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I am really excited – as this is my very first video blog!
Just click this link – and Enjoy.
Let me know what you think: I intend to make them regularly, so feed back and suggestions will be most helpful. direct to me!
And because you can actually see me – I’ve given you a wondrously powerful Top Tip – towards you resolving whatever it is that bothers you, whatever it is that stops you living your amazing life free to be your ‘self’ – free to celebrate who you were born to be – and fulfilling your immeasurable potential.
It’s an awesome strategy – it looks simple on the video – and yet it will safely and comfortably give you important information on your journey to your own Goal. Because one of thee main things to gain information about is – what is stopping us – what is blocking us from authentically and permanently achieving our Goal.

The strategy in my video is a first step – I’ll talk more in depth about this step next time.
Because we are so excited about this our first video blog – we are thrilled to offer you any of my half an hour a day for 40 days RAPHA Audio Therapy on Boxed Sets of 5 CD’s – retailing at £57 – for only £37!
(Retailing at US $90  – for only US $ 59)
We’ll keep this offer open for you until January 31st 2015:
Just go and see which of my boxed set RAPHA courses on 5 CD’s you’d like and when you get to the checkout simply type the code word: Video – to purchase them at our offer price.
Maybe your grumpy teenager will love to have my “End Anger” CD’s in their Christmas ‘stocking’!
Or your plump friend will love receiving my “Lose Weight – Don’t Wait to be the Right Weight” – right now – so they have time to healthily lose a little excess packaging before Christmas?
Who else can you think of?

Someone you care about who will rejoice when they “Gain Self Esteem and Self Confidence”?
What about New Years resolutions?

Not too early to consider those you know and some help with them is never a bad thing!

Wishing you Freedom to be your ‘self’…………….



Rapha Therapy – “Cures that Endure”

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