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New Year: New You…………

Sally Stubbs

Sally Stubbs

I truly wish for you a Very Happy, Life fulfilled, New Year……….
I’ve just read this, in the news:
‘One of the biggest untold stories of the week – and year – came right after many people had overindulged for the holidays. Turns out at least 38 million adults drink too much…..’Gosh!
And maybe there’s a report somewhere in the news that millions of us also eat too much!

And there are millions of us who neither drink too much nor eat too much – rather, millions of us are just unhappy – we use our adult cognitive language to describe these ‘universal’ experiences, of unhappiness, such as ’I am so stressing out’ ‘I am worrying all the time’ ‘others keep walking all over me’ ‘I can never say: No’

let’s take a few moments to have an intelligent appraisal of what I’ve genuinely wished for you. (Of course my wish is genuine – I mean wouldn’t that be Utopia if all of us were very happy & life fulfilled!)

we’re considering an intelligent appraisal – intelligent meaning: the ability to ‘read between the lines’
I warmly invite you to join me, it’s a simple strategy that will, I promise you, lead you to a real experience of WOW! – and a movement for you towards: A Very Happy, Life fulfilled New Year.
Try it now:

or come back to my letter when you’ve 20 minutes for your self.

How you can begin to create for your self the wish I have for you, by taking the first part of my ‘wish’ first:
‘Very Happy’ – Ask your self these non ordinary questions – which will give you the gift of different & unusual answers and a way forward for you: ‘And – when I am happy – how do I know that I am happy?’ Your answers will come to you in either thoughts or feelings, your thoughts, if you stop time & slow down for a few moments, will lead to the feelings, such as: ‘I think about that time when I was….. I can picture the place….. I can even hear some nice sounds……’ ‘As I think about that – my breathing becomes slower & I feel nice warmth in my stomach……’ Stay with these thoughts & feelings for a few moments, and simply begin to really know that you do know that you can be happy, even though you may well be noticing objections from part of your mind, the: ‘Yeah but…..I’m really worried about X – & Y is stressing me……’
The secret here is to acknowledge the objections, say to your self: ‘I’ve noted that, (objection) I will get back to that in a few days time.’
So:Ready, Get Set, Go!

………….take just a few minutes a day and during those minutes gently keep your focus on: ‘And – when I am happy – how do I know that I am happy?’ Develop the thoughts & the feelings that you have that are ‘happy’– And keep on ‘telling’ the objections that you will give attention to it/them – in a few days time. I will be exploring with you – how – to safely & comfortably do this next time.

Warmest wishes


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