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Book Launch If Life Gives You Lemons

And so my dream comes true my first book “If Life Gives You Lemons…” will be published this month and available to buy from Amazon on the 17th of March

This is so great to be speaking to you. Thank you…..

My Dads family are from the South of Ireland. They are a sentimental, loving, contrary, quirky – happy family of story tellers. Stories, about all and everything, abounded when I was little. I always wrote, filling tiny note books and scraps of paper, kept safe under my pillow, in my school bag in a drawer in my room, secure under my untidy stuff. I was never invited to speak them; this was for the adults to do.

In January 1997, living in Singapore, I started to write my first book. It came to me in an extraordinary Epiphany in a dream, that I must write a book. I can tell you about the dream some time if you’d be interested? Let me know if you’re interested on my Face Book page from the website.

It took me two years to write my first book whilst we were in Singapore. I started to find my voice. And my voice is the voice of the eighteen year old me, that part of me made a very clear decision that I want to stop emotional suffering. I believed and still do clearly believe that we all have a right to happiness.

I will continue my story on my next Blog in a few days…..

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