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What’s on my mind? I’ve given this a lot of thought the past few days, so I’m just going to say it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and responses.
I read this Tweet from National Alliance on Mental Illness of Massachusetts:
“Mental Illnesses are brain disorders, legitimate medical illnesses, just like heart disease & diabetes.”
Reading lots of their Tweets, clearly NAMIM are really working hard.
I did reply to this Tweet saying: This could be an ‘egg – chicken’ situation, and would they be interested in Dr John Sarno’s life time research?
In that the ‘egg’ is the emotional suffering coming first, which then causes the brain to respond, particularly with altered serotonin chemistry which is not a disorder; it is an emotionally induced chemical reaction, resulting in the symptom.
My experience for 30 years has been that as we Resolve and Cure the emotional suffering and pain, the brain does realign itself.
Dr John Sarno has a distinguished career as a ground breaking medical pioneer, going beyond pain, both physical and emotional, to address the entire spectrum of mind and mind-body suffering.
The interaction between the generally reasonable, rational, ethical conscious mind and the ‘stuck’ feelings of emotional suffering, pain, sadness, shame, anger of the unconscious are the basis for mind and many mind-body (psycho-somatic) problems.
‘We can study the anatomy and physiology and chemistry of the brain forever and a day, but it will teach us nothing about mind and mind-body problems, nor will it teach us about emotional pain and suffering’ states Dr John Sarno.
Dr Sarno goes on to say that: ‘This is because the deviations from the normal, in the brain, that are featured in studies, are not the cause of the problems but rather are the result of the emotional suffering that stimulated the deviation in the first place. It is emotions that drive the chemistry in the brain, not the other way round.’
So, we have been asking you: What is your goal, what is your dream? What is something that I can help you to do to get your successful results?
Lots of people say to me: “I don’t know which one of your audio courses/treatments to do? I don’t know if need more self esteem to have a good relationship…… or to stop having nervousness in my stomach to then be able to have real choice of how and what and when I eat nice food to be the right weight……or to sleep well so as to stop feeling so angry…….and so on…….. (basically what’s the ‘egg’ problem)”
You can see the audio treatments I have produced here – Rapha Hypnosis – Cures that Endure
Well, bottom line is this, which I understand was first said by Immanuel Kant the great respected mathematician and philosopher: ‘The symptom is the Solution, it is searching for the problem.’
(The symptom is the ‘chicken’ it is searching for the ‘egg’ problem)

Here’s a really Top Strategy for you, a gift from me to you, and it will take only seconds of thought from you.
As you’re about to drop off to sleep at night, ask silently and congruently of your wise unconscious:
“I want my unconscious to give me a focused and comfortable dream to let me know what my ‘egg’ problem is.”
(I can promise you, even if your problem is a disturbed sleep pattern, you will be dreaming during the night)
Have a note book by your bed. Take notes, no matter how ‘crazy’ your dream may seem. Soon you’ll get the real sense of it.
It may take a few nights for you to ‘get it’ as we are no longer a culture that is involved with dream work. is my private email address. Anything at all you say to me will be totally confidential.
Thinking of you warmly
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