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Party Wear!

As Mike’s birthday was on Friday – and mine was on Sunday – we had non stop celebrations ALL weekend! What Fun. What Joy. I can ‘swear’ that the old stone walls of our house are smiling ‘their heads off’!!!!
Love and laughter flowed just like ‘our’ sparkling river. And you know what, the amazing thing is, just like the river, there’s no Stop on it………….
In Praise of your ‘ME’ – here for you is my Gift – I want to give you thee most precious gift I can for my Birthday – some priceless ‘Golden Bullets’.
• Your ‘ME’ needs: I repeat needs, space to be! We can get all philosophical about that; however give your self a few minutes to just gently think about it. Space to be… Therefore the first thing your ‘ME’ needs is to be located in ‘space’ which can be either ‘inside you’ or outside you’. Ask your self this question, from a place where you feel comfortable and perhaps private, maybe a bedroom or a meadow….. Give your self 20 minutes or so – your ‘ME’ deserves your time.
• Question: “And where could my ‘ME’ be?” You may get an instant answer. Your ‘ME’ could be located inside you, like a feeling in your stomach, or heart, or head…… your eyes, your throat. Or, and this will not be strange to you once you take time to ask the location question – your ‘ME’ could be ‘outside’ of you – like above, or behind or one side or another side.
• Your next question: (perhaps on the following day as your unconscious may need 24 hours to process ‘where’ your ‘ME’ could be) “And – what does my ‘ME’ need?” You may need to have a note book with you for your ‘ME’s answers……
Take your time with this. Validating and respecting your ‘ME’ will have massive ongoing value for you. As you, your self begins to give your ‘ME’ the right space to be, and the right and normal responses that your ‘ME’ deserves – So your ‘ME’ will be validated and respected in the right way by others – who are important in your life. Your ‘ME’ will no longer feel pressured and ignored………..
For all of us our ‘ME’ has a certain genius to be expressed in exactly the right way.
For all of us our ‘ME’ has boundless capacity for natural harmonious enjoyment……………

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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