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What’s the news?

Sally Stubbs

Looks Like a dream that will come true…… Now – this is news worthy!! Whoo Hoo…….
Check this out for a headline :
The Daily News
Saturday June 16th 2012
Riddle of Happiness Revealed
Move on. Be well. Go for it!
Mind Power Therapist Sally Stubbs has come up with the answers to the age old problem of finding happiness for her clients.
Some may say Sally is a dreamer, but when you look deeper into the methods she uses it looks like a dream come true.
Sally’s dream of curing psychological, emotional and psychosomatic suffering is now a step closer following ……….
(From a suggestion by Stephen Richards)

Wouldn’t that be an article worth reading? Preferable to more about the economic crisis in Greece!!

There is this little kid in me, every day ‘she’ is simply awed – life is utterly awesome to ‘her’…..
This does not mean that ‘she’ does not care about all the suffering.
‘She’ does oh yes ‘she’ does care. She cares because pretty much up until she did ‘her’ Work with the very dear to my heart, late David Grove she was ‘stuck’ in ‘her’ inner world spaces of terror. Yeah terror.
Now, ‘she’ is free, ‘she’ guides me to explore inner and outer space in peace and with awe………. And fun and smiley faced……….
It is this ‘kid’ in me, full of Crazy Passionate that wanted this ‘news paper article’ in this letter to you.
‘She’ teaches me this: There is no point in me suffering in my attempts to end emotional and psychological suffering………….
That’s it really; ‘she’ has a simple take on it all.
I do know compassion. And I do cry with and for others – a lot.
This may sound like a contradiction!!! It isn’t……..
My dream for you, and for all of us is that we can all ‘be in tune’ with the pristine ‘spirit of the child’ within us.
I’ve just had a grand thought! I think I’m going to let ‘her’ have freedom on our new website – ‘she’ can do some ‘colouring in’…….
I’m pretty sure that no one will object!
I wonder if Google will be interested in ‘her’ colours!
And until she has finished colouring it in and I have finshed developing the text, why not check out my videos on You Tube?
I have quite a few others posted if you’re interested while you’re there.
Thinking of you warmly………
and with infinite thanks to the Great Stephen Richards………
P.S. and if and when the ‘kid’ in you feels angry, please, please honour those feelings….. You can do this by, instead of getting angry with yourself for feeling angry – slow down – and say to your self: “That’s right. That is the simple truth – ‘you’ did feel that way……”. All that anger comes from a young bewildered ‘kid’ who is hurting….. More on this one soon………..
Thinking of you warmly


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