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Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Happy Spring Time To You!
Like I’ve said before, I’m not being naive about us being happy, it’s a word I use to describe a state of being free from ‘chronic’ emotional and psychological suffering.
By ‘chronic’ I mean the ‘negative’ & ‘painful’ experiences & beliefs that ‘play on & on & on….’ in our minds – basically going nowhere towards resolution & healing
Apart from the horror of suffering the pain of grief or loss, and grief for others loss we can be happy in life, happy in our own ‘skin’!
No one, absolutely no one, in my 32 years of full time practice, has ever come to me and said; “I want you to help cure me because: I’m too happy!” No one! That’s a lot of folk in over a quarter of a century who’ve worked with me 1:1 or travelled with me on my audio courses, has ever said that!
So, I’ll say it again, because I can, I genuinely wish you a Happy Spring Time!
This is what I do, this is my passion, I serve people who Work with me, & journey alongside me on my audio courses, I assist them to ‘bake scrumptious, nourishing or just for fun cakes’, so that in life, not just for Spring time, we can: Have Our Cake and Eat it!
I do! And I didn’t used to! In my earlier life even if I saw ‘a cake’ right in front of me I’d unconsciously think, “Oh no! that ‘cakes’  not for me!”
I’d unconsciously think “That can’t be for me, I don’t deserve it!” Or: “It can’t possibly be that good ‘a cake’, life isn’t like that, life is disappointment!” Or I’d feel too scared or frightened, ashamed, gulity or embarrassed to even have a taste of good ‘cake’!
But, you’ll understand, that’s what I do, I communicate elegantly with the unconscious mind of others. So in my first year or two of working, I knew I had to ‘be in touch’ with my own unconscious and ‘heal my cracks’! And now, I ‘eat cake’!
I can personally tell you that Eating Cake does not turn you or /me into in some supercilious ‘fat cat’ who rail roads it over other fellow human beings. ‘Eating Good, Scrumptious, Nourishing, Fun Cake’ makes you want to share yours with everyone else.
I know I’ve used this metaphor of ‘Having Cake & Eating It’ before, however, it truly is a Great metaphor worthy of our deep consideration. Eating the Cake – is about nourishing our Self – our emotions our psyche – the ‘spirit’ of who we truly are.. Freeing our self from negative self beliefs & inner pain.
‘Cakes’ may seem for you or someone you really care about to be a million miles away, on another planet or always just out of reach. Honestly no matter how you suffer or a loved one of yours suffers, ‘cakes’ are accessible to us all. And to those who cannot access them, about which I am really sad, once we have our own ‘cake’ it’s only then that we can share with others, and about that I’m really glad. Basically & to be really blunt when we are starved of inner Happiness (whatever that means to us as individuals) we cannot ‘nourish’ others.
How can we begin to have ‘our cake and eat it’ and share it with others? Here’s a simple strategy for you:
Tip Top Tip:
• Validate your self. Stop ‘beating your self up’! When we ‘beat our selves up’ we believe we don’t deserve ‘cake’.
• How do you do this? Observe your invalidating of yourself inner dialogue, the: “I’m useless, I’m lazy, I let so & so down…. I’ve failed…….And so on and so on….”
• Observe & then write that stinky stuff down in a notebook and then with loads of energy delete that kind of dialogue.
• Take each one at a time – spend a couple of days on each one – Shout out loud – not the opposite – but a step towards the opposite. As my example: Take the “I am useless” step it over towards the positive by shouting out loud “I am really useful at …. “ Fill it in… with a statement you will believe such as this example: “I’m really useful at always being on time!”
• Invalidating your self does not make you a better person! It has no value in your life or the lives of others!
I’m really glad you’ve been listening to me – many thanks for that
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Thanks for listening
Thinking of You WarmlySally
Sally Stubbs
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