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How Rapha Therapy Works: first of a series of short videos

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs


Hello: I’m ‘back’ – full on with my ‘Vision’ to assist you – or assist you to help a loved one of yours – to Find Your MoJo – and to permanently Free you or them from that ‘ground hog day’ of mind-emotional ‘pain’ and turmoil.
It’s a deal!
And the ‘deal’ with my RAPHA Therapy Courses – is, that once you find and free your MoJo – you mobilise your inner strengths and resources – your unique magic – and ‘it’  your MoJo won’t be lost to you again.
Sure, you’ll have the challenges in life – we all do. But once your MoJo is restored to you – you will take on those challenges with inner strength and resourcefulness. You’ll get grumpy (maybe!!) – but hey – grumpiness will last only for minutes instead of for a ‘life time’.
This is a link to my first short – nourishing bite – video – the first in a series about how Rapha Therapy works.
And please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.

Wishing you Freedom to be your self…………….

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’

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