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Finding Your ‘Mojo’

Monday, March 14th, 2016


When we have our MoJo’ with us we can feel we have a connection with an innate kind of ‘magic’ within us.

Children have it! Just watch them play:)

As long as we, as children are fed, comfortable, safe and emotionally secure we are ‘magical’ and creative – we explore the immeasurable potential of our consciousness.

We have a healthy flow between our conscious and unconscious ‘worlds’.

A child who is comfortable, safe and emotionally secure will create a palace from stones in the garden, a space station from a cardboard box!

Let us consider, first things first: Finding your MoJo?

What do we mean by ‘Your MoJo’?

Your Identity? – Your Uniqueness? – Your Self?

Call it what you will – ‘Your MoJo’ or, as a Client recently excitedly said to me: “My Magic Wand”- and another Client beautifully said: “My Intended Being.”

Use whatever name/metaphor ‘sits’ and resonates with You. I will call it MoJo in this article.

Here’s what having your ‘MoJo’ present and available to you will be like, so, please read these next sentences slowly – and the ‘key’ for you beginning to find your ‘MoJo’ will be how you respond to these sentences, in your thoughts and feelings:

Do what you want:  Anything good is achievable:  Achieve abundance and manifest happiness in your life:  Celebrate life. Start being honest with yourself:

Stop talking about other people! 

On first reading we’ll probably think: ‘Absolutely I will!’

On second or third – slow – deliberate reading – we’ll likely notice the objections coming up – as thoughts, such as: “I’m not good enough!” “I’ve tried and failed already” “Nothing works out for me!” I can’t!

These negative internal voices are one of the most important ways that we ‘lose touch’ with our ‘MoJo’.

Our ‘MoJo’ gets buried under the ‘objecting’ inner chatter in our minds.

Most of us do it!

In fact around 99% of us!!

And some of this ‘objecting’ blocking our way to happiness and celebration of our life is unconscious – we often don’t even ‘hear’ the continuous chatter – although for sure we feel the result.

We feel it in our body the churning stomach, the heaviness and tightness in our chest, pounding in our heart, a lump in our throat – and suddenly we are ‘blocked’ we are ‘stuck’ in fear. We don’t speak up, we don’t go and talk to the lovely person at a party, we don’t apply for the great job. We don’t explore, we lose our curiosity we are ‘blocked’ by fear. Our ‘MoJo’ is half ‘buried’ under the negative inner mind chatter, which plays on and on and on, bullying us.

Let’s think for a moment how we feel when we are bullied? Bullied by ‘big people’ – parents, (mostly bullying parents have good intention for us) at school maybe, – peers – people on trains and planes, people in the street! When we are not in a position to ‘stand our ground’ and retaliate, we feel ‘crushed’ – hurt, in ‘pain’ – it’s awful.

Similarly our relentless inner bullying voices ‘crush’ our self!

Polishing Our Mojo!

Do what you want, anything good is achievable, achieve abundance and manifest happiness in your life. Celebrate life. Start being honest with yourself. Stop talking about other people! 

How do we begin to achieve this state of happiness within our selves – and with others?

We begin by permanently silencing the relentless inner negative mind chatter! This is one of the most empowering things we need to do for our self. Our ‘MoJo’ will begin to become fully present, we will not become obnoxious! and we will also be safe.

There is some Great research: young children who are emotionally safe and secure are not obnoxious! They share, they are kind and generous in a healthy way.

Further important research: Positive affirmations, positive thinking, positive suggestions, relaxations, deep breathing exercises do not authentically and lastingly resolve and stop the negative inner mind chatter.

If we think of the negative inner mind chatter as being like horrid damp patches on the inside walls of our home, all the above strategies are just painting over the damp. It will feel good, refreshed and comfortable – for a few hours! Then a friend comes along and says: “Hey let’s go and do this….” And up comes the ‘damp’ – the “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” “I’m too nervous, scared……”

Thoroughly fixing the ‘damp’ takes some time – time that will be oh so rewarding and self-empowering. It’s like we need to take a journey to trace the ‘damp’ – ladders out, get onto the roof, find the broken roof tiles and remove and replace them! The new replaced tiles will last a century!

To make this an easy, enjoyable journey for you I have made these short videos – with my ‘Top Tools’ for you to find and free your ‘MoJo’ empower your self and truly achieve and manifest happiness in your life.

My top tips videos are all on youtube –  here is the link:

Warmest wishes



How to Deconstruct Negative Dialogue

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Top Tips & Tasty Bites!

So back with a Top Tip as promised for you to act upon – I can honestly tell you that my Top Tips ‘Rock’!
I’ve been working on them for you in such a way as they will not be time consuming.
Such as my first one in this my new Series of ‘Quick Tasty Bites’ videos

– which was about you Dreaming Well.
We’re all of us Dreaming – even those of us who, sadly, suffer with Insomnia – we still Dream.
So: we may as well Direct our Unconscious mind into the Wisdom we have within – to discover Solutions and Resolutions to our mind-emotional problems as we Dream.
It’s here if you missed it.

In this next video (Top Tip 2) I explain as briefly and succinctly as I can how you will begin to stop and to
change your internal negative dialogue.
Because a large part of any mind-emotional problem we’re having to deal with – often day in and day out, like that phrase I’m really keen on: “The emotional ground hog day!” – is being ‘driven’ on and on by our negative internal dialogue.

For us to learn how to stop it and change is a game changer – its life changing!

That old negative internal dialogue does come from what we’ve learnt and what we’ve experienced – stuff that ‘stinks’!
It’s telling us that ‘the world is so and so….’
And it’s telling us ‘I, in the world am so and so……or such and such……’ (bad: useless: a failure: not heard: frightened: anxious……)
This negative internal dialogue plays on and on relentlessly, sometimes we don’t even ‘hear’ it. It’s telling us about our ontology – meaning our “I am- ness” – who/what I AM!
Whatever our internal negative dialogue is ‘saying’ it is not the truth!

Are you thinking of arguing with me!!??
Honestly, if you ‘drill down’ you’ll discover this ‘stinky’ inner dialogue is not the Truth.

A little bit like this: I Sally, failed lots of exams at school!

Inner dialogue expands on this with: Sally you’re useless at learning!
Sally, you’ll never make anything of yourself! Sally you are…blah de blah……
The truth: I wasn’t engaged with or interested in loads of subjects, and yes I did fail them.

But what does engage me I have Awesome concentration and expansive ability to learn!
Simple example I know – so please throw at me a more profound example and we’ll still ‘drill down’ to the truth.
This Top Tip truly “Rocks!” Please go & watch ‘Deconstruct Negative Dialogue’..

Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your won beautiful future.

Please email me privately I’d love to hear from you


Sally Stubbs – Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’


Monday, November 17th, 2014
Rapha Therapy

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Meet Adam: Cured of his Anxiety with Rapha Therapy:

And may I ask you – how is the outside weather for you today?
Here in the Lakes outside – it’s Glorious – calm and mellow, azure blue skies – autumn leaves, wearing their gowns of fiery colours – fly and dance through the air.
And my inside weather is just the same!

Mellow along with feelings of excitement, like the flight and dancing of the leaves……….
I’d like you to meet Adam on this short video. He is 32 years old – and rarely, since he was 19, has his inside ‘weather’ matched that of ‘mellow’ glorious Lake District days.
Outside would be wonderful – (We Lakes folk can be quite boring – in that we like, even enjoy, rain and snow and mud!!)

– and Adam’s ‘inside weather’, at the very thought of going out, going somewhere new – would overwhelm him with anxiety.
Adam – at the very young age of just nine – had a Heart Transplant. I feel we are really privileged that he has come along to talk to us.
If you’ve seen my two videos ‘Keep Your Self in the Picture’ and – ‘Staying in the Picture’, what I’m about to say will make total, total sense.
If you haven’t seen them – please, please do go and watch.
It was not the Trauma of such profound, life saving surgery that ‘caused’ Adam’s anxiety to trigger up and overwhelm him when he was aged 19.

It was the ‘fragment of his young self’ age nine – prior to his life saving surgery – ‘who’ got ‘stuck’ in time with anxiety and panic.
I hope you feel awed, as I do, by Adam – as you watch and listen to him.
And now that he is Free of anxiety and panic and is really growing in Confidence – thanks only to RAPHA – my Heart is full of delight for him that he can now thoroughly celebrate his life – a life that he fought so hard for.
Adam doesn’t just want to help transplant patients – he wants to help you too – so please email him in confidence any questions via my private email:
He will be back to talk to us again.

Soon: I will be making a series of short video blogs – to tell you exactly how RAPHA works to permanently Cure – mind-emotional problems. I’m very excited about doing those videos.

Oh! and our offer – (£20.00 OFF all Boxed Sets of 5 CD courses) available until end of January 2015 only from our website: 

Type the word – video – at the check out and the discount will automatically be applied.
Do please email me  if you’re uncertain which one is right for you, or for your Auntie, or your teenager or friend.
Wishing you inner Freedom to happily be your self…….

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’



Monday, July 14th, 2014

wildernessWhat is Your Wilderness? Where is Your Wilderness?
Traditionally ‘our wilderness’ is a place we go – to find the Hero within our self – and sort the ‘baggage’!

Historically and in our legends we literally ‘go off to the desert’ – we ‘climb to the top of the mountain’ – we ‘trudge the road less travelled’ to discover our self & find our ‘own redemption’

I do understand when loads of us say: “Who – ME! I ain’t got ‘’baggage’” Yet ‘millions’ of us can’t sleep – then we wake up feeling hopeless & down – feel nervousness – are frightened – don’t feel safe – cant’’ say “NO!” – worrying relentlessly – are stressed – and as for relationships ???

Relationships are my Huge Passion – to have Happy Harmonious Relations – with our ‘self’ first – then of course – others, is primary, up there in my mind & heart. I’m not naive here!! We can disagree with others – and have a Rant – all with the intention to create more Harmony.

A Modern Day Wilderness – to Resonate with You

“Aaron literally ‘went off into his wilderness’:

Here’s the beginning of his story, in his words, to really tantalize you:

“Shit! Some big part of me is on the run….
I collect the gear from the ‘van, pack it into a rucksack and lash it to the motor bikes pillion. I switch off the mobile and put it in the small compartment under the seat. I won’t need it where I’m going but I may as well have it.
I check the bike tyres are OK and ride north hard and fast into the forbidding winter’s night.
The weather is ominous and stormy, the roads slippery, treacherous in places, serious concentration required.
The wind cutting sharply against my leathers blows in my mind, stirring up the waters of a deep dark well, lifting ‘ghosts’ from the past up to the surface.
Lancelot: my imagined name for my bike (like I’m a bit of a knight – which I keep to myself!) carries me and my memories to a primitive, hauntingly beautiful place in the Highlands of Scotland, where the sky comes down to meet the curve of the earth; where cloud drifts in tendrils waist high and the landscape is wonderfully bare and austere.
I park up the bike.
I’d been on this deserted one track road a few years ago. I like to find different ways to ride back to my ‘van when I’ve been working in the North Sea.
I’d once camped overnight near here hoping to spot capercaille, a rare woodland grouse; the Highlands are the only place in the UK where you can see them.
I’m planning on finding the derelict farm building I used that time.
I’m going to need some kind of shelter tonight.
I hike seven or eight miles across the moor-land, horizontal rain at my back, my torch light a narrowing, frazzled bouncing path ahead of me. I am feeling calm. The kind of dead still calm that can precede a tumultuous storm.
My memory serves me right, I find the deserted building. The wooden door has parted from its hinges; most of the stone walls have collapsed. Part of the roof is sort of intact; it’s hanging like a limp sail clinging to a remaining corner of the walls, waiting for the gale force wind which will finally free it ~then take it off.
But bollocks to it, the bothy looks much the same as it did when I was here a few years back so I figure it will last the night out.
Accommodation choices are seriously limited now anyway!
Tough moor-land grasses grow tenaciously where people once lived. There’s nothing for miles. Nice.
I unpack my rucksack, collect some miraculously dry-ish wood from the old shattered door and roof joists and light a fire in the one sheltered corner.
I’ve had some food and a modest slug of Whiskey from the hip flask; that and the blaze are getting through to my bones. I’m still calm, but sharper in my head, no longer weary from the concentration of the ride and the hike in the pissing rain…….”

Find out what happens next – next week!

True Story! Taken from my soon to be published Amazing Book – “Frayed Edges…”

And in the meantime  – if you don’t have the transport or time to travel to your ‘wilderness’ to discover and find your ‘self’ – have a look at my ‘Have Harmonious Relationships – half an hour a day for 40 days. It’s a Fun journey (as Gary says) And you don’t even have to leave home!

Here’s to you finding your ‘self’.           

‘Cures that Endure’



Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

 “The Human Stain” This is the title of a top selling awarding winning book by the highly acclaimed author Phillip Roth.
Mr. Roth – forgive me – I want to borrow your amazing title.

Your ‘Pristine Mansion’.
I am Certain that you and I, all of us, were born with the ‘Mansion’ of our Unconscious Mind – Pristine!
I’ve made invitation for you to argue with me before – so please, please do!

So: as long as we are warm, comfortable, safe from the ‘tiger’ and we are emotionally secure – as infants & youngsters – our Unconscious Mind – my metaphor being our ‘Pristine Mansion’ – grows beautifully and ‘immeasurably’ expansively as we, with great happy, safe curiosity, explore & experience life, our potential and our Amazing world.

Our mind-emotional suffering comes from the times and experiences when ‘something’ enters our ‘Pristine Mansion’ and causes a ‘stain’ which creates a ‘stink’ – Here, in my letter to you, I am not going into the horrendous mind-emotional suffering of such symptoms as let’s say delusional psychoses. I just want to talk about the mind-emotional ‘pain’ (yes: it is ‘painful’) – such as the lack of self esteem, the nervousness, the fears, the painful anger, the feeling like a ‘door mat’, the worrying & stressing, the not being able to say “No!”………………….

It’s important to have big, Authentic, Real, Valid dreams for your future. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. So if you can’t think big about your future, you’re not going to have a very big future. Big, of course, means a dream that takes you farther than where you are today. Success can be defined in many ways, and I’m not telling you how to define it. I’m simply saying to take your definition of success and raise the bar on it.

So whatever big thing you’re thinking about doing, think bigger! Ask yourself, “What is even bigger than what I’m thinking, because that’s what I really want to do?” That’s how you raise the bar far higher on yourself. There is always a bigger big. If you can’t imagine it, you will never achieve it.

Chose To Be Extraordinary!
You’ve read about or even seen extraordinary people. It could be a world leader working for a global cause, a business person revolutionizing an industry, or the person down the street helping to make life better for people in the community. Often, when we hear of these extraordinary people, we think: “I could never do that because I’m just an average person.”

In reality, there is no such thing as an average person; there is only average thinking. You can be extraordinary! The key is to realize that being extraordinary is a personal choice you make every day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or financially struggling, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re old or young, or whether you fit into any other categories. Anyone can choose to be extraordinary—especially you!

Every day make the choice to be extraordinary at whatever it is you’re planning to do. It’s a daily decision.

You Can Fully Resolve What is Stopping You
Being Your Extraordinary Self

So, what is it exactly that stops us being the Extraordinary Self we were Born to Be?

 What stops us is the ‘stains’ – which really we never wanted or needed to ‘invade’ our ‘Pristine Mansion’.

 ‘Stains’ – that create the ‘stink’ of the lack of self esteem, the nervousness & fears, the not sleeping, the ‘ground hog day’ of worrying & stressing and so on…………

 We want you to up the bar – in the exact right way for you – we want you to be your extraordinary self – so as:
“June is ‘Bustin’ Out All Over – all over the meadow & the hill…… just because it’s June, June, June – Fresh alive……”

 We’ll stay all the month with our 20% off all our half an hour a day – for 40 days Audio Therapy Courses – to thoroughly ‘Polish’ to Pristine your Amazing ‘Mansion’ its’ a fun journey – as Gary says – for the half an hour a day for 40 days…………….

 Have an Extraordinary June……………… and an Extraordinary rest of your Amazing life……..



Rapha Hypnosis Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’

The Significance of 40 Days………

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

40 days - 1Rapha Hypnosis: ‘Cures that Endure’: Therapy Treatments in 40 Days:

If you choose one of my courses it is recommended that you should take approximately forty days to complete your treatment – which is
absolutely no time at all when you consider how long it takes to develop a problem and that the alternative
to treatment, is a life-time of unnecessary suffering.
You may have seen other therapies that claim they can solve your problem in less time than this? These are
quick-fixes that will just scratch the surface of your problem. They may temporarily mask the issue but
masking isn’t the answer. What you need is a permanent cure and a permanent cure takes time ………

approximately forty days (on average).
Just 30 minutes a day for forty days.
Rapha Hypnosis is all about getting the healing message through to your unconscious mind that will enable you
to ditch your demons – forever! Rapha Hypnosis doesn’t rush you, or corner you or make you feel
uncomfortable; it works with you, making you feel good from the inside out.
Rapha hypnosis – cures that endure!
They say life begins at forty!
In Jungian terms forty days has a deep meaning within the collective unconscious.
You may be interested in reading other interesting (and not entirely unrelated) accounts associated with the
wisdom and wonder of forty days. If so, please read on…
Forty is a life force
It takes approximately forty days from conception to a foetus becoming fully formed.
It takes approximately forty weeks of an entire pregnancy, from conception to birth.
So, from the conception of a need and a want to resolve a problem we can psychologically and emotionally
grow, resolve, and celebrate of our ‘new life’ in forty days.
In the Christian tradition, Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the desert. He fasted in this story
and another important factor is that he transformed what ‘bedevilled’ him.
The forty days of Lent mirrors Jesus’ forty days in the desert.
Jesus was seen on earth forty days after his crucifixion. (Acts 1: 3)
Noah’s Ark: it rained for forty days and forty nights.
The Ark features in traditions of a number of Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Islam, Christianity and
others. A theological interpretation is that the Ark is offering salvation to man.
So, what could that mean to you emotionally and psychologically?

Salvation can mean recovery, or escape in forty days from a problem state.

In some Buddhist traditions: After forty days the Buddha attained enlightenment.
In Hebrew tradition: A simple understanding of the Torah is that Moses spent forty days in Heaven to receive the Torah.

Islam: It is traditional to spend forty days in mourning in many Islamic cultures.

Muhammad was forty years old when he first received the revelation delivered by Gabriel.
Hinduism: Like other great religions Hinduism has specific rituals for honouring their deceased, depending on the community, traditionally there are forty days of ritual, after which the grieving family reintegrate with their society.
Some Russian cultures believe the spirit of the dead linger at the site of their death for forty days and the spirit will be honoured for those forty days.
Ancient Egyptian culture: Forg Yuugioh – after forty days suffering will be removed.
Egyptians also recognised the period of forty days of preparation for journeying into a new life.
And there is so much more to the importance of forty in our collective unconscious.
It makes good sense:)
So: start your forty days treatment now: cure your problem and achieve your goal.

All you need is a little fortitude – and YOU have got it!






Monday, August 13th, 2012

To those who have asked about my Courses
So we did some simple arithmetic together a few days ago! (Thanks to Earl Nightingale of the wonderful Nightingale-Connaught company.)
And there I was, suggesting to you, one my 40 audio courses, for someone who you know who is not living their life with vitality and passion and fulfilment of their self and their being………
And I was struck reading Earl, that Working with one of my courses takes around 20 hours.
So, let’s say we do actually work 3,000 hours a year. That leaves 3,000 hours in the year, when we’re not sleeping, to ‘fit in’ 20 hours or so in 40 days.
And that leaves 2,980 hours to feel and be passionate, full of vitality, celebrating your life and your unique genius! The genius to be – who you are meant to be…..
So, let’s just think about this particular truism again together for a few moments:
In every child there are unique elements of genius. Every child knows how to be. And that state of being is a massive part of every child’s genius…………

I have been asked by loads of people to write about my courses. And the reason I haven’t, is because I am so, so proud of them.
But, here’s a little anecdote, just a short one to interest or amuse you. My Dad, my Hero, the strong, loving, and gentle man taught me to walk through life with consummate pride!! Bit of a conflict here for me cos my Mum, who sadly never ‘ate cakes’, in her life chastised me thoroughly for looking and being so proud: “You can’t go through life being so proud…”
So, for those of you who have asked about my courses, here goes……
The thing is my Therapeutic audio courses contain the best Work that I’ve put together in 30 years of 1:1 sessions and rigorous study to assist in resolving and curing psychological and emotional problem and suffering.
To assist people who have been struggling to live life with passion, vitality, inner certainty, calmness and awe, resourcefulness and beautiful and useful visions.
The scripts for the assignments I wrote and re-wrote. I asked for real advice from friends who are very successful (and I got it!!)
The assignments each take around 5 to 10 minutes a day. There are four of them. Ten days for each one. And they are based on the massive research of: What do all successful people have in common?
Whether that is in health, in well being, an inner stability in sense of self, in business and so on across the board. These four things are what they all have in common:
• They know what they want – they know their goal. They know their purposes and reasons to achieve their goal.
• They are fully motivated to achieve their goal.
• They have total belief that they will achieve their goal – successfully
• They can future pace themselves fully, with no objections from any part of them, into the time when their goal is successfully achieved.
These are the four assignments that I’ve written and recorded for each of my courses to guide you and teach you how to achieve individual goals such as: Be the Right Weight, Sleep Well, Gain Self Esteem, Have Harmonious Relationships, Enhance Happiness, End Anger and many others………
The next part of my Therapeutic Courses is a metaphorical story, which lasts around 20 minutes (entrained to the Ultradian Rhythms in our brain*).
Four different stories for each forty day course – listen to each one for 10 consecutive days.
Each time you listen the wisdom of your unconscious is hearing and responding positively and appropriately for you, to something different and important, unique to you as an individual.
Now, my stories, I did not have to re write!
Neither did I have to ask successful friends to ‘pull them apart’ for me so that they would be outstandingly good!
I wrote them – and they awed me, they are outstanding. I wrote them all from that ‘other place’ – which we have discussed before – from my deep unconscious.
And, without wanting to appear ‘fanciful’ here, maybe my stories also ‘came from’ that ‘space’ or ‘place’ that Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious?
I can’t say, maybe one day I will know!!!
But honestly writing the stories for me was like I am a total natural. I would read them and proof listen to the recordings** and say: WOW – ‘where’ did that come from!
And then I had to ice the cake – as my Mum would say!
I added four relaxation tracks to my courses. We all need or want to relax in various ways depending on what is happening in our life – hence four different relaxation techniques!
I have so many people who have trialled, tried out, bought and Worked with my courses – successfully. I receive feed back that is profound and poignant and inspiring.
I had to really, really know that my courses are the besting in that they gain outstandingly successful results. They ‘do what it says on the tin’.
We are proud to say that we now have people all over the globe Working with my courses from the UK, USA, Canada, India……
** I want to thank with all my Heart my niece Laura Monaghan, I’m so proud of her, for her exquisite voice and her utterly focused perfectionist work singing with me on my stories. And Claire Woyka her voice is amazing, and her passion for my Work shines through her every note. And to Ron Angus the best recording technician I’ve ever come across. Thank you.
You can hear a sample from one of my courses
Thank you so much for listening to my proudness……
* Ultradian Rhythms: Ref: Dr Ernest Rossi Professor Kathryn Rossi, Prof Kleitman.
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

My personal and private e mail:

BBC Radio Cumbria – Kevin’s Pigeon Phobia

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Kevin Fernihough – Fear of Pigeons

On Monday I was talking to BBC Radio Cumbria Presenter, Kevin Fernihough,who has a phobia of pigeons dating back to when he was four years old.  He was invited, along with his father, into his neighbour’s pigeon loft where, when the pigeons were released, he clung to his father’s leg in fear. This fear has stayed with him through to his adult life.

You can hear the extract from Kevin Fernihoughs Radio Cumbria program here – 12-08-06 Kevin Fernihough Pigeon phobia

Do you have a phobia?   This page on my web site has details on how to Fix Your Phobia  don’t delay, it only takes 30 minutes each day for 40 days to be CURED

You will be a most welcome visitor.

Sally Stubbs – please do not hesitate to contact me direct


Monday, July 9th, 2012

Sally Stubbs

Well, one of the four basic things that you and I have in common and that you and I absolutely need are: air, water, food and we also need emotional stability.
Emotional stability we can talk about for a long, long time. So today let’s talk about food!
I love food – ain’t food great! I also have a really great relationship with food, and with my body, maintaining a stable happy weight for me for nearly thirty years.

We can go to the gym, we sweat, we’re full on motivated during our workout, determined to burn off some the fat. Then, after all this effort and feeling virtuous, we head home and eat every biscuit in sight! Reward! Biscuits were a reward for many of us in childhood!
We are worried, stressed or upset so we grab several bars of chocolate. We do this because when we were a child and fretful we were likely to be comforted by our parents with something sweet. We believe sweet stuff gives us comfort!
Neuro science tells us that our brains are genetically hard wired to seek emotional security, particularly from affection. As very young infants, one of the important times, for some of us, that we received affection or closeness was when our mother, or father, grandparent held us close and fed us. So, for some, our minds will carry the connection between food and affection or love. Emotional stability!
Our minds and brains store our perceptions and our responses, and so we learn from those early years to associate reward and comfort and emotional closeness with these types of food. These early life patterns of behaviour prevail.
Because of this, it takes psychological and emotional effort to defy our fat and sugar cravings.
As we are growing up through childhood, teens and into adulthood, and we are dealing with worries and problems we discover that fatty foods have a heavy quality to them, after eating these types of foods we feel sluggish and drowsy for a while, and we stop thinking. When we stop thinking we stop worrying and stressing. As a result we learn to believe that fatty foods will ease our worries!
Fat has more than twice the calories than any other nutrient. Calories are units of energy, and nature does not like skinny, nature sees fat as a friend!
If we briefly consider our history; several million years ago we humans had small brains, about the size of a chimpanzees. As we developed our skills our brains grew, and our stomachs shrank, but we still needed los of energy (calories) to run, we were hunters. Where did we get our energy to run? From fat.
Research has shown us that Aboriginal hunters eat the fat from the kill first. In our modern society we no longer need to run to live and survive, but nature is still keen on fat.
We can also consider that so many of us can feel stressed in our modern fast paced lives.
Fatty foods stimulate dopamine and nor-adrenalin, this chemical cocktail gives us the feeling of a ‘happy rush’, and we use this feeling as an unsuccessful attempt to resolve our stress.
Now we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle, the greater amounts of fat we eat the more our brain will produce a protein called galanin. What happens next? We’ve really got a problem, because galanin cause us to crave fat.
Sugar increases tryptophan which our body uses to make serotonin. Serotonin is the wonderful chemical which assists us to feel (temporarily!) in an ‘up’ state, more able to cope with stress and unhappiness.
Also, when we are experiencing long periods of stress in life we are producing a massive amount of unused adrenaline; we can then go into adrenal fatigue. This fatigue causes a sugar craving.
We can realise what a fantastic job our ancient ancestors did for us, they got the energy they needed from fats, they ran, they survived. We are here today because of it, how great is that.
We can understand that the sculptor of our brain and mind is our environment. Our brain and mind depend critically on their wiring and growth from our experiences in our earlier life. The great news is, our brain and mind have the remarkable ability to adapt and to rewire.
How do we do this?
We can know that the fundamental truth about stress is that it comes from our personal perceptions, and our internal communication about an event or situation and our experience. We can choose to change both our perceptions and our internal communication.
I’ll give you a very simple example of what I’m talking about.
Our partner is late getting home. We can have a myriad of perceptions such as:
They are working hard and being really conscientious and loyal to their business.
We communicate internally with a dialogue of pride and make everything cosy and welcoming for them to arrive home.
Or: They have been in an accident. Our internal communications can cripple us with horror and dread. We make images of them lying in a pool of blood. We don’t know what to do, maybe phone their work – phone the hospitals.
Or: They are having an affair. Our internal communication makes those sexy images; we are frozen with fury, or slumped with loss and abandonment.

• First we need to really consider and accept that the ‘happy rush’ we’ve been getting from these ‘bad’ foods is temporary and will never resolve our problems. Next:
• Make a decision to change your perceptions, the ones that are not serving you or celebrating your life.
• Start by slowing time in your mind just a little, you can do this by simply telling yourself: Slow down. This is so that you can observe your own unconscious perceptions of any situation that has been worrying or stressing you. Just be observant to begin with.
• Have a note book and write down a list of your worries or stresses. This is relevent because we can often begin to feel overwhelmed by worry, as if we have thousands of worries. Once we begin to separate them out, we usually discover we have only three or six or seven.
• If you have more than one worry, take each at a time separately and begin to objectively ask: what can I do about this ‘one’? And when you go to bed at night ask your dreams to comfortably give you solutions to this ‘one’. One of the main purposes of our dreams is to give us solutions that we have not even thought of before.
My dream is that we will all live happily in our own skin. And I know we can! Let’s get on with it hey. If you know someone who is struggling in their relationship with food please, please tell them about my course/treatment on CD’s and MP 3 download: Don’t Wait to Be the Right Weight
I never once use the word ‘diet’ on my course. I hope I have illustrated today why diets do not work!
Thinking of you warmly


Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


Sometimes I really enjoy having a good laugh by re running a sketch or two, of Bill Hicks in my minds eye.
Bill was a comedian who you’ll either love or find him shocking. I’m in the first group!!
Anyway there’s this sketch of Bill’s where Bill is being God, and God has just realised that when He created Earth he forgot that He’d left behind Marijuana!
God, played by Bill, scratching in head, stroking his beard, is looking down on Earth at the Marijuana declaring, at His ‘mistake’: “Oh My Me!!!!….” Love it!!!! (The sketch you understand….)
Well, as I was happily re running this particular sketch in my mind, I had this awesome thought!:
Everyone, who I can think of, who has come to me to Work 1: 1 – will have been searching for their ‘lost’ ‘Me’ (Please excuse my semantics. Thanks)
I won’t make a whole list of hundred and hundreds of the amazing people who have brought their problems and symptoms to me, and who have actually honoured me in allowing me to assist them to Resolve their problem.
But, we can just consider a few of the people, who I have mentioned in the past weeks. Laura who lost her voice and lost her hair – was actually searching for her ‘lost Me’ – Stella, Bernice – the same – all had ‘lost’ their sense of their ‘Intended Me’
If you have any questions about this, or actually about anything else, please do email me.
This is my private email address and is therefore confidential. If I ever want to share anything that is said to me I will always ask permission first. And, most importantly, if the answer is: ‘“No” I do not want to share’ – then any ones’ “No” is totally honoured…..
Choosing to Work with me on one of my Audio Treatment Courses – you will discover that you are safely and comfortably searching to find an aspect of your Me, ‘who’ got ‘lost’ and ‘stuck’ along the way of your life’s journey.
Examples would be:
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who used to be able to naturally say “No” to certain foods and amounts of food……
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who could confidently do most anything….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to be certain and strong no matter the situation…….
The aspect of Me who ‘got lost’ who who used to be able to sleep safely and comfortably…….
And so on……….
My Audio Treatment Courses assist the ‘finding’ and the ‘freeing’ of the ‘lost’ Me – who can do pretty much anything that you choose.
I think to stay off my ‘soap box’ here!! About a very well know UK Hypnotherapist who recently emailed us with a video of EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy – Tapping.
A young man phobic of travelling: Tapping happened, the young man said he felt better – but his words were not congruent with the look in his eyes.
Aspects of our ‘lost’ Me is Emotional and Psychological, our mind needs to know we have ‘found’ and ‘freed’ our ‘lost’ Me…… Tapping will never, ever achieve this long term……. But, I won’t go there today!
Today I said I would talk with you more about “Why?” questions, which I am about to do.
First, I just want to tell you about a young man, he emailed me a few days ago and asked me a Great question.
He asked me if one had to know what the “T Minus One” issue was in life to be able to Work successfully with my Audio Treatment Courses.
The answer is emphatically: – No you don’t!
It is a bit like this, as a metaphor:
Let’s imagine a kid has got lost. We go searching for the lost kid and we find them, hiding under the bed, or hiding in the garden. We would probably want to ask: “What happened? What happened that you made you go hiding and got you lost?”
But with my Audio Treatment Courses we do not have to ask this “What happened?” question. We find the kid and we rejoice and we say something like Thank Goodness……you are ‘found’ and you are safe to come home…….
We do not need to know what happened…..
And basically the “Why?” questions are attempting to go to the: What happened? We don’t always know what happened; we certainly don’t have to know the answer to cure a problem.
The finding and freeing of the aspect of our ‘lost’ Me is the huge part of Cure.
The next part of the Cure is that our conscious self learns from – is educated by – the ‘lost’ aspect of our Me to say “No!” – To be confident no matter what –To know the ability to be certain and strong…… and so on………
We can talk loads more about the “Why?” questions another time…….
More details about my therapy techniques here
Thinking of you warmly