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How Rapha Works – Goal Setting

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Rapha Therapy System Video 2 – ‘Goal Setting’
So:  Hurrah!  here we are with the next ‘episode’ in my series of short ‘tasty, delicious bites’ videos, finally explaining what my RAPHA Audio Therapy courses are and how they work to achieve permanent, authentic resolution to those horrid mind-emotional problems.
I’ve likened these short episodes to a really fine wine tasting!!

Giving you the delicious ‘flavours’ and ‘aromas’ of my RAPHA Audio Therapy Courses.
I have put years and years of great, and enjoyable, effort into polishing and re-polishing the valuable ‘gems’ of Therapeutic Strategies into the structuring and recording of my courses.
Why did I bother? Why do I bother?
Because, I am not interested in ‘cover up’ gimmicky therapies! I am only interested in getting safely and comfortably to the real ‘Core’ of mind-emotional problems and achieving permanent resolution.
If you’re not interested in permanent resolutions – my Rapha Therapy System is not for you!!
This second short video – is giving you an overview of the real importance of Goal Setting – and the details of how to set your own Goal. My video gives you an overview of answering the uncommon question:

“And – what do you want to have happen?” This question is formed in such a way as to invite uncommon answers.
Because if we don’t know where we are going – we’ll never take the steps to start the journey!
On each of my Rapha Therapy Audio courses I teach you how to set and hone your goals, this is ‘Assignment 1’ the first 10 days of your transformation.
On this short (7 min) video I explain the importance of taking time to focus and fine tune your goals.
And please do get in touch with me privately I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.
Thinking of you warmly – and wishing you Freedom to be your self – happy in your ‘own skin’ – celebrating your life.

Sally Stubbs
Rapha Therapy Cures that Endure

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