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Rive Greta: Keswick

Rive Greta: Keswick

I’ve just bumped into a friend – haven’t seen him for ages – we had a 10 minute ‘craic’ – standing – in the sleeting rain – here by ‘our’ river. What he said to me – made ‘my hair stand on end’ – he said: ‘Not everybody thinks in Metaphors and symbols’ Yikes! Why wouldn’t we all think in Metaphors & symbols – when they are the ‘weft’ strands of our ‘tapestry’ of our lives!

Then I remembered something Dr. Richard Bandler said: ‘Not everybody uses their mind visually – but everybody can learn to do so.’

(Bandler is a founder of NLP – & although I think at least 80% of NLP strategies do not have thorough healing properties – there is some useful stuff in there!)

Symbols are more ‘universal’ than Metaphors – they unite cultures from a stop sign on the road – to a crucifix. Epistemological Metaphors ‘belong’ to you. They are how you uniquely know that you know – something. A single Metaphor construct can collect many years of experience, so for example, every occasion of feeling ‘lonely’. Let’s say feeling lonely was first experienced by a five year old – then every occasion throughout life – of ‘feeling lonely’ can be gathered into one form: “ When I feel lonely – it feels like a dark tunnel…’

Drawing – a dark tunnel……. Achieves much! For one thing it absolves us from having to speak about all the occasions of feeling lonely. And solutions come from the problem domain. For example – drawing a dark tunnel…… & exploring the spaces – honours YOUR knowing – and assists the discovery of a solution ‘Goodness there’s light – behind & just above………….’

As you’ve been exploring your drawing(s) – you can begin to ask your next solution orientated questions: “And – what does a grey misty cloud with some yellow above it need or need to have happen?’

As your answers and solutions come to you – you next need to ask the question “Can?”

Example Answer: “Grey misty cloud wants to become all yellow & mellow”

Question: “And – can grey misty cloud become all yellow & mellow?”
Answer: “Not yet”

Question: “What needs to happen first?”
Answer: “Cloud needs to get bigger & it needs to rain”

Question: “ And can cloud get bigger & can it rain?”
Answer: “Yes – the winds blow up and then it rains – and then the yellow sun is there all mellow”

Have in mind that your Epistemological Metaphors – your drawing(s) provide solutions that are congruent to the age at the time of the first feelings, and like the ‘cloud’ solutions, can seem simple & often childlike.

Let my Gift to you help you on this your special Drawing Journey Let the Breeze Blow In – & if you did not do so already have a read about how my stories work. You associate in the right way for you with the Metaphors in my stories.


“Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space” – Professor Orson Scott Carol

Metaphors be with You!


Sally Stubbs
‘Cures that Endure’



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