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rainbow over DerwentwaterWhy do we spend so much time listening to music, reading literature, hearing myths?
We become transfixed in front of the TV. We are entranced by the ever changing nonlinear dynamics of stories that cause us to wonder.

Wonder – is understood to be an experience of being in a trance like state.

In that time of ‘altered’ consciousness, we have the potential to be transformed.
So, here I have a Cautionary Teaching Tale to make you wonder.
It is also a story about “Patten Interruption” a different strategy to the two we’ve been exploring in the past couple of weeks.

I told this story last year; however, Great Stories are worth repeating!

Are you sitting comfortably – then I’ll begin:

Mike & I met in February 1992. I fell in Love – immediately.
The ‘universe’ said: ‘Here is the rainbow you’ve been waiting for….’

Mike was working out of the country for most of that year.
He said come to Africa and join me in December – we’ll ‘go bush’ for a couple of months. Not everyone’s Dream – but it certainly was mine. Wild Camping in Africa!
A Journey of a life time.
For weeks I worked around the clock – to ensure all my Clients would be comfortable and OK for me to be away. I introduced them to my Dear Colleague & friend Georgina. Everyone loves Georgina and she deftly organized to take over my Practice for a few weeks. What a gift.
I was packing ready to leave for the airport – (ludicrously impractical shoes & underwear!), when ‘out of the blue’ I started to feel anxious.
My conscious mind ‘said’ ‘you’re being irresponsible – you cannot leave your Clients.’
Within seconds I’d picked up the phone – to speak to Mike in Cape Town to say I couldn’t possibly leave my Clients. I’d nearly dialed his number – when I thought: “Whoa – hang on a minute! What is going on here – I am very responsible!”
I sat down. I ‘listened’ to my thoughts. And soon I heard the ‘voices’ of my Mother and my Grandmother saying to me when I was a little girl: “You can’t have your cake & eat it!”
“You can’t have your cake & eat it!” – It’s a belief – it’s not the truth.

Time for “Pattern Interruption”

I instantly jumped up – & loudly said “I love you Mum I love you Nan”
And even louder I stated: “This is Rubbish. What is the point in having cake and not eating it! What’s more I am going to have loads of scrumptious, adventurous ‘cakes’ and eat the lot!”

Sitting on the ‘plane I reflected that my Dear Mum & Nan – had had loads of ‘cakes’ yet they rarely took a ‘bite’ of any of them. I appreciate that their injunction was well intentioned, probably a kind of protection of me from disappointment?
And that belief, which I’d consciously not realized I’d been ‘carrying’, instantly deconstructed.
I got ‘fat’ on cakes in Africa. I still do get ‘fat’ on cakes! And you know what, I realized that until December 1992 the ‘cakes’ I’d had I’d rarely taken more than a nibble of them!
Now here’s the Cautionary Tale: Mike & I had spent only a little time together that year. He told me if I’d have cancelled I would never have seen him again.
The power to change the path of our lives is contained in the irrational dynamics of such beliefs we unconsciously carry.
Some folks have said; ‘Oh well, if you’d cancelled Africa you’d have met someone else!’ Wrong! Call me naive if you want – but there’s no one else like Mike – and no one else for me.
True Story.
All my Rapha courses Work with rapid assignments and with specialised Teaching Tales to access these deep unconscious negative beliefs which ‘block’ our path to successfully achieving our Beautiful Valid, Real Dream.

All together now:
“I can see clearly now…….”
Thinking of you positively…………

P.S. You know: pretty much everybody you and I know and care about has some negative unconcious belief, like this one, that will hold them back or trip them up.
How about as a Gift, you forward this story to your friends.
Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy System – Cures that Endure

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