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mushrooms 2Here’s a Poignant and Hopeful Story for Us All.
‘Sarah’ came to me and requested I help her to Resolve her Depression.
She has asked me to share her ‘Story’ with everybody – she wants her story to help others.
‘Sarah’ is aged 40. She told me she had been depressed for nearly 10 years since her marriage finally broke up.
We Worked together for 4 Sessions – each time ‘moving’ towards her Resolutions. This brief Story is of her ‘Defining’ Session with me.

We All Need Hope

Before I tell ‘Sarah’s’ ‘Defining Story’ – I’ll just mention that she had told me, she’d met her husband fallen utterly in love and within less than a year they married.
Almost immediately he turned into a horribly verbally abusive man. She knew the man she had met and married was a really good man – and she’d lived in hope that he would feel so securely loved by her that this ‘really good man’ would return to her.

Here’s the ‘Story’ that ‘Sarah’ wants to share with you.
I’d asked her a few ‘Clean Question’ (this means Questions that make no assumptions, do not give prescription, or advice and are not authoritarian or directive.)

Sarah had been quiet for a few moments – when she said to me –
“I was just having a strange memory – but it doesn’t mean anything to me, I think it’s really not worth bothering with”
I asked: “And – when you were just having a strange memory – and you think it’s not worth bothering with – what do you know about that strange memory you were just having?”
‘Sarah’: “I am in the kitchen. My husband is in the other room with our little boy – he’s only aged 3. My husband is yelling and shrieking at our little boy…… Then our son comes running to me in the kitchen…………..”
A couple more times I ask the Question: “And – what else could there be about any of that?”
Sarah’s narrative flows for a while – then suddenly she gasps – “Whilst my husband was yelling and shrieking – my hope was lost!”

Let’s Find Your Hope

This moment was not simply the loss of hope of love – from the once really good man she’d known – this was the almost total loss of hope.
We can say that no hope in life is a pretty depressing place to be.
We found ‘Sarah’s’ Hope – and Hope was restored within her.
See her now she’s sparkly……
Your Hope is a Helper – in Achieving Your ‘Beautiful Dream’
Maybe next week a few of the details of ‘how’ we found her Hope will interest you and be of value to you – or to a friend or loved one.
We found and restored ‘Sarah’s’ Hope – by ‘Amalgamation’:
A combining, a uniting – of multiple Therapeutic Strategies into one pure form – and the finding and recovering of something precious.
And this is what I’ve fiercely strived for and achieved in my RAPHA THERAPY AUDIO COURSES.

Remember the RAPHA acronym?

Resilient     (Which I discussed last week)
Amalgamation  of

My Hope for you and for all of us is that you will
Sucessfully Achieve Your Own Beautiful Authentic Dream


Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’


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