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Expanding on my ‘T minus 1’ Theme:

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Good Day to You

– and –  don’t you find it intriguing — and frustrating – and down right horrid! – that there are so many times for you or a loved one of yours – when, out there – outside, the weather is great – the day is gorgeous – just like today here in the English Lake District – and then you have thoughts of ‘this, that or the other’ symptom in your life that ‘’haunts’ you – and your internal weather is no longer good and gorgeous.

Internally you feel Awful.
And – you know what – I am really, really sad about that.
So: let’s figure this out together – shall we – we can do this – and live our lives in Celebration – and in the words of Dear Bill Hicks: ‘We can explore both inner and outer space together forever in Peace’.
OK – more on our profound subject “T MINUS ONE”

First let’s briefly re-cap: It is from the ‘Stuck’ fragment of our self – that our present day debilitating Symptoms are ‘born’ – Our present day debilitating Symptoms are being ‘driven’ by our Unconscious mind.
Right! – Non of us consciously want to be scared, nervous, unable to say “NO!” None of us consciously want to be anxious, worrying, stressing, tossing and turning at night. None of us consciously want to feel down – withdrawn from life – angry at ‘the drop of a hat’.
And so does it not make perfect sense that the way to Authentically Resolve our horrid Symptoms is by communicating correctly with our own Unconscious – safely and effortlessly.
How can you know if ‘Stuck fragment of you’ is in “T – 1”?
• Other talking Therapies have not brought about Authentic and Permanent Resolution
• Symptoms are described with gerunds – any gerund: “I keep thinking that…” “I have these same feelings whenever I think about……” “It’s like a churning……” “I feel a sinking…..” “I keep seeing him falling….” “There’s a floating sensation in my head/stomach/heart….” “I keep dreaming something is chasing me….” (A gerund ends in ‘ing’ – and indicates that something, some event, never completed itself in time)
• Symptoms are described using Metaphor; words such as: “I feel knotted up….” “It’s like a heaviness inside me…..” “It’s like a block….. I’m blocked….” “I just put up a wall or a barrier……” “Something always stops me…..” “I can’t be myself…..” “I’ve never really been me…….”
The Awesome thing is – as we find heal and free the fragment of our ‘stuck’ self from “T – 1” we not only Permanently Resolve our debilitating Symptoms – we also Free and mobilise inner Resources that became condensed within the “T -1” moments.
For example the 54 year old me – having healed and Freed the 4 year old from ‘her’ “T – 1” – of hearing the branch of the tree snapping and seeing ‘her’ 6 year old brother falling can now, not only happily walk along the cliff top, can excitedly fly around the world, is totally calm with sounds of others eating – the 54 year old me also has loads and loads of energy. Why? Because, for 50 years, without fully consciously realising it, I had been over protective of others, particularly of my brother.
Blimey  – the amount of energy that over protection consumes!
Amazing – to have freed up my own energy – for all kinds of things – just to have fun, to be creative – and oddly gaining energy by being able, when I rest – to really, really rest.
The half an hour a day for 40 days of my RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses – is communicating safely with the Unconscious mind – using the specific language of the Unconscious mind!
Wishing you Freedom to be fully your self…………


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