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‘Funny old word’ – selfish!

The Dictionary definition: Self-centered, self-seeing, self-interested……

Then there’s a load of definitions about being egotistical. That complicates things for us – we’ll be condemned for being egotistical!

‘Selfish’ – A trader at Billingsgate London fish market!!!

The Oxford English Dictionary says the origin of the word ”selfish” begins in 1640 when a
Presbyterian archbishop coined the phrase from ”his own mint”

Seems there was no such word before 17th Century England! Makes you really think doesn’t it!

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” Robert Burns – Scottish Poet.
I’ll have the impudence to say: “Hi, Robert, as long as those eyes seeing ‘oursels’ – see the Beauty” (Discuss!)

I like the dictionary definition bit: self-seeing.

There’s a really Great Question here:
How do we see our self?
How do you see your self?

Because a problem arises – if we truly see the Beauty of our self – we’re self-ish – and that’s bad! It, so we’ve been taught – perhaps since the 17th Century – precludes us being caring, sharing, altruistic. We have to pretty much shun seeing the Beauty of our self.

What happens inside your self when I say to you right now:

You are Beautiful.

I can ask you to pause, can I not, and read my true statement slowly – very slowly – notice with the great sensitivity I know you have – your inner self responses to:

You are Beautiful.

Maybe ask a friend to say it, congruently of course, to you – You are Beautiful……….

Notice your objections??? Notice your Resistance???

Any Objection & Resistance to this statement of Truth about your self – comes from the ‘fragment’ of your self ‘who’ went into hiding.

This ‘fragment’ of self does not believe in ‘its’ Beauty.

This ‘fragment’ of self is the ‘owner’ of present day symptoms – the fears, the nervousness, the not sleeping, the stressing the worrying………….. The feeling like a ‘door mat’, the feeling unacceptable – not good enough – not appreciated – not being able to congruently say: “NO!” to food, to certain people, the feeling angry –

Don’t try and ‘get rid of’ the symptoms. Let the symptoms assist & guide you to ‘find’ Free & Heal your hiding ‘fragment’ of your self. And then – the symptoms will be Permanently Resolved!

I’m here to help – that’s what I do – go have a look at what I do – AND what I’ve perfected during the past 30 years – I am a Veracious Guardian – Freeing & Healing the lost ‘fragments’ of self.




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