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Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

 Time for an Intrepid Story!
One of mine
Are You Sitting Comfortably ………………. Then I’ll Begin

I was really ill as a child – I spent loads of time in hospitals – which for me – was absolute Cr*p! According to my family – I’ve never checked – I had a near death experience – when I was in hospital age 16 months! That experience I can tell you made me a very weird child!!

And I had strange ‘memories’ even from such a young age – of kind of ‘not being here’.

“Sally lives on another planet – just ignore her” is what they’d say! They were right – I suppose. I was ‘somewhere else’ – sitting ‘up a tree’ observing.

I observed my little brother.

Aged about 4 he was a deep sea diver. Swimming around in deep water (behind the sofa) breathing through a piece of string in his mouth cunningly attached to an oxygen tank tied to his back (an ‘empty’ lemonade bottle.)

He made these peeping & hooting sounds, relevant to deep sea diving of course. I became fond of those sounds. Other children would run around and make noises & throw things whilst I sat ‘up the tree’, because I was scared & nervous and couldn’t say “NO!”

One day I mentioned, with fondness, the peeping & hooting to my Bros. He said: “ – ‘I’ll go to the foot of our stairs’ our kid – ‘you’re out of your tree’!” I was aged 34! I was quick enough to say: “It wasn’t my ‘tree!’”

I’d just completed my journey ‘across my page’ – to discover and achieve my own Authentic Beautiful Dream – to sleep – to be calm, to be happy, to say “NO!” – Happy!

SO: through my life I have had loads of time to be an observer – and I KNOW what I knew and still do know –      the Mind can Heal.

Oh – I did Know – as a kid – the Mind can Heal… Then I knew I’d got to be sensible and study ! That’s Ok – I’ve enjoyed it – the ‘conforming’ to study – and also retaining the Noumenal Knowing what I’ve Known from being a weird Kid! The Mind can Heal through the Right Auspices.

That’s why we named my Work – RAPHA:

There’s this phrase: “Strong at the broken places” It could be true for most of us!

Being scared and often terrified in hospitals gave me at least two Strengths. My mind & brain cannot be naive – everything I’ve rigorously studied & researched within my profession – I have to Ensure will gain the Right results for individuals – achieving their Own Authentic, Valid, Real Beautiful Dream.

And the second big strength for me – I have – as Lyn says on one of our You Tube videos, “Enormous Compassion”

The Strategies that I experienced ‘across my page’ I have ‘polished’ and ‘fine tuned ‘over many, many years to incorporate into my effortless half an hour a day for forty days – Therapy courses. As Gary says: on another of my video’s “It’s a Fun Journey”.

Mike, Judith & I – here at ‘Sally Stubbs’ – are so buzzing with Spring this year – here by the gorgeous River Greta – all kinds of baby wild life buzzing around. Four fluffy baby ducklings the size of a golf ball – sit on the door step each morning waiting for breakfast to be served by us! So amusing and ‘heart’ smiling!

We want you or your friend or your beloved – to Spring ‘across the page’ — and begin a ‘new life’ – living your Authentic Beautiful Dream – so – we’ve taken 20% off all my ‘Half an hour a day for forty days’ – Therapy courses on CD or MP3. Please do get in touch if you want to learn more: I am here to help.

We all have our Story – important Story to tell – our own ‘Heroes Journey’.

Just email me your Story:  and I’ll be delighted to include it in my letters.

Our Stories give each other inspiration.
I’m glad to say my little Brother is still ‘peeping & hooting’ around the world and he dives!

Thinking of You Warmly

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy System – ‘Cures that Endure’

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