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How Rapha Works – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 4 – Deconstruct Negative Beliefs

Now is the time to BELIEVE in your ‘self’…… Enjoy my short ‘tasty bite’ fourth video clip – an overview of how you will learn with my RAPHA audio Therapy Courses – that you can truly BELIEVE in your ‘self’.
And – you can – BELIEVE in your ‘self’ – believe that your ‘self’, can – and will successfully – achieve the Goal that you want for you.
Your Goal, that maybe for quite some time – or even a long time, seems to have been floating in the grey mists on some future horizon – chimera like – almost unattainable, almost an illusion – despite all your courageous and determined efforts to ‘get there’.
What stops us?

What ‘blocks’ our onward journey to achieving our useful and beautiful Goal?

– even though we thoroughly know what our Goal is –  and we are top motivated to ‘get there’ – permanently.!

We can give an overview title to what stops us – and that is:
Our Unconscious negative self beliefs.
Negative self beliefs that we are maybe only vaguely Conscious of!
We develop within our Unconscious mind a Matrix of self beliefs in our first 7 to 14 years of life.
The negative ones do not ‘serve’ us in our life. However ‘some’ of those negative self beliefs will have had a purpose, and basically that was to keep us ‘safe’.
A very simple example; someone says: “I’m really shy! I nearly always hold myself back”.
The: “I’m shy” belief could well have been ‘formed’ within the Unconscious mind – because as a youngster, a child, this person was really out going – and the adults informed them that they must be quiet!
So the child, unconsciously, developed a state called: “Shy,” to ensure that they did not speak up or be noisy – as it was probably not ‘safe’ to upset or annoy adults!
These kinds of unconscious beliefs that originally developed to keep us safe – need a careful and also easy method to deconstruct.
This, and other negative belief deconstruction is the third assignment on my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses.
It’s a very, very important assignment. You see, this ‘negative stuff’ contained within our Unconscious Matrix – if it’s ‘not cleaned’ up, and replaced with a new self validating belief system – the negative ‘stuff’ will keep on and on projecting ‘itself’ into our future and our success will always continue to ‘float like grey mist’ on our horizon – unattainable.
On this short (7.5 min) video I explain the significance of Deconstructing Negative Beliefs. And whichever of my audio courses addresses your particular problem, I will teach you how to do just that!.
Please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.
Wishing you inner freedom to move on into your own beautiful future…………

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy  – ‘Cures that Endure’

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