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Great Uncle Bulgaria

Hypnotherapy Cures that Endure

My Special Uncle, we as kids, OK, I admit it, and as adults still call him Great Uncle Bulgaria.

Like the Top Womble Leader he was up for the Times Crossword, that’s about the only likeness really, oh that and his rotund belly, as our Great Uncle Bulgaria was and is all human-traited. (Cool new word hey!)
When our Great Uncle Bulgaria was a single young man, at around mid-day on Saturdays, we’d go round to his house leap onto his snoring body, where it was all tangled up in blankets, thinking it hilarious to chuck all manner of things on top of him, from cold wet flannels, to, necessary deodorant, to anything we thought highly funny really.
Blimey, he’d chase us all around the house, bellowing in some strange beery fumed wide spread horrible voice that he would bl***y ‘kill us’. Of course he would, any young bloke with a hangover would, being tortured like that!
Oddly enough it never ended in tears!!!
So, my Special Uncle has cancer which has metastasised, gone to a secondary site, in his body. Serious…. And of course I am really, really sad.
But, I think, maybe I could have stopped this horrific illness happening.
I’ve been wondering if you’ve been wondering; “What on earth is Sally talking about?”
First I just want to say that I really do understand the suffering, I was beside my Mum, and with my Mum, ten years ago. Her death was so, so painful for her, her death certificate said: Liver Cancer.
I know grief…….
I tried to help her to get well. I thought at the time that she & I were too close. In fact, ten years ago, I did not know enough.
That is why every single day I learn and I learn.
We have Giants amongst us, upon whose shoulders we can stand, and thanks to them, we can see further…….. And everyone who I work with, 1:1 or with my audio Work, are also the Giants from whom I learn and learn.
You see, how our psyche, our unconscious mind affects our soma, our body, has been a focus for me since I was age 18, when I had an Epiphanic Moment, (a phrase from our dear David Grove, which mostly I’ve heard referred to as ‘Light bulb moment’ – But, I happen to love David’s words, and maybe others have coined the phrase too…)
So, here is my point: All illness has a psychological ‘drive’ within it. By bringing healing and resolution to the problem within our unconscious mind, we are bringing vast healing for our bodies suffering.
I believe as a human community the more we become Conscious the less our bodies will need the medications.
Do we want to go this way? I certainly do!
This is no ‘arm chair theory’ from me. If you are interested try Professor Kathryn Rossi and Dr Ernest Rossi, Professor Lipton, Dr Sarno, Dr J Harper, Burt Goldman – for starters. We have a whole host of Giant’s offering us their shoulders to stand on………
As for my Great Uncle Bulgaria, a Manchester lad, who became very successful in his medical career, and very posh, he had Dyspnoea.
About 7 years ago, I went to see him and my Auntie in their very grand and lovely new house. They proudly showed me around, and in my Uncles bedroom was a load of kit to help him to keep breathing through the night.
He said; “I sometimes stop breathing through the night (Dyspnoea) – I bet you can’t help with that, can you?” (The challenging ole bu***r!!)
I said I probably could! We sat in his beautiful garden with a glass of (fine) wine, we talked and I explained.
His life time of compounded arguments about my Work soon melted like snowballs on a fire!
You see I had noticed as he talked about his breathing a “T Minus One”, a time in his life when he got ‘stuck’, an emotionally frightening time, when he was unconsciously stopping his breathing…….. holding his breath.
He said: “I might come and see you…”
I said: “I will wait to hear from you….”
He never did………………………….
Let us together Work towards, perhaps first of all, putting an end to psychological and emotional suffering.

Thank you for joining me….. Thank you for caring. 

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Great Uncle Bulgaria

Thinking of you Warmly

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