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Archive for August, 2014


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

– is to help you to rise & rise into your potential – to happily enjoy being your ‘self.’
To achieve that rise you need to be free of the fear, the nervousness, the not sleeping – the feeling of not being good enough – being angry at people, angry at the cat & the cushion – to be able and strong to say “NO!” – to extra food – or people who can ‘door mat’ you…………….

An Outstanding benefit for you when you Resolve these kinds of horrible, debilitating problems (which technically I call Symptoms – as it is ‘the problem’ that is driving the Symptoms) – is Ease.
Ease in your own ‘skin’ Ease in your life.
Easily more in command, of your thoughts, feelings & responses.

I’m not being some over enthusiastic ‘Muppet’ here!! I’ve had the Symptoms!! I was fat, couldn’t sleep, nervous at the drop of a pin! Anxious……
I’m remembering that about 30 years ago – a friend invited me to supper, she said: “I’ve invited another friend called Chris for you to meet. And I’ve warned Chris – that you’ll hardly speak a word all evening.” Yeah, that hardly speaking and the rest, used to be me!

Whatever the Symptom or Symptoms you’re negotiating in your life – I want to help you to Resolve Permanently with my Audio Courses – half an hour a day for 40 days. And if done properly my Course will culminate in a life for you where you live at Ease in your ‘skin’.

When “Shit happens”
“Shit happens” is a common slang phrase; used as a simple existential observation that life can have challenging unpredictable events.
So: “Shit” can happen and you’ll be fully available to deal with it. No more crumbling, no more stomach colly-wobbling, no more getting into a fury, no more tossing & turning through the night, no more raiding the fridge / biscuit tin, no more running / hiding / procrastinating.

You will say “Shit” And – be Fully present, at ease, in command in your own thoughts, feelings & responses.
I’ve Worked rigorously during the past 30 years to develop the Rapha Road Map to Resolutions – the ‘blueprint’ to do this.

Get to Work; follow the steps with me alongside you.

Do this Great Good thing for your self.

Now, the ball is in your court.

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy Cures that Endure
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Monday, August 18th, 2014




‘Funny old word’ – selfish!

The Dictionary definition: Self-centered, self-seeing, self-interested……

Then there’s a load of definitions about being egotistical. That complicates things for us – we’ll be condemned for being egotistical!

‘Selfish’ – A trader at Billingsgate London fish market!!!

The Oxford English Dictionary says the origin of the word ”selfish” begins in 1640 when a
Presbyterian archbishop coined the phrase from ”his own mint”

Seems there was no such word before 17th Century England! Makes you really think doesn’t it!

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” Robert Burns – Scottish Poet.
I’ll have the impudence to say: “Hi, Robert, as long as those eyes seeing ‘oursels’ – see the Beauty” (Discuss!)

I like the dictionary definition bit: self-seeing.

There’s a really Great Question here:
How do we see our self?
How do you see your self?

Because a problem arises – if we truly see the Beauty of our self – we’re self-ish – and that’s bad! It, so we’ve been taught – perhaps since the 17th Century – precludes us being caring, sharing, altruistic. We have to pretty much shun seeing the Beauty of our self.

What happens inside your self when I say to you right now:

You are Beautiful.

I can ask you to pause, can I not, and read my true statement slowly – very slowly – notice with the great sensitivity I know you have – your inner self responses to:

You are Beautiful.

Maybe ask a friend to say it, congruently of course, to you – You are Beautiful……….

Notice your objections??? Notice your Resistance???

Any Objection & Resistance to this statement of Truth about your self – comes from the ‘fragment’ of your self ‘who’ went into hiding.

This ‘fragment’ of self does not believe in ‘its’ Beauty.

This ‘fragment’ of self is the ‘owner’ of present day symptoms – the fears, the nervousness, the not sleeping, the stressing the worrying………….. The feeling like a ‘door mat’, the feeling unacceptable – not good enough – not appreciated – not being able to congruently say: “NO!” to food, to certain people, the feeling angry –

Don’t try and ‘get rid of’ the symptoms. Let the symptoms assist & guide you to ‘find’ Free & Heal your hiding ‘fragment’ of your self. And then – the symptoms will be Permanently Resolved!

I’m here to help – that’s what I do – go have a look at what I do – AND what I’ve perfected during the past 30 years – I am a Veracious Guardian – Freeing & Healing the lost ‘fragments’ of self.





Monday, August 11th, 2014

Catbells in FebruaryI have a truly Authentic feeling that this particular letter to you – is Wow! Awesome!

A lovely young man contacted me recently – questioning one of my letters – saying:

“I don’t know how to find my self!  It’s hiding!”

Indeed the lovely young man was right – one of our protective mechanisms when we’ve had a few “Ouches!” that hurt – and the “OUCHES!!” like a sum – add up and get big and more painful – our self will go into ‘hiding’.

I’ll just generalize here – so what I’m about to say may not resonate fully with you – as of course we are all Unique. I’ll generalize by calling the important fragment of our self that goes into hiding as a protection from more “Ouches!!” is our ‘sensitive self’.
Absolutely our ‘sensitive’ self wants and needs to withdraw and go into hiding – However – the point is – that eventually – or sooner or later – our ‘sensitive’ self has a kind of ambiguity about hiding away. Our ‘sensitive’ self wants to stay there in hiding – it’s safer here – and it also wants to be found & freed – to live life. Yet it is fearful to be Free – it may get loads more “Ouches!!”

The ambiguity causes our ‘sensitive’ self to produce our symptoms – such as our ‘Ground Hog Day’ – nervousness, our worrying, our not saying “NO!!” to people, to food – our not sleeping – our anxiety – our stressing……..
In the ‘hiding place’ time moves in a circle – time is ‘stuck’ hence the replaying day after day of the same old same old symptoms.

OF COURSE YOU WANT RID OF THE SYMPTOMS – they’re ruining your life!

But the Symptoms will not be banished – they will Permanently Resolve – once we discover our ‘self’ who is hiding away – and free our self to be our self!
Our Symptoms – will safely and comfortably guide and lead us on a journey of discovery – to find and discover our hiding or lost self.

And – that is exactly what my Work does – on CD & MP3 -and flash drive. Half an hour a day for 40 days.

As Gary keeps on saying “It’s a fun journey” It’s unlike any other Therapeutic Work – it does not ‘get rid of symptoms’ – The Symptoms Permanently Resolve when we find heal & free our hiding or lost self – and in doing so we reclaim:
our Amazing Mo-Jo……………..




Monday, August 4th, 2014


Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Found Your Mo-Jo?
How is your Mo-Jo? I really hope you’re close to finding it, because when we’ve rediscovered our Mo-Jo – it means we’ve ‘freed’ our self so we can happily be our self.

You may have read some of what I want to talk about today in one of my previous letters. Sorry, but I believe its worthy of repeating!

Thanks for your patience with my ‘doggedness’!

You Want to be Happier
We all want to be even happier, it is part of our human need to grow into our potential for happiness and success, and our potential is massive, our potential is immeasurable, our potential is way, way beyond our limiting beliefs…….

Countless people are suffering, really suffering, emotionally and psychologically.

Personal freedom is important to all of us. I don’t mean the lack of freedom which so many of us suffer in those countries where we are the victims of the vagaries of government, which is disgraceful and horrific of course, but this is not my expertise.

My expertise: my full on energy: is to put an end to our emotional and psychological suffering, and for us all to have, to experience, and to celebrate, the freedom to be our ‘self’.

Finding & Freeing Your ‘Self’

Nearly all of us got ‘stuck’ somewhere in our life, in trauma, in crisis, or in a feeling of ‘catastrophe’ and that ‘stuck’ place put an end to our freedom to be our self, because of fear. Fear that the ‘next moment’ in time will become worse, or even be dangerous & destructive to our self.

Whilst part of our self is ‘stuck’ we are not wholly free, free to be our self! Part of our self got lost in some horrid emotional ‘prison’ of stinky, toxic self beliefs and dodgy, often painful feelings.

Let me speak to you again about more of this, because emotional and psychological suffering is huge amongst us humans and is truly a huge subject for us all to consider.

Next time I’d like to talk with you about ‘Why?’ we got ‘stuck’ in time and then about: how we can move towards true and real freedom, to be our self. Happy in our ‘own skin’ and free to grow in our potential……..
How to Find & Free Your Self & be Fully Happy ‘in your own skin’

A little bit more on the ‘why’ we got stuck next week – PLUS plenty for you on ‘how’ to be ‘unstuck’ AND free!

Thinking of you warmly