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Scope out your mind!

We all want more self esteem, more confidence in our sense of self, more inner stability, no inner ‘clutter’, no ‘stinky stuff’ in our minds. We all want inner ‘clean spaces’ and more happiness… that includes me…. I don’t put a ceiling on it!
So what do you want?
Do you really want to stay there ‘in your chair?’ Do you really want the ‘same old, same old…’ It might look a bit different from day to day, but hey, isn’t that pretty much it, ‘same old, same old’.
Or, whoopee, do you want some life force surging through your veins, energy, ‘lust’ for life. Are you, like me, kind of outrageous, in a kindness to others way of course? Do you, like me, want to do something different! Discover and experience something different!
I personally want to be Revolutionary in a way that will end emotional and psychological suffering.
I want to bring happiness, cheerfulness, optimism and the “Whoopee!” times into peoples lives, including mine!
The “Whoopee!” can be, for me, as I relax into sleep at night the:
“Wow, I finally saw that Osprey I wanted to see today – Good Night everyone”
Or, “Cool, I went for a walk and I smiled at a person and they told me their troubles and then they smiled too… How good is that….”
Or, “I think, when I sat by the river today, I got some really fresh thoughts …..I’ll sleep happily on that, and let those ideas grow….Sweet dreams everyone.”
Let’s ask three questions here:
1. What’s stopping us having the energy to do something different?
2. What’s the point in doing something different, our ‘chair’ is comfortable, what’s the point in moving? (We all need really good reasons to do something different and get up and go).
3. Once we decide to have the energy to get up and go – how are we going to get ‘it’?
Well, the ‘how’ will be my top tips and we’ll come to those later; but we need to answer 1 & 2 first.
So, OK what’s stopping us having the ‘get up and go’?
We are!
I honestly know that we’ve been brought up in a ‘blame’ culture. We ‘blame’ loads of stuff in the world for our lack of action: The weather! The government! Our parents!
But the choice is absolutely ours, the choice is to discover how to change our thinking and heal our feelings and emotional wounds and confidently do something different.
Last summer we attended a presentation given by Simon Woodroffe, he was thoroughly charismatic and loaded with ‘get up and go’.
He said; “Behind your face there’s a whole world, and a lot of it is cluttered…’”(I am maybe para phrasing a tad.)
Simon’s remarks made me think of this quote from Coleridge’s notebooks. I had the audacity to use it at the beginning of my book which I’m about to send to the publishers (another Whoopee!):
“He looked at his own Soul
with a Telescope. What seemed
all irregular, he saw and
shewed to be beautiful
Constellations: and he added
to the Consciousness hidden
worlds within worlds.”
This quote is so brilliant, Coleridge’s ‘irregular’ I relate to Simon’s ‘cluttered’.
How cool to have a ‘telescope’, with which to look into our inner worlds..
My tips are a ‘Mind Telescope’. They enable us to comfortably and safely look into our ‘inner worlds within worlds’, and once we get the view, we can then resolve the ‘irregularities’ or clutter.
We can change our habituated thought patterns and beliefs, those that do not support us or celebrate our life.
That’s the ‘clutter’, and that’s what literally drains us of our energy and vitality.
I’ll just repeat this, it’s worth it: What drains us of our energy, what stops us having that confident ‘get up and go’ even for a stroll, or a ‘whoopee’ time, is how we are thinking and what we are believing about our self and our life’s potential.
Invalidating our own thoughts and beliefs affects how we feel, and drains us of vital energy.
The great news is, we can change those thoughts and beliefs.
We used to think they were ‘hard wired’, irreversible.
This is not the truth! We can change them!
The awkward part of making the changes, apart from us needing to have really good reason’s and purpose to change, is that these types of thoughts and beliefs are unconscious; we often do not consciously know we have them. So, my tips will enable you to explore your ‘hidden worlds within worlds’ of your unconscious and discover what you need.
Next, why should we be bothered to do something different, after all, our ‘chair’ is comfortable enough for us to just stay put! And yes, we have our reasons, like: It will do me good to go and look for the Osprey, get some fresh air! But, the huge reason to get up and go – is, when we get mental stimulation, we literally grow our own brain.
You may have heard of neurogenisis, I wrote about it a couple of months ago. Neurogenisis is the growth and formation of new nerve, or brain cells.
Research in current neuroscience indicates, contrary to 100 years of dogma, that our human brain is capable of generating new brain cells throughout our life cycle.
One of my teachers, the eminently brilliant Dr Ernest Rossi states: “The psychological precedes the physical. The mind drives the body, which drives the genome.”
There are three activities or behaviours which are key to connecting psychological experiences that optimise gene expression, neurogenesis, and healing.
These three activities or behaviours are what we need to incorporate into our every day life so that we can keep on growing our brain (neurogenisis).
1. Novelty: experience something novel, fascinating or new in your every day life.
2. Environmental enrichment. Enrich your environment; you’ll know how to do this. (You might have read that I believe Mike would love to have his motor bike in our living room, which would really enrich the environment for him!) But maybe a new picture would be more appropriate for you?
3. Physical exercise: you don’t need to be an athlete! The wondrous Dr Milton Erickson, who is considered to be the grand father of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, was wheel chair bound in his later years due to a recurrence of polio. Dr Erickson exercised by preparing the families vegetables every evening.
So, do we now have good enough reason’s to ‘get up and go….’ Which includes – Top Reason – we will grow our own brain!
And third question, now that we know that what’s stopping us is ….us! Not the weather, not the government, not our parents – and we have our Top Reason!: How are we going to get out of our ‘chair’?
I’ve got eight top tips for you to use your ‘Mind-scope’!
Actually, I honestly hate the phrase ‘Top Tips’! Its so media type speak. If you’ve got a better phrase for me – please let me know.
I hope you’ll take some time in the next couple of days to consider the immeasurable value to us of how we can stimulate neurogenesis, and grow our own brains! How awesome is that…….
Have a look at my 30 mins a day for 40 days course on Gain Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
Or listen to a short excerpt from the course.
Mind Scope tips coming soon.

Thinking of you warmly


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