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How to Deconstruct Negative Dialogue

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

Top Tips & Tasty Bites!

So back with a Top Tip as promised for you to act upon – I can honestly tell you that my Top Tips ‘Rock’!
I’ve been working on them for you in such a way as they will not be time consuming.
Such as my first one in this my new Series of ‘Quick Tasty Bites’ videos

– which was about you Dreaming Well.
We’re all of us Dreaming – even those of us who, sadly, suffer with Insomnia – we still Dream.
So: we may as well Direct our Unconscious mind into the Wisdom we have within – to discover Solutions and Resolutions to our mind-emotional problems as we Dream.
It’s here if you missed it.

In this next video (Top Tip 2) I explain as briefly and succinctly as I can how you will begin to stop and to
change your internal negative dialogue.
Because a large part of any mind-emotional problem we’re having to deal with – often day in and day out, like that phrase I’m really keen on: “The emotional ground hog day!” – is being ‘driven’ on and on by our negative internal dialogue.

For us to learn how to stop it and change is a game changer – its life changing!

That old negative internal dialogue does come from what we’ve learnt and what we’ve experienced – stuff that ‘stinks’!
It’s telling us that ‘the world is so and so….’
And it’s telling us ‘I, in the world am so and so……or such and such……’ (bad: useless: a failure: not heard: frightened: anxious……)
This negative internal dialogue plays on and on relentlessly, sometimes we don’t even ‘hear’ it. It’s telling us about our ontology – meaning our “I am- ness” – who/what I AM!
Whatever our internal negative dialogue is ‘saying’ it is not the truth!

Are you thinking of arguing with me!!??
Honestly, if you ‘drill down’ you’ll discover this ‘stinky’ inner dialogue is not the Truth.

A little bit like this: I Sally, failed lots of exams at school!

Inner dialogue expands on this with: Sally you’re useless at learning!
Sally, you’ll never make anything of yourself! Sally you are…blah de blah……
The truth: I wasn’t engaged with or interested in loads of subjects, and yes I did fail them.

But what does engage me I have Awesome concentration and expansive ability to learn!
Simple example I know – so please throw at me a more profound example and we’ll still ‘drill down’ to the truth.
This Top Tip truly “Rocks!” Please go & watch ‘Deconstruct Negative Dialogue’..

Wishing you inner freedom to know and to experience your won beautiful future.

Please email me privately I’d love to hear from you


Sally Stubbs – Rapha Therapy – ‘Cures that Endure’

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