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Let’s Free Our …. Self……

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

One of my connections on LinkedIn – ‘like’s this pic of me. They said I look rigorous! How cool is that!
Lovely Judith in our office – put this pic of me up on LinkedIn – I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that stuff. Do I feel handicapped? NO! I’ve got Judith!
Where’s this leading you might well be asking?
Well – I wanted to discuss what we can do – & how we can do something to ‘free’ our self – when our self does feel ‘handicapped’
By ‘handicapped’ I mean with ‘inner’ emotional or psychological symptoms/problems – The:
I can’t sleep….
I’m nervous……
I’m too scared to do new things……….
I’m always stressing……….
I’m over eating………….
I can’t find the right relationship……………
Yeah – we are actually ‘wired’ into those past feelings of emotional suffering & psychological suffering. We feel ‘stuck’ we feel our ‘self’ has no control to make the changes & be free of such ‘handicaps’ – The Great News is – we’re not ‘hard wired’ into those old handicapping ways of suffering. We can change the ‘wiring’ – & keep the new ‘wiring’
To Resolve – permanently the old suffering ways of feeling & thinking – is our human Greatest Potential.
We keep on accessing the same old suffering thinking & emotions on a daily basis. We can create brand new thinking & emotions that are yet unborn & with it infinite possibilities for good & for life celebration…………..
We are operating in our thinking & in our emotions either detached – or as if today were yesterday. An emotional ‘Ground Hog Day’ life………..
The super position of the freedom from self handicaps & of the multi possibilities is in our Unconscious mind……………..
So, we’ve explored some of the ‘what’ of our inner ‘handicaps’
And the how to bring about freedom to be our self we know lies in our Unconscious mind.
Next time I write to you let’s explore the how to be in that super position.

In the meantime …………..

Enjoy watching –

Thinking of you warmly

Sally Stubbs
Cures that Endure

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