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Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs


A friend, who is a lovely woman &  a caring intelligent mother (but her dog is thoroughly daft!) said to me: “Therapists always want to blame your childhood for mind-emotional problems!”

I really don’t know if this true or not, I mean, that Therapists ‘blame’ childhood experiences?

But I absolutely do know this certainly is not true of me and my work, whether that is 1:1 or through my audio work: And there is never ever any ‘blame’.

Blaming does not free & heal us.

I never, ever make suppositions, give advice, or give diagnosis, nor is my Work prescriptive, which may seem really weird to you.

Simplistically what I am doing is providing the unconscious mind a space to communicate its language, and for the unconscious to discover and resolve the problem state. Why? Because, as we’ve mentioned before, our problem state is unconsciously driven, and the paradox is our unconscious has the resolution to heal & free us from ‘where’ we got ‘stuck’ in time.

We unconsciously ‘freeze’ time in painful experiences in an attempt to stop this experience, in the next moments from probably or possibly getting worse, and therefore not emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, or physically safe for our self.

I’m maybe going to sound really weird to you now!: Mostly I’m communicating with “IT” so that “IT” can discover the exact right unique solutions for “IT”, “IT” being the problem. So, I’ll make sense of this now and you’ll say: Wow Sally’s not in the least bit weird! Simplistically “IT” is the part of our self which got ‘stuck’

So: Think of an emotional problem right now, and ask yourself:

How do I know that I have this emotional problem?

Maybe to begin with you’ll want to say all kinds about your life, like, I have this problem because of my boss, my relationship, my parent, my finances……. the weather…….. Then soon you’ll get to the problem inside of you, not these external triggers in your life, and your answer will be:

“IT” feels like this: “……in my head, chest, stomach, throat…… “IT’s” like knotting, churning, trembling, numb, stuck, heavy, fluttering…… “

There are literally a myriad of unique to you descriptions of “IT” So what happens next is that in therapy with me “IT” communicates it’s own information and goes on a journey to discover resolution for “IT” In my 1:1 & on my CD/MP3 audio courses – together, you & I safely allow “IT” to communicate & journey to “IT’s” resolutions healing & freeing

Then, halleluiah,  when “IT” has final resolution & freedom you’ll feel your boss’ ‘tantrums’ are like ‘water off a ducks back’ You’ll have resources to sort your relationship and finances – and Hey in bad weather you’ll feel well clothed and ‘weather proof’

Maybe Jonny’s video clip on You Tube will go some way to getting you a real sense of “IT” as “IT” for Jonny was a serious cancer. Jonny makes me cry happily every time I watch the clip – he’s just lovely. Jonny named his cancer ‘The Guys’. This was Jonny’s unconscious solution – not mine!! Enjoy Jonny’s smiling face, and knowing that seven years on he is well, successful and lovingly married. ENJOY Jonny.

Thinking of you warmly


P.S. Any ideas you may have for our film:”Why we are not Free to be free to be our self. And, HOW we can be!” will be so gratefully received.  Thank you.


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