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Let’s talk about having, and how to have, outstanding harmonious relationships.
And the how is to have outstanding rapport.
I named my last company – Excellent Rapport!

Rapport is the excellence of relationship that results in mutual trust, receptiveness and responsiveness.
I gain rapport with you by understanding and respecting your inner world (thoughts, beliefs, values as you experience it).
Rapport is essential for good communication.

Good rapport is the essential first step in having good communication with you.
Rapport is essential to establishing an atmosphere of trust and participation within which you can respond comfortably to make the inner changes that you want and choose.
I, ever respectful of you, in my 1:1 Work and in my Work on my CD/MP3 courses build a bridge to your model of the world.
Everybody’s model of the world is subtly different, unique.
Without the bridge you cannot step out of the part of your world which is causing you distress, discomfort, conflicts and uncertainties, suffering and ‘pain’.
Having rapport is having outstanding communication…………….
We can learn skills to achieve rapport with others, which may seem to you to be strange! Maybe lacking spontaneity? Maybe manipulative of another person?
Sorry but the word: “boogaloo!” just popped up from my unconscious – which is giving me a big smiley smile because Mike uses that word to mean: ‘So bl**dy what, who cares!!!!!!!!’
Of course we would not use rapport skills and strategies in a relationship that is fully harmonious, we’ve got the rapport in this relationship! No need for skills.
And as for manipulative, a lot of our communications with another person are manipulative we just don’t consciously know it!
We can: think of loads of examples!
I’ll start us off.

OK so we don’t want this person to approach us, or speak to us. We can’t actually walk away. We ‘hide’! The thousands of tiny muscles in our face and eyes ‘close down’ our breathing changes, our shoulder muscles and torso sinks away. We’re communicating to the person ‘stay away’!
We have, hopefully, successfully manipulated the situation with our communication!
Anyway, here we are fancying this person, you know what we do! We not only smile, our torso moves outwards, our breathing changes to a deeper, or faster state – we actually dilate our pupils, how clever we are! Now, (we hope!) we’ve communicated successfully to the ‘eye candy’ person to ‘come on’, and the ‘eye candy’ comes closer.
Psychology research suggests that only around 7% of any communication is verbal!
This is my Dream for us all: That we can, all of us have outstanding rapport first of all with our self.
For you to first have outstanding rapport with your self!

Your self will then feel respected, understood and accepted by you.
How we achieve this, within our self, is to resolve and free our inner self from any past ‘pains’ and suffering.
We can Cure the ‘pain’ and bewilderment. We can find, and free the part of our self ‘who’ became ‘stuck’ and lost. The information contained in the “T Minus One” moments will be transformed and resolved.

And the other part of the how to achieve and have outstanding rapport with your self – is to discover those negative debilitating beliefs, which manifest in our conscious and unconscious inner dialogues, and change them.

Change them to the only beliefs, about your self, that you truly need: Beliefs that validate your self and celebrate your life.
I promise you this does not turn you into some vile egotistically non caring person!
I’m living proof of that!
My ‘me’ has outstanding rapport with my ‘self’……
This is my Dream for you and for all of us……
Thank you for listening
Cures that Endure
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