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A Travel Guide To Get You Out Of A Rut!

Sally Stubbs

Hop out of your rut?

We’ve had a really great response from readers of Time Out London, brilliant and a very warm welcome to you all.

I’ve been thinking about how we get ‘stuck’ in patterns of thinking, beliefs and behaviours, which do not actually validate our self and do not fully celebrate our life.

It’s like the story about two frogs.
One of them is hopping around in a deep rut made by heavy passing traffic. The other frog shouts down to him:
“Hey, come up here, it’s much nicer and there’s plenty of food.” The frog down below looks up:
“I can’t get out.” “I’ll give you a hand,” says the other frog
“Leave me alone, I’m fine, I find food down here.”
“OK,” says the second frog, “But there’s much more space up here to explore and see and hear different things, and feel the sun and the breeze. And you’ll sleep better out here.”
“I’ve got everything I need down here.” says the hopping around in his lonely hole frog.
“What about companionship with other frogs?”
“Oh friends pass by above me and I see them distantly for a while.”
The second frog heaves a frog sigh and bounces off.
A few days later the second frog is amazed to see the first frog jumping natural frog jumps about beside him:
“Hey, what happened, I thought you were staying in your rut?”
“Yeah, I got out! There was a big truck coming!”

A few people over the years have said to me:
“Um, well, I haven’t heard or seen the truck coming at me yet!”
And basically a few of these same people have carried on to say: “What’s the point in getting out of my rut? I’ve adapted my self to being here. Sure, I’m disconnected from other people; I’m even disconnected from my real self. So, I’m not healthily nourished. However it’s safe to ‘hide’ in my rut! And the truck coming will never get me.”
This really is the Essence of why we stay stuck in the rut – it is a place or state to be safe.
Let’s take a few moments to consider a few symptoms to help make sense of this wonderful metaphor of the stuck frog.
Symptoms such as nervousness, anxieties, fears, sleeplessness, difficulty relating to other people and to our self, difficulty in relating happily to our food intake – and so on………
All these symptoms are actually searching for the problem – and the problem is that at certain times in our life we got ‘stuck’ The issue is that this problem is a paradox – in that being ‘stuck’ – was originally a protection, a safe space to live a part life – never- the-less a ‘safe’ space at the time. Eventually our ‘safe’ space begins to feel more like a prison, we feel disconnected from life and from our vast potentials.
So I think that I can say, as an overview of my Work, 1:1 – and my Work on my half an hour a day for 40 day CD / MP3 audio courses: is I’m assisting the discovery of a safe natural space outside of the ‘rut’. I’m a travel guide to getting out the rut.
By the way I have uploaded one of the 15 tracks from my ‘Don’t Wait to be the Right Weight’ audio treatment to You Tube for you to get a feel for how I communicate with your unconscious. Have a listen?
Celebrating life and thinking of you warmly
Cures that Endure

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