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Sally Stubbs

Hi Everyone
Sorry I’ve ‘been off the radar’ for a couple of weeks. It’s been ‘full on’ here!
I have been thinking so much about my conversations with my friend, the Little Girl, the one who is excited about learning sums. In case you did not get those two letters from me, she’s the amazing Little Girl who says: ‘There’s an eagle that can ‘see’ everybody’s unique ‘Me’ ‘. She explained this by saying:’…. if I dropped an eyelash in a shop, and some other people also dropped an eyelash in a shop, the eagle can ‘see’ this eyelash belongs to this person and that eyelash belongs to that person…’ And I reckoned she was talking about ‘seeing’ DNA!
So, are you up for getting serious!
Let’s consider this:
Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm. Your brain has a unique set of brain waves. In neuroscience, there are five distinct brain wave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma.
Each frequency, measured in cycles per second (Hz), has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and hence a unique state of consciousness.
Theta (4-7.5Hz): Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the REM dream state. Theta is the realm of your unconscious mind. A sense of deep spiritual connection and oneness with the Universe can be experienced at Theta. Your mind’s most deep-seated programs are all in Theta.
Delta (0.5-4Hz): The Delta frequency is the slowest and is present in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep meditation where awareness is completely detached. Delta is the realm of your deep unconscious mind. It is the gateway to the Universal mind and the collective unconscious whereby information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.
Beta (12-30Hz): Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. As you go about your daily activities you are at Beta. Although important for effectively functioning in everyday life, higher Beta levels translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness. With the majority of adults primarily operating at Beta during their waking hours it is little wonder that stress is today’s most common health problem. The voice of Beta is the little nagging chatterbox of your inner critic, which becomes louder and more relentless the higher you go in the range.
Now, here’s the point: Young children’s brains, up until around the age of 7, are functioning in Theta and Delta. Their brain’s and therefore their unconscious mind has very little in the way of logical filters.
So, into a young child’s unconscious mind goes, mostly unfiltered, the beliefs of the important adults in their life.
Many of those beliefs, from mostly well meaning adults, are not constructive, are not validating, are not fully celebrating of a young child’s life!
Look, I really want you to feel comfortable with what I’m saying so we can take all this seriously! I’m a parent! Before I got into all this kind of work that I now do, I was a young Mum – imposing my unconscious beliefs on my ‘wide open’ kids.
I’ve been busy helping my kids undo some of their non constructive belief systems…….
This is what I really want to say, I was ‘blown away’ a few years ago when I started reading some of the massive research of a Russian neuroscience programme on how our DNA reacts positively and negatively to sound. I think this is major……
So, when our voices speak to our kids and say non constructive stuff – what if, like the Little Girl’s eagle, we could see how our kids DNA are reacting! Imagine that! Wouldn’t every adult shut up with the destructive stuff!
I read this profile on Twitter yesterday, the guy said:
I’m into weapons of mass construction! I sent him a congratulations tweet!
The next thing I’m pursuing is: Do our thoughts have sounds?
Fancy joining me in finding out? Because if our thoughts do have sounds – we’ll all be working pretty quickly to changing a lot of our thoughts – and assisting our own DNA, as well as our kids, to be constructive…….
Please email me your thoughts  – my private email address.
Oh and another web site for you to have a look at:

Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
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