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The Great Stephen Richards posted this comment on  Whoo Hoo!!
I like it.
“I came like a bolt from out of the blue into Sally’s professional life! One of my followers invited me to read Sally’s newsletter, which I would normally shun such an invitation but for some reason felt compelled to read it. What I read and then further researched about Sally Stubbs was food to my psyche! At last I had found someone with an equal measure of gusto to giving from their Higher Self as I had! Sally gives without taking. Thirty years of delivery of her therapy to so many in need. WOW! I mean, that shook me to the core! I have enormous respect for Sally’s work, and if you follow what she offers then you too will feel the same as I do. Oh, and as for Sally calling me “Great”, well I leave that for you to decide.”
I have decided. Steve is Great!
How have I come to this conclusion?
During a few emails with him in the past couple of weeks his absolute focused effort to continue to ‘step up’ his work to help others shines through….. and all the time he is humble… a true, pure yet ‘solid’ way……. I use the word ‘solid’ because humbleness can be thought of, can be seen as dithery and withdrawn. Not with Steve
Let me tell you a wondrous story of another Great person – this is just one of loads and loads of ‘breath-taking’ stories…..And Steve reminds me of him.
I’m talking about the Great Dr Ernest Rossi.
Rossi was teaching one day, by ‘demonstration’, which means someone came and sat next to him and presented their problem in front of all us students. That particular teaching seminar must be about 15 years ago.
Apfzal sat next to Rossi. He was probably in his early sixties or late fifties; I’m not too good on people’s age. I’m not that interested! He was fairly frail of body, a gentle person, and clearly robust of spirit.
Apfzal from Pakistan was, he told us a doctor of medicine.
Rossi and Apfzal went to Work – with Apfzal’s problem of feelings of anxiety and being withdrawn. Memories of his childhood of he and his family being terrified, fleeing refugees in 1947* came pouring out from Apfzal.
Tears poured from Rossi as he listened with every part of his being.
As the Session completed, Rossi put his arm carefully around Apfzal’s shoulders and said: “Apfzal, My Friend, you are My Hero.” I can see it and hear it now, and I am awed and happy to be tearful.
That’s why, for me Rossi is Great! His rigourous education and reams of published text books is one thing. But it was Rossi’s humbleness in those moments that make him Truly Great in my ‘book’ – And I know I can speak of Rossi and of Stephen Richards in the same ‘breath’
*In 1947, colonial Britain divided the subcontinent into two new states: a mostly Hindu India, and a mostly Muslim Pakistan. Partition caused between 200.000 and 360,000 deaths, while 10 to 12 million people became refugees in the largest population transfer in our era.
So, I’ve had a scour of the dictionaries for ‘nuts & bolts’. And this is what I got:
“Essential aspects of something as in: They have lofty goals but don’t specify the nuts & bolts of how to achieve them.”
How cool is that!
How cool is it that I find a good title for my letters to you, usually, like this one, just as I’m waking up, therefore pure unconscious ideas.
I thought this letter was about Stephen Richard’s ‘bolt from the blue’ comment on This was a really good ‘bolt’
But you know sometimes if our ‘nuts’ are not in place, we miss the good bolts, as so often we are withdrawing into safety to avoid, understandably, the bad bolts, so we tend to miss the good bolts…….
Right, what is the something that I can help you to do, and get the result that you want? Together I want to help you get your ‘nuts and bolts’ secured.
What do you want to achieve for your self, what is your dream?
You can get crazy passionate about what you want to achieve for your self.
Sleep it, ‘eat it’, ‘drink it’, breathe it….
I believe in you and your dreams.
I have put my time and effort forward so you don’t have to struggle anymore.
We are far more effective together than we are alone.
Come visit me – and another ‘home’ for you to come visit is We are still working on this one, but be assured there are plenty of nourishing ‘cakes’ for you to taste.
Thinking of you Warmly

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