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Sally Stubbs


3rd June 2010 a nightmare in Cumbria.
It was reported that a petty row with fellow taxi drivers was the trigger for Derrick Bird, which erupted into full-scale carnage which ended with him killing 12 people in a horrific slaughter before turning the gun on himself.
No one who knew him thought the quiet, taciturn man, who was born into a well-known local Cumbrian family, would unleash such terror and horror on his community.
But his personal history reveals a life plagued by loneliness and frustration.
I’m not going into this story. Mike & I did not know Derrick Bird. One of Mike’s friends from Mike’s past was killed by Derrick that day.
Everyone who saw and heard this story was, of course, horrified.
I do believe that we need to have answers, real answers and useful answers to the question: What turned Derrick Bird that day? Useful information that can assist us in the potential to prevent such horror…………..
A number of weeks after this day of horror, a young mother phoned me and asked me if I could please see her 10 year old daughter.
I will call this little girl ‘C’.
‘C’s mother told me that her daughter had witnessed one of the killings on 3rd June, and that ‘C’ could not and would not talk about it. Of course I said I would see ‘C’, and added that she would not have to talk about it.
Since June 3rd. as you and I can totally understand, ‘C’ could not be alone, could not sleep alone, could not let her mother literally out of her sight, could not have any doors or windows in her home open, all had to be locked up, and the rare times she could leave the house she was ‘glued’ to her mother.
‘C’ arrived clinging to her mother’s leg. I explained “T Minus One” by drawing it on an A1 flip chart. Within 20 minutes ‘C’ was really engaging with me. She ‘got it’
‘C’s “T Minus One” – the moment that she froze in time was (understandably) just before she witnessed the murder of her neighbour, right on the street in front of her.
She froze time as Derrick Bird was driving his car slowly up the road.
And in that moment ‘C’ lost her ‘ME’.
This is a type of “T Minus One” which is experienced by a complete shock.
This simplistically means that when there’s a trauma which happens as sudden shock we unconsciously regress time back, and freeze time a moment or even a few moments before the worse moments.
‘C’ and I worked for a few weeks. We found and then freed her ’ME’ into “T Plus One” – that is into time after Trauma.
‘C’ told me that if she had not Worked with me – her ‘ME’ would have been lost forever……………. Yeah, I cried!
At our last Session I asked her if she would do a lecture tour with me on “T Minus One” How cool would that be!!
She now has a happy life…………………
Before contacting me, ‘C’s parent had been to the local doctors’ surgery to request help. They were told that ‘C’ would have to be on an 18 months waiting list before receiving counseling!
I have a Dream to form a foundation – yeah it’s to be called: Clean Worlds – Clean Worlds Foundation will give this kind of Work to kids, and young adults like ‘C’.
Any ideas you may have  – I will so gratefully welcome.
Thank you
Sally Stubbs
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