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“I’ve got a joke for you about procrastination. I’ll tell you later!”
About 20 years ago, a friend, Wendy, who taught the Alexander technique bounced into my practice reception and boisterously announced:
“I’m going to stop getting around to stopping procrastinating!”
There were three or four of us in reception and we all howled with laughter. Mind you we’d always thought of Wendy as a ‘roll your sleeves up’ and get on with it girl! Not so confessed Wendy: “I’m always putting things off, not getting around to the things that need attention….”
And – on the one hand we have goals to achieve, and what will come first on that critical path to achieving an important goal? What comes first is to resolve the problem of the ‘egg’. We can ask our unconscious, as we sleep at night, to provide an important and truly comfortable dream about what the ‘egg’ problem needs in the right way for the ‘egg’ to be freed of its problem.
On the other hand – only our unconscious knows – what holds back on that – other hand.
One ‘hand’ cannot handle the ‘egg’s’ needs alone. It takes both ‘hands’ Working together.
OK, I’ll just précis that!
On the one ‘hand’ we want to resolve a problem, let’s just call that Unhappy in our own skin. On the other ‘hand’, something within us is holding back…..
As you know I discovered that it is our unconscious that knows what the problem is and paradoxically our unconscious knows how to resolve it, in the right way. The key is how we communicate with our unconscious and with our unconscious worlds……
Here is a ‘Top Technique’ for you
So you can sit there, where you are right now, and you are breathing.
And as you are breathing you can consider that it will be nice to become a little more comfortable in your skin – sooner or later – in the coming moments.
And as you sit there for a few more moments, you can take your time to be gentle with your self – I can ask this of you can I not?
Hold both your hands out in front of you a little way. Let your elbows and forearms be free, rather than supported by your body or your chair.
Ask yourself: Which hand, all by itself will represent my goal?
(name your goal – using positive words – if possible. Simple example: I want to be the right weight for me, and have a good enjoyable relationship with food. Rather than the negative which is something like: I want to stop being overweight)
Continue to also ask yourself: And on the other hand which hand will represent what is holding me back?
This may take you a little time to practice. Perhaps you could ask a good friend to ask these two questions for you.
Then, be fascinated by your hands. Feel them…. Wonder at how they, your hands, do handle life – your life – handling life many times with lots of courage.
It is the one hand that has been holding back that needs your attention. Notice what comes up in your thoughts ideas and feelings once you discover which hand is the one that is holding back. Expect the unusual. Expect to gain insights that will be surprising and different.
It’s worth it I promise you, practicing this – gaining new and different insights. The one hand that is holding back – will let you know all by itself – it will move, or lift or feel heavy….. a myriad of different things to let you know………
Note them, think them through, make the change!
This way of Working is pure Dr Ernest Rossi – you’ll be amazed at your results.Dr Ernest Rossie

Thinking of your warmly,



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