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Rapha Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Meet Adam: Cured of his Anxiety with Rapha Therapy:

And may I ask you – how is the outside weather for you today?
Here in the Lakes outside – it’s Glorious – calm and mellow, azure blue skies – autumn leaves, wearing their gowns of fiery colours – fly and dance through the air.
And my inside weather is just the same!

Mellow along with feelings of excitement, like the flight and dancing of the leaves……….
I’d like you to meet Adam on this short video. He is 32 years old – and rarely, since he was 19, has his inside ‘weather’ matched that of ‘mellow’ glorious Lake District days.
Outside would be wonderful – (We Lakes folk can be quite boring – in that we like, even enjoy, rain and snow and mud!!)

– and Adam’s ‘inside weather’, at the very thought of going out, going somewhere new – would overwhelm him with anxiety.
Adam – at the very young age of just nine – had a Heart Transplant. I feel we are really privileged that he has come along to talk to us.
If you’ve seen my two videos ‘Keep Your Self in the Picture’ and – ‘Staying in the Picture’, what I’m about to say will make total, total sense.
If you haven’t seen them – please, please do go and watch.
It was not the Trauma of such profound, life saving surgery that ‘caused’ Adam’s anxiety to trigger up and overwhelm him when he was aged 19.

It was the ‘fragment of his young self’ age nine – prior to his life saving surgery – ‘who’ got ‘stuck’ in time with anxiety and panic.
I hope you feel awed, as I do, by Adam – as you watch and listen to him.
And now that he is Free of anxiety and panic and is really growing in Confidence – thanks only to RAPHA – my Heart is full of delight for him that he can now thoroughly celebrate his life – a life that he fought so hard for.
Adam doesn’t just want to help transplant patients – he wants to help you too – so please email him in confidence any questions via my private email:
He will be back to talk to us again.

Soon: I will be making a series of short video blogs – to tell you exactly how RAPHA works to permanently Cure – mind-emotional problems. I’m very excited about doing those videos.

Oh! and our offer – (£20.00 OFF all Boxed Sets of 5 CD courses) available until end of January 2015 only from our website: 

Type the word – video – at the check out and the discount will automatically be applied.
Do please email me  if you’re uncertain which one is right for you, or for your Auntie, or your teenager or friend.
Wishing you inner Freedom to happily be your self…….

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’


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