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Hypnosis Sets You Free!

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

So, what exactly are we discussing together? What do I mean by Freedom to be our self? Freedom to be Happy in ‘our own skin’? Freedom to grow in our unique potential?
And what stops us from being and experiencing and enjoying these Freedoms?
We cannot be Free to fully be our self when we get ‘stuck’. The ‘stuck’ experiences in our minds, in our psychology, are literally that, we are ‘stuck’ we don’t move, we don’t move forward and we don’t ‘grow’!
Why would we be so daft as to get ‘stuck’, you might well ask? Well, for one thing we are not being daft; we are attempting to protect our self, in a crisis or in a trauma, from the next moment getting even worse.
Bottom line? As long as we are ‘stuck’ in that particularly moment and even though it’s horrific, we’re in ‘the firing line’, the ‘bombing’ is happening all around us, we are terrified, but at least we are alive.
We stop time in our mind in case, in the very next moment the ‘bomb’ blows us completely away. Consequently, getting our self ‘stuck’ makes total sense to our unconscious protective mechanisms.
Of course, you could be saying: “Sally, I’ve never been in the ‘firing line’, I’ve never been in a ‘bombing raid’ in my life….. My life has been really peaceful.”
I am so glad you haven’t. I’m so glad you have had a peaceful life.
I have been in the ‘firing line’! That’s one of the reasons I’m so brilliant at, and proud of, what I do and what I achieve for others.
So, you may be like the young lady who came up to me at the Vitality Show after I’d been speaking about this kind of Freedom. She said, (what you are maybe thinking about your life,) that her entire life had been ‘peaceful’
But, she told me that she was a chronic worrier.
As we talked she gained the insights that she had learnt to worry as a little girl because her mother was and still is a worrier.
You too may have got ‘stuck’ with learnt experiences, like worrying, that do not serve you or celebrate fully your life’s expression and experience.
The feeling of being ‘stuck’ is the opposite of freedom to be our self and to be happy and grow in our own unique potential. Hypnosis sets you free! So, what are you waiting for?
Thinking of you warmly………




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