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Archive for August, 2015


Monday, August 10th, 2015

So: we’re winding up and summarizing my ‘Seven Golden Keys Series’ for you to empower your self by putting an end to ‘Negative Inner Dialogues’ in my last video of this Series.

Those internal monologues which stop you from taking those steps in your life for you to feel happy, fulfilled and comfortable with your self.
Ending the rigmarole of that negative ‘ground hog day’ cycling and replacing them with positive self affirming inner dialogues – that resonate with and within you.

A Quick Summary:

• My ‘Golden Keys’ are unique – no other Therapy is using them! And, they take only minutes of your time each day.

1. You have been making a space in your mind, with my first brief exercise, so that you can begin to take charge, take control, of those negative inner dialogues that have been holding you back.

2. You have been differentiating ‘where’ those dialogues came from. Some came originally from others and some will have come from your self.

3. You have been deconstructing and energetically dismissing those that came from others.

4. Those that came from your self – originally had the intention to keep you ‘safe’.

5. You have been carefully negotiating how you can change these particular dialogues that came from your self.

6. You then made a start to replace the negative with self-validating inner dialogues.

7. And you have then been ‘making steps across the page’ to more and more positive inner dialogues.

These – my ‘7 Golden Keys’ are a life changer – they do, I promise you begin to unlock & release your potential, freeing you to be happier in your own ‘skin’.

So to conclude this particular series – on this latest video I have a few more wise ideas to share with you!

Here is something for you to consider!

Think of someone who you believe is happier more successful and fulfilled than you currently are!

Do you think they’re twice as smart as you? Do they have more years of experience than you? Do you believe they were ‘born lucky’!

Of course it depends on who exactly you are thinking about –
however – we now have plenty of great solid medical research and studies to show us – that successful people are happy or optimistic a large, – very large, percentage of their time.

So, for you to take your own steps to achieve what you want – successfully – you will learn to be happier and more optimistic with my ‘7 Golden Keys’, which will end the negative inner  mind chatter, the self-bullying, and the negative predictions, leading you towards more happiness and optimism.

All the eight videos in this Inner Dialogue Series are grouped together here in case you missed any.

The good news is, brain research has been able to prove that you have the ability to rewire your brain and bypass the self-limiting thoughts, habits, patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck.

We really want to make this journey for you to achieve what you want easy – so go and look at my Have Harmonious Relations Rapha Audio Therapy Course.

And when you purchase that course as MP3 or the 5 CD Boxed Set, we want to give you a second course on MP3 download as a gift.

Once you’ve purchased Have Harmonious Relationships – simply email us let us know which course you would like as a gift on MP3 and we will get it to you.

One last thought for you:
“Tell me, what do you plan for your one precious wild life?”
Wishing you the freedom to be your self and celebrate your life………



Thursday, August 6th, 2015

sally_-_castle_arms_outWhen we have our ‘MoJo’ with us we can feel we have a connection with an innate kind of ‘magic’ within us.

Children have it!

As long as we, as children are fed, comfortable, safe and emotionally secure we are ‘magical’ and creative – we explore the immeasurable potential of our consciousness. We have a healthy flow between our conscious and unconscious ‘worlds’

A child who is comfortable, safe and emotionally secure will create a palace from stones in the garden, a space station from a cardboard box!

Let us consider, first things first: Finding your MoJo?

What do we mean by ‘Your MoJo’? Your Identity – Your Uniqueness – Your Self.

Call it what you will – ‘Your MoJo’ or, as a Client recently excitedly said to me: “My Magic Wand”- and another Client beautifully said: “My Intended Being.”

Use whatever name/metaphor ‘sits’ and resonates with You. I will call it MoJo in this article.

Here’s what having your ‘MoJo’ present and available to you will be like, so, please read these next sentences slowly – and the ‘key’ for you beginning to find your ‘MoJo’ will be how you respond to these sentences, in your thoughts and feelings:

Do what you want:  Anything good is achievable:  Achieve abundance and manifest happiness in your life:  Celebrate life. Start being honest with yourself:

Stop talking about other people! 

On first reading we’ll probably think: ‘Absolutely I will!’

On second or third – slow – deliberate reading – we’ll likely notice the objections coming up – as thoughts, such as: “I’m not good enough!” “I’ve tried and failed already” “Nothing works out for me!” I can’t!

These negative internal voices are one of the most important ways that we ‘lose touch’ with our ‘MoJo’.

Our ‘MoJo’ gets buried under the ‘objecting’ inner chatter in our minds.

Most of us do it!

In fact around 99% of us!!

And some of this ‘objecting’ blocking our way to happiness and celebration of our life is unconscious – we often don’t even ‘hear’ the continuous chatter – although for sure we feel the result.

We feel it in our body the churning stomach, the heaviness and tightness in our chest, pounding in our heart, a lump in our throat – and suddenly we are ‘blocked’ we are ‘stuck’ in fear. We don’t speak up, we don’t go and talk to the lovely person at a party, we don’t apply for the great job. We don’t explore, we lose our curiosity we are ‘blocked’ by fear. Our ‘MoJo’ is half ‘buried’ under the negative inner mind chatter, which plays on and on and on, bullying us.

Let’s think for a moment how we feel when we are bullied? Bullied by ‘big people’ – parents, (mostly bullying parents have good intention for us) at school maybe, – peers – people on trains and planes, people in the street! When we are not in a position to ‘stand our ground’ and retaliate, we feel ‘crushed’ – hurt, in ‘pain’ – it’s awful.

Similarly our relentless inner bullying voices ‘crush’ our self!

Polishing Our Mojo!

Do what you want, anything good is achievable, achieve abundance and manifest happiness in your life. Celebrate life. Start being honest with yourself. Stop talking about other people! 

How do we begin to achieve this state of happiness within our selves – and with others?

We begin by permanently silencing the relentless inner negative mind chatter! This is one of the most empowering things we need to do for our self. Our ‘MoJo’ will begin to become fully present, we will not become obnoxious! and we will also be safe.

There is some Great research: young children who are emotionally safe and secure are not obnoxious! They share, they are kind and generous in a healthy way.

Further important research: Positive affirmations, positive thinking, positive suggestions, relaxations, deep breathing exercises do not authentically and lastingly resolve and stop the negative inner mind chatter.

If we think of the negative inner mind chatter as being like horrid damp patches on the inside walls of our home, all the above strategies are just painting over the damp. It will feel good, refreshed and comfortable – for a few hours! Then a friend comes along and says: “Hey let’s go and do this….” And up comes the ‘damp’ – the “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” “I’m too nervous, scared……”

Thoroughly fixing the ‘damp’ takes some time – time that will be oh so rewarding and self-empowering. It’s like we need to take a journey to trace the ‘damp’ – ladders out, get onto the roof, find the broken roof tiles and remove and replace them! The new replaced tiles will last a century!

To make this an easy, enjoyable journey for you I have made these short videos – with my ‘Top Tools’ for you to find and free your ‘MoJo’ empower your self and truly achieve and manifest happiness in your life.

My top tips videos are all on youtube –  here is number one:




Monday, August 3rd, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

So here is my next Top Tip Video – Number Seven in this Special Series of powerful strategies to deconstruct those negative inner dialogues.
You don’t know it yet, but you are just about to make a very smart move!

Spend a few really important minutes with my: Seventh ‘Golden Key’  in my latest series of short videos to guide you in how to change, thoroughly, negative inner dialogues.

We’ve all got them – you’re not alone!

I had them! And I personally worked with these strategies that I am sharing with you to create lasting positive inner dialogues.

We don’t even consciously hear some of these negative inner dialogues – that drone on and on in our minds!

But: we do feel the result in our body – like the churning knotting up stomach, pounding heart, tightening throat … and so on.

My first five videos in this series teach you how to deconstruct the negative chatter that predicts the ‘doom and gloom’ the inner mind wailing – “I can’t!”

On Video 6 and this, the 7th in this series, I teach you how to create positive self affirming inner dialogues!

Because the mind is not a vacuum we need the replacement good, uplifting optimistic thoughts to fill the void.

I’m handing you ‘the keys’ to becoming happy and unlocking your potential.

You ready? Let’s dig in!
Please go and watch and learn from my videos – all seven in this series are here!

Plus if you follow my simple instructions, I can promise you one specific result: 

A transformation!
Please email me privately any time I love hearing from you

“I don’t think there is any such thing as an ordinary mortal. Everybody has his own possibility of rapture in the experience of life. All he has to do is recognize it and then cultivate it and get going with it. I always feel uncomfortable when people speak about ordinary mortals because I’ve never met an ordinary man, woman, or child.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth
I say: “here, here………”

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’