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“50 SHADES” – An Epidemic!

Sally Stubbs

“50 Shades of Grey”

So, in this letter title I’ve said it! “50 shades of grey”.
I promise you I’m no ‘kill joy’ as I said in my last letter, amongst consenting adults, that is their choice.
And I understand the odd occasion of the relief to just relinquish the power position and the responsibility in sexual behaviours of the controller and being controlled.
This letter is ongoing from my last one,  in a way that is really worth our consideration, even if half of the 40 million readers of “50 Shades of Grey are reading for fun and Erotica – it still seems to me like there is, as Dr Sarno would say: An epidemic! Of a need to be controlled and be in control played out in behaviours that are deeply unsuccessful at regaining any real control……….
I feel this is a deep and meaningful letter to you – so I’ll keep it short…
My Mum often used to say to me:
‘For goodness sake Sally – you’re not being deep and meaningful again – are you!’
Yikes Mum – what’s that all about! I’m fun loving as well!
I’m just going to briefly mention that I’ve attempted, as best I could over the years, to study George Gurdjieff’s (1872 – 1949): The Fourth Way – ‘He was a seminal spiritual figure, who introduced an ancient, then unknown to the West, esoteric teaching of development and awakening, one that teaches how to creatively use the diverse impressions of ordinary life to come to real life.’
Gurdjieff’s work was not connected to any formal or organised religions.
My point in mentioning Gurdjieff, in this rather unusual deep and meaningful letter to you, is that he insisted on a mutual understanding of words which were being used in any discussions! I think that’s great, maybe sometimes essential! Maybe the usually unspoken obvious?
Anyway, I am about to use the word divine in this discussion!
By this word I simplistically mean the state that is Pristine. A state of no fear and no ‘pain’.
Please bear with me I do know what I’m talking about here – and my hope is that what I say in a massively deep and meaningful way – will resonate with you – or for someone you care about, not in terms of the chronic need to be the controller or be controlled as portrayed in the book.
If you can gently think for a few moments – each day – What is stopping you or stopping someone close to you, achieving a goal to Resolve – finally once and for all a problem state – even the problems that manifest as we’ve mentioned before as the symptoms of a wrong relationship with food, to not sleeping well – to disharmony in relationship – your answers for yourself or for your loved one – will be, in essence: fear or ‘pain’ is stopping me – or my loved one.
All I ask of you, for now is that you acknowledge your own answers to the question: What is stopping me – or my loved one – Resolving a problem state.
And next time – I will get off the talking about that book – and together we’ll explore strategies – ‘Golden Bullets’ for Working with your answer.
I know personally that although we have all experienced tragedy – and loss – and trauma – and bewilderment – I have been there – we can Regain our Pristine State – to be fear free and ‘pain’ free.
This brings me happily back to the word divine.
A client recently named the Pristine state as – divine pleasure………… I’ve tears of relief for her as I write to you.
One day – I will joyously tell you about her Work with me – She and I together have Cured the Incurable.
For her to be in a ‘space’, in a ‘place’ – a state of divine pleasure was deemed to be totally impossible!
So I reckon as a Revolutionary my wish for you is divine pleasure –  or call it pristine state if you prefer…… Or as my client the poet said: Your intended being.
Thinking of you warmly
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure     my personal & private email address, do get in touch, I would love to hear your views:

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