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Book Launch If Life Gives You Lemons PART 2

And so last summer I started to write “If Life Gives You Lemons…” Available on Amazon from this week.

What a journey of challenges and excitement and fulfilment and such a great sense of achievement in writing the book. I have huge gratitude for Gibson Square Books. Their support of me and their understanding of my work have been, and are, amazing. Thank you.

So my journey continued from being 18 years old when I started a course at the Manchester Royal Infirmary to become a nurse. My Dad, who is my hero, at the time told me I’d never make it as a nurse. I defied his advice! I lasted less than a year in my nursing career! For me personally I very quickly realised and accepted that my Passion lay in helping to resolve emotional, psychological and ‘spiritual’ suffering. Rather than physical suffering as such. Though I do now absolutely know that when the mind and ‘Heart’ are suffering – so is the body.

And to this day, every day I am still learning more and more about our amazing minds.

My first book, the one I wrote in Singapore? Well, I reckon I’ve had as many Rejections from publishers and agents as J. K. Rowling for Harry Potter and James Joyce for The Dubliners!! I could therefore say, perhaps I’m up there with the great writers! Keep on Dreaming everyone….. Believe in your own Dreams….. Don’t ever let anyone, whoever they are, trash your Dreams…… A Tip for you and your Dreams: If anyone is criticising your Dreams be gentle with yourself and also revisit the deeper purposes for your Dreams. Get the depths of clarity for what your want to achieve and experience from your Dream come true.

The purposes of my book? I’d love to talk with you about that on my next Blog in a couple of days.

Thank you for reading this.

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