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Stop Smoking Day

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Good idea! Non smoking for a day! Or would you like non smoking for more than a day? For the rest of your life perhaps? A day – or a day at a time is a good way to do it, whatever you choice. Are you really up for it?

If your choice is, this is just one day to be a non smoker – how are you doing? I do hope that it is going well for you. If you are struggling in the least here is a great tip to help you have a really easy time with this.
First of all let me just say that all our behaviour has a purpose, whatever our behaviour.
So discover what is your real purpose in supporting this one No Smoking Day? Our purpose can be multilayered, here’s an example of what I mean by this: My purpose for not smoking today is to prove to myself that I can do it! The next layer could be: What is my purpose in proving to my self that I can do it? Well – if I can do this I will have more self confidence. Next layer: And what is my purpose in wanting more self confidence? I could then have confidence to go out and make some new friends!
See how this has moved from supporting this one no smoking day – to a deeper goal, making some new friends! The want or need for new friends will then really fuel our motivation to achieve this goal for this one day.

And if you want to carry on taking this a day at a time, then really get down to your purposes for doing that. Write them down there will several. Perhaps for you the most obvious purposes will come to you to begin with, Health, finance. There will be more purposes unique to you, keep searching like my example, for the depth of the layers ‘hidden’ within purpose.
Second tip – stop saying words to yourself like “I will stop smoking…” “I will never have another cigarette…” Why? Because your mind and brain are ‘hearing’ Smoking, cigarette and that will cause an enormous inner struggle for you, and suddenly you have to go to the garage and buy a pack of cigarettes and smoke three at a time!
So, What can you say to yourself? Find your own words, but something like: I want and chose to have a really healthy body. I want to save those hundreds of pounds this year. I will use the money for something really special. Then make pictures in your mind of your health improving, and also make pictures of that something really special that your extra cash can achieve for you. Enjoy your health and enjoy affording that something special….. Enjoy achieving all your other unique purposes….