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So there we were, Mike and me, watching the closing ceremony of our British Olympic Games…….. And imagine my delight when they played John Lennon’s Imagine!
You may have read the letter from me a few weeks ago: ‘You may say I’m a dreamer!’
But I’m not the only one.
You too are a dreamer.
And Lennon, in his wisdom, goes on to sing: ………”And the world will live as one.”
Now I’m certain that you will imagine that I have my own take on Lennon’s exquisite words!
You’re right!
And that is, for us all to live in the world as one – first of all it’s a mind set – within each of our individual minds ‘worlds’ to live within our self as one.
Our inner ‘world’ is our starting place. As it definitely was for all the amazing and successful Olympians. My absolute total full on delighted congratulations to them all.
We are, I believe, all of us proud. Proud of our Olympians, of our British and your own nations achievements. Thrilled that all those competing nations brought us all together as one…….

We can consider that some of the most successful medal winners started out only four years ago with a Goal.
They had their focus, their determination and motivation, they knew their reasons and purposes – and they went ahead – they moved forward towards their Goal with consummate, unwavering self belief.
Four years of a certain focused mind set.
We know that most of the winners employed sports psychology coaches to expand their motivation and self belief. And they had wonderful utter support from family and friends.
Bottom line – it was their self belief and motivation that got them there.
Did you see the psychologists who spoke to some of the medal winners – who were ‘down’ and rather flat and even having sleepless nights because they were asking themselves the question: What now? This, ‘What Now’ – we can discuss together at another time.
I thought a lot about that totally admirable four years of resolute, dogged determination and motivation. How do they maintain that level of discipline for all those years and thousands of gruellingly ‘uncomfortable’ hours of training? The how, will have its individual complexities for every one of our Olympians.
What will be common to their drive is: Recognition.
We all of us need some form of Recognition – from some source, not necessarily from our entire nation and the world, just from one or two significant individuals. Recognition is ‘food’ for our souls…..
Some of us right now this moment may be saying: “Well I run a mile every morning… I don’t need recognition for that. I enjoy it”!
Or we may be saying; “I do an outstanding job at my work – I know it – I don’t need any one to recognise what I achieve at work”.
But – (rare for me to use the But word!!) when we think about it – for all of us there is an area in each of our lives – when some kind of recognition of our self from some source – a family member – a loved one – a child – a customer – does give our soul nourishment.
For instance my soul is nourished everytime I receive one of those sweet emails from some one who is Working with one of my audio courses and they say: ‘I am Happy, thank you Sally’.
It’s not an ego boost! It’s not a recognition that makes me boastful – it’s soul food.
So, Mike said to me, after we’d watched some of the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics: “It’s taken hard training and discipline for a minimum of four years for these Olympians to succeed – when it only takes half an hour or so a day for forty days to really succeed and achieve a goal with one of your audio courses…”
So, what do you think? I’d really be delighted to hear your thoughts on this.
I think that the lovely people who are Working with me on my Audio Courses, and those who are now thinking of Working with me on my Audio courses, their ‘soul’ needs Recognition for what they oh so successfully achieve……….
Recognition for their discipline for 40 days. Definitely – they have earned it.
Because, anyone Working with me on my Audio courses, it is they who do the Work.
I’m there every step of the way! It’s like if I was a fitness coach – and the person Working with me (on my Audio course) is building psychological and emotional muscle – to successfully achieve a pristine, uncluttered, ‘un-stuck’ mind set – I don’t sit there distractedly saying: “Yeah lift an extra weight errrrrrr…. only if you want…..” I say: “You can do it – I Know you can – and this is how to do it successfully.”
I have loads of energy.
However – it is the person Working with me who ‘lifts the weights.’ They accomplish for themselves.
And they deserve Recognition.
Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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