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Be Happy Now! 10 Top Tips

Be Happy

1. Choose to Change:-     What stops us being happy, no matter what is happening in our life, are our ‘inner’ thoughts and beliefs.

 2. Consider a Formula for Change:-    Every hour and a half throughout your day, pause for a few seconds and say, “I can change my thoughts and beliefs which do not celebrate my life”. The brain is in rest phase and the mind is ready to learn something new.

3.  Identify Your Desired State:-     Take time and write down your goal, your desired state. Focus throughout the day and plan your most important journey of your life – to happiness.

4.  Keep A Notebook:-    Carry your notebook and make lists – be ready to write down anything that will make you happier.

5.  Remind Yourself Why You Need Change:-    Get fully motivated towards reaching your destination. Imagine yourself with a serene or smiley face: hear your voice, strong, certain or calm and notice the change.

6.  Keep Your Saboteurs In Check:-    Say your Mum had been a constant worrier – consistantly scared for your safety and wellbeing. Chronic worrying is a waste of time and life. You can say to yourself “I am going to have clear thoughts with loads of energy for my brain to respond with new and happier thought patterns.”

7.  Reflect:-    Take time to reflect on your perceptions and response and discover you have the choice to change your perceptions and therefore your responses. Your mind and brain can now begin to have safe responses rather than her habituated fear responses.

8.  Pay Attention To Your Thoughts:-    Interrupt your patterns of ‘down’ thinking. So do something fast, really different like splashing your face with cold water and you will train yourself to interrupt your negative thought patterns.

9.  Find Your Space:-    Choose a time every day  say 15 – 20 minutes for time and space just for you. Choose to think things that make you feel good. You will soon discover that it is entirely up to you. You will then see how you will begin to feel ‘up’ and happier for longer and longer periods of time.

10.  SMILE – Every Day:-    Smiling instantly lifts your mood: If Life Gives You Lemons – How 10 Seconds a Day Will Bring You Happiness.

Enjoy my top tips: comments welcome




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