on You Tube.

Thanks for listening
Thinking of You Warmly

Sally comments are very welcome


Monday, February 25th, 2013
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Sorry I’ve been a bit ‘off the radar’ recently. Life has been hectic.
I totally believe, no! I know that great good opportunities abound – for all of us – but we cannot see them or hear them or feel them when our minds are suffering because much of our unconscious – and conscious mind – is tied up in our problem state trying to find solutions, particularity the solution: I Must  “Pull myself up with my boot laces!”

Very British but actually defies physics! No Joke! We can’t! So as we continue to suffer with our problem, from lack of self worth to being overweight, to feeling perpetually angry with the world, to not being able to sleep, to feeling nervous, anxious, frightened and upset……… we are ‘blinded’ and ‘deafened’ to some of the really truly great good opportunities in life. Why are we? Because we have to keep our ‘eyes and ears’ on our problem, we do this in the hope that our problem doesn’t get worse. And when we do see and hear these opportunities we feel ‘frozen’ unable to do anything, unable to respond. We think; “Oh God that great opportunity is not for me! I’m too fat, too nervous, too tired…….. I’m bloody angry! I’m tired and weary of trying and failing, my confidence has fled….”
Let us consider a brief overview of history of our amazing human achievement:
Homo sapiens, the closest to us as humans, first appeared, according to fossil evidence, about 200,000 in East Africa.
The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century.
Since the renaissance, let us wonder at what we have gone on to achieve in a very, very short period of time:
The industrial revolution spread throughout Britain during the 1800’s. As we know the use of steam-powered machines lead to a massive increase in the number of factories and so on – amazing feats of engineering.
The technological revolution really started to get big in the 1960’s.
Why, you may well be asking, are we considering the speed of what we humans have achieved in such a short amount of time?
Because we need to ask: What’s next?
What’s next is the Consciousness revolution! “What does that mean?” a friend asked me the other week.
It is the Evolution of the mind. The healing of the mind & the emotions ‘pain’ & bewilderment. It is the clearing of the clutter of negative or destructive beliefs gained or learnt thru’ life. It is the mind becoming a ‘weapon’ for mass Construction of inner and outer harmony. It is the exploration of ‘Man’s final frontier’ – ‘inner’ space.

I can promise you that I am not being naive here!
I used to be ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’ – to my immeasurable potential – I also suffered all the problems – the anxieties the fear the lack of sleep…..! And I got resolution, thru’ my kind of therapy work, so I know you can, or your friend or family member can.
So what can we do to resolve our suffering and our hurt?
Two main things we can do.
One – We can learn to unlearn our inappropriate unconscious responses, over which we feel we have no control, to certain stimuli or ‘triggers’ in our daily lives.
Two –  We can discover how to heal and free ourselves from our emotional wounds where we got ‘stuck’!
Do visit -contains lots of good solid rigorously researched information.

We need to discover the right way to clear our mind – to experience our ‘inner’ world as pristine. This is what I’ve devoted my life to: learning the how to do this.
Thanks for listening
Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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Thursday, February 14th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

No More Pussy Footing Around


Great, we’re ‘getting off the fence’ as regards suffering! Real horrific suffering.
Pain, can also be the distress and anguish of our ‘collective unconscious’
Dr. John Sarno calls it ‘The Epidemic of Mind Body Disorders.’
This is a story about Debbie (not her real name).
I’m off the ‘fence’ and ‘shooting from the hip here’!
Debbie is 28 years old; she was diagnosed ten years ago with depression and prescribed anti depressants.
Three of her friends have been clients of mine, and all three have been urging Debbie to come and see me, which she did.
I have total respect for Debbie, in that she had to make a journey of over two hours driving to get to Keswick. Getting out of bed in the morning is an absolute ‘nightmare’ because her body, she said ‘weighs a ton’. She does not want to wake up.
Debbie’s pretty face and eyes are like a solid, frozen ‘mask’
Debbie had already told me on the phone that she had completely lost her “me”, and she constantly feels totally numb.
In my ‘world’ Debbie’s problem is not depression. Her problem is clearly that she lost her “me”, which is more than likely the cause of her feeling constantly totally numb.
Because of the mammoth effort she made to get to Keswick I said I wanted to ‘shoot from the hip’ Debbie nodded her head in agreement.
So I asked what happened about ten years ago.
“My Mum died” said Debbie, telling that she was very, very close to her Mum.
Still ‘shooting from the hip’ (I would normally go around the edges of a problem state, and never ask for a memory) I asked: “What is your last memory of your Mum?”
Debbie: “I am sitting beside my Mum, she is lying in the bed and she is dying.”
Believe me, I personally totally understand such great, great loss. And it is absolutely necessary for us to grieve for the sake of our heart and mind.
But the loss of “me” and chronic numbness is not a part of grief.
Debbie is in a “T Minus One” This is the moment that Debbie ‘Froze’ in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the next moment – of her Dear Mum’s death.
This is the moment that Debbie lost her “me” and went into feeling numb.
Simplistically Debbie’s “me” is still, as her memory tells us, sitting by her dying Mum’s bed………
Our Work together for me and Debbie, would be to very carefully assist her “me” to ‘leave’ that chair where her “me” is still sitting………
And she could have done this with one of my audio courses/treatments. But she now needs a bit of me as she believes that her numbness has, over the years, become too dense for her self to make the effort.
I believe that Debbie’s story will make sense to you.
I believe her story will somehow help you.
So, here’s my ‘shoot from the hip’ thought: Wouldn’t it be perfect if our well meaning well intentioned doctors would say, instead of: “You’re depressed, here is your medication.”
“You are in “T Minus One” I’ll phone a therapist for you who Works this way…..”
Ten years of such suffering for Debbie, and others, it’s heart wrenching………..please visit you will be warmly welcomed.
Thinking of you Warmly

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

More on the frog story:)
Hello:- read out loud!
So let’s really get down to it – and wonder some more – about the two frogs in our story:
One of them is hopping around, in circles, in a deep rut made by heavy passing traffic. The thing is the frog hid in the rut when the passing heavy traffic got too much, too scary……………..
 Who is our first Frog?
First Frog is pretty much all of us.
Then there’s Frog Two – the one on top – the one who seems totally carefree, emotionally sorted (that’s a rare being!) the one who says kind, logical, practical and eventually bloody infuriating stuff to first Frog like:
“Hey, why don’t you come up here, it’s much nicer and there’s plenty of food.”
“I’ll give you a hand,” “Hah but – there’s much more space up here to explore and see and hear different things, and feel the sun and the breeze. And good food not the garbage you’ve got down there. “And you’ll sleep better out here.”
“What about companionship with other frogs?”
Of Frog Two – am I saying – pretty much all us humans have got ‘stuck’ with one or more emotional issues. (‘Issues’ is the modern word for bewilderment & even ‘pain’)? Yes I am too.
And I do have every respect for those Frog Two’s in our life – for the outstanding attempts that they make to deal in their own life with their emotional ‘issues’.
Lets now turn our attention to Frog One:-
When First Frog was younger – First Frog was fascinated by most all and everything in life. Exploring, hopping off in all, (and occasionally ‘wrong’!) directions, and absolutely filled with curiosity. The world was at one with First Frog and First Frog was at one with the world.
Can you remember those times?
All around our young First Frog were – bigger frogs. Sometimes HUGELY big frogs – those are the frogs with authority – the frogs that can lay down the law. The frogs that can inform First Frog of stuff that is not the truth – such as “First Frog you are useless, not perfect – and not acceptable.”
All this from some of the big frogs and some of the HUGELY big frogs – is the heavy traffic that ‘made the ruts’ in the world of First Frog.
And you know most of the big frogs did not realise what they were doing. And did not notice that First Frog hid in the ruts – to keep safe.
Why would we hide in the rut – it seems like a paradox?
It goes like this: HUGELY big frog informs First Frog – “You are useless!” – HUGELY big frog will usually throw into the mix – some annoyance, frustration, anger – or the ‘… you are hurting me….’ looks and sighs. Now First Frog is not only useless they are guilty of hurting…..
It is safer for First Frog – to ‘go into’ – and hide their true buoyant, zest for life nature – in the ‘I am useless’ rut.
I wanted us to spend some time with this today – because – my ‘Tip Top Tips’ – last week were for you to write down your goal – WHICH HAS GOT TO BE the beginning ‘first step’ to get out of your ‘problem’ state – and for you to next write down your reasons and purposes to be in a problem free state.
Well, as for our First Frog – there is an inner understanding that it is safe to remain stuck in the ‘I am useless rut’.
This is so often a deeply driven understanding. We hide our true self away – to keep our true self safe – because what might the HUGELY big Frog do next. Best stay in the ‘rut’ & keep quiet.
So, reasons and purposes are really valuable on this journey to being problem free. Reasons & purposes won’t quite cut it yet. Even though they are our very own – and not Frog Two’s –
“You’ll have more friends and better food up here…”

YOUR reasons & purposes will definitely assist us to get motivated. We next need to unravel the beliefs that are tangled up within us – before we can know that is safe to come out – and be free – free of our problem state.
I’m thinking you could be a little excited – to wonder that next week we are going to Work on untangling the negative beliefs that keep us in or problem state – our ‘rut’ our place of hiding.
Do go and listen to my gift for you – which I have posted on You Tube called –‘ It’s a Breeze’ – This 20 minute story I recorded to really help you clear your mind – freeing your mind to think clearly and be focused on your goal and your reasons and purposes to want to achieve your goal.
It’s only taken me 30 years to perfect this Hypnotic story along with my other ones.
It’s only been on You Tube a few days – and I’ve had loads of great feedback.
ENJOY it…………………
Listen to this one story every day for 10 days – it will so help you clear your mind to get really focused on your goal.
Also for those of you who are not familiar with my Work which can be 1:1 – or my half an hour a day for 40 day CD / MP3 audio courses: please check out my life changing material here.

Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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