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Rapha Hypnosis Therapy

Rapha Therapy

RAPHA – P is for Psycho-Physical:

You can Clean Up – all those negative debilitating beliefs – that actually do not belong to your real Authentic self.
You can find what you ‘lost’ that is really important to your ‘self.’
You can free & release the fragment of your self that got ‘stuck’ – feels ‘trapped’ in that awful emotional ‘Ground Hog Day’ – the old – ‘same damn thing over & over again.

I did!
You can.

Well one thing you can do is take the ‘journey’ that I took – though your ‘journey’ will be unique to you, to your needs and wants – and to your own Authentic Beautiful Dream.
Your ‘journey’ across your ‘page’ will be different to my ‘page’!

What Do We Have in Common with Each Other?
We have in common with each other – our psycho-physical responses – to our own negative debilitating beliefs.
Responses – to ‘what we lost’ somewhere – sometime in our life. Responses to ‘where’ in time we got ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’
Such as: Our throat starts tightening. Our stomach begins churning. We wake up feeling a heaviness. There’s a pounding in our chest. Suddenly we’re sweating at the very thought of………. We’re trembling…….. Our voice isn’t working………… And so on……

We Need…………RAPHA.
Resilient Amalgamation of Psychophysical Healing Approaches

Which will thoroughly & permanently Resolve – the tightening – the churning – the sweating – the fearful feeling – the pounding…….
All these feelings, which our body really does feel – are Awful – truly Awful.
I know! I’ve been there.
And these feelings really do prevent us Celebrating Life – our life. Your life.

I believe I actually rant on your behalf – at least on behalf of those who suffer – and cannot be free of problems to really

Celebrate Life.

The reason I rant is that a huge percentage of Therapeutic Strategies available, and there’s a mass market of them out there – cause me excruciating horror – because they do not achieve Valid Lasting Success – and a real freeing from suffering.
We’ve been advised a number of times to put up our prices on my half an hour a day for 40 days Audio Therapy Courses.
We’re not going to!

Wishing you freedom.

‘Cures that Endure’


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