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Sally Stubbs

Libby’s Story
Here for you, to uplift your heart, as it does mine, is a profound story, Libby’s story.
If you don’t shed a soft tear or two at Libby’s story, and her exquisite way of talking, I promise you I will eat my hat!
Libby wanted her story in her own name.
I haven’t met Libby yet, though I have ‘journeyed’ with her and ‘beside’ her for one hundred and twenty days on my CD course; “You Can Grow Your Own Hair.”
I will meet her soon; I’m going to give her a hug.
Libby tells you her story, she wrote it for me and sent it in the post. It was really brilliant to open, neatly hand written on sheets of pale blue paper.
“My name is Libby and I am fifty three years old. I consider myself to be a nice person, you see I had to learn to love myself; my childhood was so hard, I never ever felt loved.
Then my first husband was a control freak. For thirteen years I just existed. I was continuously beaten up, and I was also put down with every word he ever spoke to me.
When I finally got out of that I made a promise to myself to trust only in myself.
Life on the outside got easier, but on the inside I was crying and crying all the time.
By 1999 my parents were dead and by 2006 I had lost my brother and my sister.
I had lovely people beside me, my second husband and my three children. And yet I still felt the crying and crying going on and on inside me.
From 2006 I threw myself into work, doing two part time jobs and wedding buffets at weekends. All this was just activity, no time for reflection, just work keeping me on my feet, keeping me constantly busy and so stopping me from thinking about the past.
But you see, I know that this was just ‘papering over the cracks’, and not bringing any kind of healing for me to my past, not helping me move on into what I had, in the present, which is a good life with my lovely husband and my lovely children.
I just kept on working I just kept on and on going and going to try to save me from the pain of thinking of the years gone by.
Then in February 2010 I was diagnosed with alopecia and within eight weeks I was totally, totally bald.
I was completely devastated. I did not have any faith in the doctors, why should I, they were not helpful.
I read about an alopecia club in the town where I live and I thought: “If I go along maybe they, or someone could help me….”
I went along and I told the group that I do not trust people easily. I made a friend and I was put in contact with Sally Stubbs.
But here I was, having to think about putting my trust in a complete stranger. Could I trust Sally to help?
But what more did I have to lose; I mean I’d lost all my hair, which is so devastating, I mean a totally devastating thing, to lose all your hair.
A leaflet arrived with Sally’s CD course which said “You Can Grow Your Own Hair”
I thought, if only I could. I thought, if I do this one hundred and twenty day course what will happen?
Well this is what happened. On May 15th 2010 I made my mind up to do the course. I listened every day, I worked on my journal, I listened to the stories and to the relaxations, very soon I got to feel really focused and wanting to do it.
And, within two weeks I noticed changes like my nails were stronger, which I strangely knew meant an emotional change and strengthening for me and there were tiny little hairs on my bald head.
Then I thought if I continue, if I just trust in Sally’s work to help me, something good can continue to happen for me.
And wow, by the ninth part of my course, which was on day eighty one, I really did understand the importance of trust. I also knew by then that every single hair I had lost represented every pain that I had ever felt and suffered. Yes, that’s right I knew that I had suffered thousands of pains.
My emotional pain has healed now, it’s like it has mysteriously been acknowledged, honoured, like my pains have been witnessed or respected and so they are gone.
When I started Sally’s CD course I had some edible seeds, which I had hoped against hope would help my hair to grow if I ate them. I took those seeds and planted them in a plant pot, they became a kind of symbol for me, if the seeds grow so will my hair.
Sally taught me a lot, about belief, especially belief in your self, whilst I was doing her course on the CD’s.
I have this thought now which is, if I believe in my self then I will achieve.
And yes the plant pot is full of lovely purple flowers and yes my head is full of lovely hair.
The course is like an exciting journey, a bit like the Matrix film for me, I listened to the course a couple of times and I was hooked, I was excited I wanted to know and learn and achieve more and more. I find myself smiling a lot of the time, I can now tell myself: If I look up to the stars I will smile if I keep looking down I will frown.
I find myself helping other people with my knowledge from Sally’s CD course.
I’d like to tell you one of my stories, it’s about an elderly gentleman who I work with, he is eighty nine and he is crippled with arthritis, he can use his walking frame.
He used to play the trumpet in a band, a man full of music and rhythm.
He loves the rock and roll years and he loved to dance.
But he told me that he can’t walk let alone dance anymore.
I found myself saying to him, “does your brain want to dance but your body believes it can’t?”
He said yes, that’s right. I replied: “Focus your mind that you can get up and dance….”
And he got up, with a little help from me and then he did dance, he rocked to rock around the clock. How brilliant is that.
As he sat down he cried tears of absolute joy.”
I want to hug Sally. I cannot thank her enough. She helped me to find my self.
There aren’t enough thanks in the world for Sally, because finding your self is invaluable.
No more loss for me.
I had lost my self that’s why I had lost my hair.”
If I look up to the stars I will smile if I keep looking down I will frown.”
Libby Bolton
“If I believe in my self I will achieve.”
Libby Bolton
I won’t be eating my hat!!

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Thinking of you warmly,
Sally Stubbs
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