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Our children have ‘Graced’ our lives with their presence.

They need us for several important reasons, to keep them safe, that is to teach them safe boundaries, to show them a few important social skills and thanks to our great Neuro Sciences we now know that our children need emotional security from us.

Apart from this, our children will teach us so much! Let us have the wisdom to learn from them before they learn from us our ‘work – achieve’ ethos.

Our children instinctively know how to play, how to naturally experience fascination and enjoy novelty.
The fascination and novelty of the movement of the sea, the ease of the breeze, the stubbornness of rocks and stones, the colours and the scents of nature.
Our children instinctively know when to rest, really rest.
Our children do not learn these behaviours, they are instinctive, they are born with these life skills.

What happens as they play and as they rest naturally? Neuro Genesis is what happens; our children are literally growing their brain.

The great thing for us adults as we learn to rest and play as our children do, is first we gain so much from being in their world, we get closer to them, we gain greater understanding of them. We also grow our own brains!

We now know that it is a wrong belief that our neurons do not regenerate, they do, during rest and carefree play.
And so as we adults grow new neurons we work more effectively we achieve more and we increase our health for a longer healthier happier life.
Thanks to our children’s wisdom!


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