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From The Mouths of Children?

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The Wisdom of Children

Recently I had the great good fortune to spend an hour or so talking with a little girl.She told me that she is learning sums – and she looked really happy and excited.
She said that everyone has a ‘me’ and everyone’s ‘me’ is different and also everyone’s ‘me’ goes all the way thru’ them like the writing on a sweetie called a stick of rock. Except, for everyone’s ‘me’ the writing (or the sum) is completely different.
She laughed gleefully her arms went up in the air as she said: ‘If there were two other Sally’s in the room, my Sally’s ‘me’ and the other two Sally’s ‘me’s would be totally different!
Yikes, how old is she? A thousand years old! I didn’t ask her age I felt it would be rude!
She said, with great authority, that she understood there might a certain eagle that can actually see this. Like if there were two robin’s feathers, or any number of robin’s feathers, the eagle would instantly see and know that feather belonged to Richard Robin – and that feather belonged to Robert Robin and so on, and the same for sparrows feathers – the same for most anything alive.
She even said, lets say I lost an eyelash – the eagle would see instantly see that the eye lash belonged only to me.
I loved, loved my time with her – the purity of it all………..
This wonderful little girl is talking not only about the sums of our DNA – she is also talking about our Unconscious mind – and specifically our ‘me’.
We know of substances such as radiation, chemicals in drinks, pesticides and many more common substances have been found to damage our DNA.
Also, (you might want to ‘strap in’ for the next bit!,) after two decades of studies, HeartMath researchers say that other factors such as the appreciation and love we have for someone, or, the fear, anger and anxieties that we feel also influence and can alter the outcome of each individuals DNA blueprint.
HeartMath researchers have gone so far as to show that physical aspects of DNA strands can be influenced by human intentions – emotions.
So, here are my thoughts about what this wonderful little girl was really saying (it makes sense to me!):
Pretty much everyone, at some time, lost ‘touch’ with our ‘me’. Our ‘me’ got frightened, fearful, anxious, bewildered, angry, got hurt – our ‘me’ felt an ‘ouch’ – and part of our ‘me’ felt ‘frayed’ no longer totally whole and pristine, our ‘me’ went into some kind of ‘hiding’ because our ‘me’ could not resolve the ‘ouch’
And when this happens a number of times for our ‘me’ or our ‘me’ experiences a really significant ‘ouch’ – the writing that goes all the way thru’ the stick of sweetie rock – becomes blurred………..
Which, when the ‘blurring of the writing occurs’ I think might mean our wondrous strands of DNA can be influenced in a way to be ‘off balance’
If so, we need to restore our ‘me’ – to a pristine state …….. a whole state … like restoring the writing clearly through the stick of sweetie rock.
And I will just continue to be better at being a Revolutionary!
Please, please email me your thoughts, together we can have a hugely significant discussion.

Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure
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